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Johnson had his hopes revived when a prophet foretold that someone will win the heart of his love one who was older and more experienced than him. Johnson became more religious and then wrote
another love letter to miss Tama rinda. Will he succeed this time?

Chapter 1 (v.4) - The Prophecy

Submitted: September 04, 2019

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Submitted: September 04, 2019




~The Prophecy ~
Mr.Lethabo: Johnson,hurry up.We are getting late for the church service. 
Johnson:I'm almost done,dad, just a 
The Love Economy Church Premises.
Going to church was not one of my favourite activities but in  my father's house, you could not afford not to go to church. It was a  MUST to go to church.It was therefore not surprising that it became a routine to me.
In any case , my routine for going to church took another dimension when a new pastor (prophet)  came to our parish and preached with so much zeal,passion and charisma.Then he prophesied.(maybe the right word is lied)about something. 
"When you seek God's presence and request him to intervene in your situation, you can see miracles happen! God has power over all creation and has the ability to work miracles for you. In Jeremiah 32:27, the Scriptures said, I am the Lord , the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?
That was the verse that  captured me,
I was beginning to believe if I will ever win the heart of someone as experienced and classy as miss Tamarinda, I have to do it through a religious means and not by my own will or plan.
I have a revelation, a message from the Almighty God, that there was a young man here who was yearning for the love of a lady who was older than him. The young man did everything to draw the attention of this lady but all his attempts were not recognised. The Lord wants me to tell this young man that this worries are over. The lady in question will reciprocate his love in due time. The young man is here right now. If he is hearing me,he must sow a seed to the Lord ,for soon ,his prayers will be answered. Just have faith."he prophesied. 
After the marathon preaching and countless prophecies,the choristers
sang melodious songs, followed by offertory.We danced round the contribution bowl and dropped our monies inside.
Then it was time for healing and casting of demons.I saw people been possessed by "bad" spirits been sent to the prophet and he cast the "demons" out of them (or so it seemed)Few people rolled on the ground as the prophet prayed fervently to the Almighty God for the spirit of healing  power and miracles. We received the Benediction and the church service ended.
After that prophecy, I became highly religious,never missing any sermon or church activity in the Love Economy Church. I made a decision to sow a seed so that my crush on miss Tamarinda will be successful. Though I often regard the word of God as mere fabrications , the pastor's revelation made me develop some kind of deep faith in the Gospel.
In the next church session, I made a donation of $5000(my pocket money for three weeks) to the church as a way of sowing seed. Getting Miss Tamarinda's love was far more important to me than any amount of money.
Having gathered more hope and faith that my fourth letter would be a success, I took a pen and paper and began writing my fourth love letter to Miss Tamarinda. 
My dear Tamarinda
Apple of my Heart
There is nothing so sweet and palatable that has happened to me except you. 
There is nothing so pleasant, nothing so soul satisfying and nothing so caring and loving like you
I know you will not believe my words but sweetheart, let's forget about jokes
You really mean the world to me
Both day and night, I always thank my stars for meeting a loving and romantic person like you 
I kept wondering how my life would have been if I have not met you
I wouldn't have known the true meaning of love
My life would have been disorganised and bitter if you were not to appear in my life 
Like the sunshine that came to drive away the cloud of darkness
That's why I want you to make this wonderful and sweet experience a reality, madam.
Anytime, you come to my mind,
All my problems are solved immediately
Even if I am hungry , I become satisfied Immediately by the mere mention of your name or just hearing your voice
How I wish we could stay together forever both on earth here and life hereafter.
You see, I just want you to know my love for you is beyond compares and I would do everything possible to love you forever
Be assured of my everlasting love for you. 
Your admirer
I offered a little prayer," Lord , let this letter do the miracle." As usual, I secretly placed the love letter on miss Tamarinda's windscreen. I want the letter to be anonymous because I couldn't have courage enough to write my full name under the letter so I put there letter "J" and "n"to give miss Tamarinda an idea of who the sender might be, after all, she's smart and intelligent so she can guess correctly.
Time ticked.Minutes turned into hours and hours into days and days into weeks.
~Story from miss Tamarinda point of view~
My stay in Butterworth High School have been peaceful so far.Unlike my former school where students did not take their studies seriously and teachers were apathetic towards academic work. That troublesome school had one of the worst academic record so far. Their Headmaster was not a good administrator. He gave teachers too much freedom and they went to class anytime they felt like it. Students easily went unpunished for breaching coming school rules and regulations thus the whole school system was one big failed institu
tions .
Coming to Butterworth High School Reminded me of The High school I was posted to first, Woodridge College at Thornhill, before coming to that God -forsaken School,Bizana Village Senior Secondary School.By God's grace, my request for reposting had been accep
ted and here I was-Butterworth High School.
Butterworth High school and Wood
ridge college had so much in common High Academic records, serious Students, Well trained and displayed professional teachers , effective Administrative structure and system and a firm but innovative head in the person of Mr.Bandile Peterson.
 However,There was one thing that kept worrying me- the anonymous letters. This was the fourth time an anonymous letter was placed on my windscreen.Who might be doing this? I was close to almost all the students though Johnson Pillay seemed to be the closest. There were six Johnsons in Form two and I taught them all. 
I strongly suspected it would be John
son Pillay, but why will he be writing anonymous letters to me when he could just tell me what he felt? Well, I don't no.Maybe it was just a coinci
dence that the person happened to be A Johnson.It could be any one of them, that was why, he could not be not bold enough to tell me.
But Johnson Pillay had been behaving
weirdly sometimes, as if something
was eating him up.The last time he stopped me when I was about to enter my car only to say he like me and my lessons.Then I also realised he was glancing at me frequently during the sporting events as if he was doing it to impress me. All this could just be figments of my own imagination. There was one sure way to find out who had been posting the anonymous letters on my windscreen and soon I will find the answers to these ques
~story from Johnson's Perspective~
It has been two weeks now. I waited patiently for miss Tamarinda to reply my letter but as the days kept coming and going it was becoming apparent that I won't receive any response.
Pains of disappointment began to set in.I vividly remembered Rosso's advice,
"If miss Tamarinda were to be a teen
age girl or not a teacher, it would have been simple. But she's a grown -up lady and a professional teacher
with lots of experiences.My suggestion for you is to forget about her.
ng you do will lead to embarrassment because she will see you as a small boy, and indeed you are just a boy.Perhaps, this is just an infatuation."
Could Rosso be right afterall? Even more right than that prophet in Love Economy Church? "No.No.No."Rosso, who was barely 18 years cannot be wiser or more experience than the man of God who was in his mid -forties. 
I waited for one more week to see if I was the one who was  rather impatient. What I feared would happen had happened. Miss Tamarinda completely did not replied to the letter I took time and energy to write for her plus all the strength I used to run at the inter-School sporting events.All came to nought.Cost 90 work.
At that point , I made to resolutions.
One, I won't write any letter to miss Tamarinda again. Two, I won't believe any fake prophet again or this so called men of God. 
That night I was so sad and pitied myself to the point of depression. My love sickness was degenerating into a depression and sleep escaped me that night .I felt sad and empty, I lost
interest in things I enjoyed doing like listening to music and watching TV. 
Though I struggled to go to school for another week, the rate at which depres
sion was eating me up was becoming physically visible.
I began to lost Weight, and my energy level had reduced and replaced by frequent fatigues.Then chronic pain set in.I had unexplained aches ,muscle
pain and frequent headache.My
parents became alarmed at my deterio
rating health.They called the family doctor,Nevella, to attend to me. 
She did some test on me and declared that the cause of my sickness was more of psychological or emotional disorder than physical ailment.
However , she gave me some medi
cines to cool my nerves and release stress. 
The next day, Mr.Madiba Peterson, the Headmaster called our house number to enquire about me. My father told him I was sick. The following day, miss Tamarinda and a few of my class
mates paid me a visit , bringing along some gifts and Goodwill cards. Miss Tamarinda said, "Johnson, we miss you.Wish you a speedy recovery" Suddenly , I felt like I had recuperated. Miss Tamarinda's words of encourage
ment and care had revived my soul and feel better than the doctor's medi
cine. I knew soon, I will be on my way back to school.
My parents Mr. and Mrs.Lethabo thanked Mrs Tamarinda Amahle and the my classmates for coming and then, they left. Unreciprocated love is always painful.
I managed to go to school the follow
ing week to prepare for the on-coming End of term Examination. Soon we will vacate and when school resumed again, I will be promoted to Grade 12 if I passed all my subjects. I was sure I will pass.

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