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Johnson had a great panic when he mistakenly thought he failed in Mathematics. A girl had a transfer from Kingsridge Girls' High school to Butterworth. She admired Johnson and was determined to do
everything within her powers to pull Johnson's attention away from Miss Tamarinda.Johnson finally expressed her love for miss Tamarinda.

Chapter 1 (v.5) - Miranda's Coming and Johnson's love expression to his teacher

Submitted: September 05, 2019

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Submitted: September 05, 2019



~The Coming Of Miranda~
**Johnsons POV***
The long vacation was over. Another academic year had begun.It was September and students began trickling in, like drops of water. Within two weeks , ButterWorth school was in full section. We waited for our full results to be released. After two hours ,it was announced that our results were released .We rushed towards the notice board in order to check our results .In a rush, I casually glanced through the list of names and saw Johnson .My heart  skipped. I failed in Mathematics!!! Without waiting to check the other  subjects , I left the notice board, took my bag and went home.
When I reached home , I met my mother, Yvonne.She said, "Son, why are you crying." Unable to answer her question, I by-passed her into my bedroom where I sobbed.She knocked at my door but it was locked.
"My dear, "she said, "please open the door.I want to talk to you ." No, mum, I don't want to talk to anyone , please go, "I replied.
Without saying another word , she left.That evening, I refused to eat. I had a sleepless night . The next day, I  bathed and went to school with a heavy heart to restart Grade 11. On reaching school, I entered the class
room and sat down, avoiding the curious eyes of my juniors. 
Miss Tamarinda entered the class just three minutes after I did.When she saw me, she was mesmerised and asked, Johnson, what are you doing in Grade 11?
Her question surprised me so much.This was the teacher who failed me in Mathematics. Then she turned round and asked me what I was doing in my repeated class. I was shocked because I never knew miss Tama
rinda could be a sadist, to joke about somebody's misfortune.
I secretly asked myself, is this the same teacher I was killing myself on? "No , something was wrong somewhere. It was either miss Tamarinda was teasing me for failing or she was surprise seeing me in that class because from all indication, she didn't fail me in mathematics. Which was which?
My initial reaction was to ignore her and leave the class but my soft spot for her had overruled that idea and replaced it with ,"Madam, I failed in Mathematics and had to repeat. That is why I am here."
Again, miss Tamarinda looked surprised and say, No , my dear, I am not sure you failed in my paper.When I marked your Mathematics Exam paper, you got 80+, That's an" A". Are you sure you have seen the name well?"
"Emm, yea, I saw Johnson and ,.........."
Come on, let's go and check it again, there may be a mistake somewhere, she cut in my statement. 
She held my hand and took me to the notice board and then.....there ..Johnson Pillay. Mathematics. Grade A. "What! !!"My eyes nearly popped out of my sockets. Which Johnson have I seen first. I glanced downwards to checked all the Johnsons on the list and then I got it. The name I saw first was Johnson Ukwanda. 
Johnson Ukwanda was a habitual absentee. He hardly associate with anyone and look quite temperamental. I wasn't surprise he could not make it to the final Grade.
I was so relieved by the new discovery that out of excitement, I embraced miss Tamarinda. I gazed directly into her seductive eyes. Her dove- like eyes shone like the blazing rays of the happy sun. In the few seconds that I held her , I thought I was teleported from Earth to another planet where nothing constituted a  barrier to true love. Unconsciously, I held tight miss Tamarinda so tight,taking in all the comforts her soft bosom was giving me at that moment.
My hormones began to throb furiously, increasing my adrenaline and powering me to held onto her more tighter, her breast clearly sending hot sensation below my abdomen. In that short sweet moment, I forgot I was in a school environment where both teachers and students had to follow strict regulations and any inappropriate conduct could result in Sanctions.
Miss Tamarinda said, Johnson, "it's OK. I know you are happy but you don't need to hug me too tightly."She turned back and left .A few Seconds later,I had a feeling someone was watching me. I turned round and there he is..our Assistant Headmaster Academic,
Mr.Kimbugwe Roland. He said ,are you aware it is inappropriate to hold your teacher like that? You seemed to be enjoying the feel of the moment.
Me:Sorry sir, I reacted on impulse. I wasn't thinking clearly because I was happy I passed to Grade 12.
Mr.Kimbugwe:Normally, I would have punished you but it seems you are telling the truth.Make sure it never happened again. 
Me : It won't , sir.
Mr.Kimbugwe said ," I hope so "and left.
Three days after that incidence,
Miranda was transferred to my school. She was one of the athletes who was awarded for outstanding performance in hand ball during the Inter- school Sports and Athletics event.She got a transfer from Kingsridge Girls High school.
That was quite amazing because that school was one of the best Schools in the sub -region. The school could be located on Queens Road, king Williams town, city of Eastern cape, south Africa. On my way to the library, I met Miranda Makehle and we had a conversation. 
Me: Hi Miranda
Miranda:Hi, Johnson, the great. 
Me:(I was surprised she called by that accolade,"the great" so I decided to ask her)
Miranda, why that praise?
Miranda :Ah.! Johnson, don't you know every one was praising you for your extraordinary feat in the inter schools? 
Me:No, I don't
Miranda: Well.I am telling you the truth. After your spectacular performance in the inter school sporting event, every girl in Kingsridge High school and most in Collegiate Girls High School have Been searching for your number. 
I then remembered during the vacation , I received a dozen calls from girls who said they admired me and I was their crush.In fact, I didn't encourage them to keep calling me since my target was miss Tamarinda, not any small girl. I want to go for the big fishes. 
Me:Well, I see. I never know I am becoming popular now.
Miranda: Yes! Dear,that reminds me, That female teacher from your school she appeared in the newspaper with the caption:
( Miranda checked through her bag and showed me the newspaper. )
She was even on the Internet, YouTube, instagram. I was surprised you don't know. 
Me:Well , I don't .My dad restricted  my access to the Internet and TV,but why has she become famous? 
Miranda:Because she inspired your school  to run with Commitment.  she organized the sporting event very well and she was down to earth, interacting with everyone like her co-equals. She even donate some money and gifts to briliiant but needy female students.
 Most female teachers couldn't  do those things so it made her look different from the rest. To crown it all, she dressed like a royalty. 
Me:I see.
(I remembered miss Tamarinda granting interview to Some Camara men who witnessed  out sporting event. 
Miranda,:Dear, Can I be your friend? You know , the truth is , I admire you a lot , from the moment I saw you during the sporting event to the moment you became a hero. Please, don't say no.I really really need your friendship. 
When I gain admission to Butterworth High School, I had one genuine goal- to focus on my studies and come out with flying colours to enable me go to the university. I wanted to follow the footprints of my father who was a chief accountant.
I therefore developed a negative attitude towards girls for only one reason- to avoid been distracted from my studies. The coming of Miss Tamarinda had distracted me from studies, though not her fault, but she had also helped me to better my mathematics. My sporting prowess had added another distraction to my problem in the person of Miranda,transferred from Kingsridge  High school.
Come to think of it, now that miss Tamarinda was unresponsive to my advances, I could make Miranda a hangover, until the miracle happened and miss Tamarinda finally fall for me. With this in mind, I told Miranda, Don't worry, you can be my friend. "She smiled and said, thank you so much, you made my day, see you later, I have to go now"
I said,"Okay Miranda"and left to study in the library. 
For the next three weeks , Miranda's behaviour towards me showed clearly showed that she was in love with me. She held my hand whenever we talked. She hugged me sensually anytime she had the chance.She visited me in my classroom just to chat with me in the absence of a teacher. She gave me gifts and presents (most if which i didn't need) She also drew my attention unnecessary to  her body to showcase her "natural endowment." The truth was, Miranda was gifted with extreme beauty.A kind of Beauty that no normal boy could ignore
Miranda was a beautiful black girl. Her thick, curly black hair gracefully embroidered the crown of her head, leaving a sharp bare boundary along her shoulders.She had a diamond-shaped face with clear smooth, brown complexion and high cheek bones. Her slightly arched chestnut brown eyebrows highlight her emotions by moving up and down as she reacts to her world around her. 
Her large deep black eyes, reminded me of the sparkling eyes of cats in the dark night. Her curved nose gave her a little girlish look that made me want to smile when she talked and she had a small mouth outlined by puffy lips that she often accentuated with glossy pink lipstick. When she smiled, her well- formed white teeth brighten up her whole face. 
She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a brownish complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. She had flowing, moon shadow-black hair and enticing, constellation-black eyes been firmly establised in her comely figure and curvaceous back. It was also easy to notice her unusually thick legs supporting her athletic frame, her feminism more pronounce at the front by her voluptuous breast which had the potentials of triggering any man's emotions,even the unseemly hidden ones.
When I entered my classroom after break and sat down on my desk, I took my text book and a white envelope fell from inside it. It was addressed to me but had no sender's address on the envelope. I got curious and tore the envelope, to reveal a letter , nicely written in neat handwriting, the writing pad had designs emblazoned at its edges.It reads;
Dear Johnson,
When I first saw you, I knew you are the missing rib I have been looking for all this while. I thought I was hallucinating and my eyes were deceiving me. I knelt down publicly and prayed to God to save my sight, not because I was blind but I thought I was becoming blind gradually.
That was the kind of surprise that took me all of a sudden when I first saw you.I prayed because throughout my life, I have been told that angels only live in heaven and so seeing an angel like you on earth in the fiery rays of the beaming sun, I thought my sight was failing me.
You are like angel Michael, the king of all angels.Perhaps nobody had told you , you are extremely handsome . I have seen many handsome men in all shapes and size but your handsomeness was beyond description. You are a rare gift of nature and I would do my best
 to keep you to myself even in eternity,
Because angels come once in a lifetime
Your admirer
Miranda Makehle. 
Please reply ASAP.
I had a mix-feeling when I finished reading the letter. My heart had been stolen long before Miranda materialised. If miss Tamarinda were not to be in the equation, I wouldn't have hesitated to show Miranda love, but now, no woman could be equated to miss Tamarinda. No.Not even my Mother. My love for miss Tamarinda was so deep.
I realised that Miranda had done all that she could to show her love for me.Having made all those love theatricals to me and receiving no meaningful romantic reciprocation from me, she decided to write the letter as a last resort. 
It wasn't long before Miranda realised that though I liked her, my heart was not with her because of miss Tamarinda.
~Narration from Miranda's POV~
My feelings for Johnson grew from simple admiration into an obsession.I felt jealous when he got close to miss Tamarinda. It all started at the Inter -school sporting event .When I first set my eyes on Johnson, I wanted to get closer to him and made him my friend but I was so preoccupied with the sporting activities that,making friends was a non starter. After the sporting event had ended, he was surrounded by a lot of fans so there was no way I could get closer to him.
His performances at the sports events was stupendous. That's a fact and it had endeared him to me. The 4 ×400m was a cracker and he won it in spectacular style. At that moment, I decided to find every means to get into contact with him. As if God was listening to my prayers , my father was transferred to Butterworth Hospital,Eastern Cape , South Africa.I was so elated because I knew I will be coming to Butterworth High School where my crush was. 
Ever since I set my eyes on Johnson, my life had never been the same . I had several sleepless nights, just thinking of him, he is tall and athletic with well sculptured cheek bones and face, which radiated in the glory of his handsomeness, his majestic walk and broad chest which gave him a kingly appearance. As the sun shone on his fair complexion, one could not help but admire his pulchritude. 
He has kissable full lips, the top been
interlaced with fine smooth hair, a moustache, and a pointed nose, not typical of African descent .Her eyelashes were shinny, been set apart from somehow wavy eyebrow, which bear semblance to his hair , which was wavy and wound round his head like a huge Cotton Ball. When we finally moved to Butterworth, Eastern Cape, I was more than happy when I saw him on the way to the library. How I wish I could hug him that instance but that would have been cheap. Now, it seemed my little plan of getting Johnson's love was in Jeopardy because of miss Tamarinda. Johnson seemed to like me but he's in love with miss Tamarinda.
If I could find a way of making miss Tama
rinda leave Butterworth High school, Johnson's attention would not be divided .He will be all mine. 
~Narration from Johnson's POV~
Three days after receiving the love letter from Miranda, miss Tamarinda became overly friendly with me .I was becoming uncomfortable,not because I don't like it but it looked too artificial. Could miss Tamarinda be falling for me now as foretold by the prophet?or could this be a game been played by a more experienced person? I really need to tell her about my feelings for her. I think she knew but was just pretending not to know due to her professional status and age gap.
Out of her busy schedule, she called me one afternoon,after class, into her office and asked me to sit down . Then she said, Johnson, "I have noticed that something is eating you up . You are trying to hide it from me but it's not helping you. It's really affecting you psychologically and would soon trickle down to your academic performance.I don't want you to become a weak student again . You know you are one of the best students in the school now so spill the beans. Tell me what is eating you up,because it looked like it's going to finish eating you soon.
The manner in which she spoke to me melted my heart. This Tamarinda teacher,huh huh ! This Madam was just too exceptional. She can adapt  and  play different roles.Very dynamic and task -oriented.She was My 'STAR'.
 She made me so relaxed in her office to the extent that the invisible  bridge between us seemed to break . It was therefore not surprising I said,  LOVE YOU,MISS TAMARINDA before realising I said it. At that moment,I knew there was no turning back.The same words I have been struggling to say all this times- the words that kept me awake all night long were finally out of my mouth. What would be miss Tamarinda's  reaction now?

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