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Johnson realised that miss Tamarinda didn't respond favourably to his love expression. He decided to apologize to her. He went to her house to apologize only to realise something that change her
love for Miss Tamarinda into revenge and hatred.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Johnson's Apology

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Submitted: September 06, 2019



***Story from Johnson's POV***
When I told Miss Tamarinda that I loved her, her face twitched with surprise. She didn't utter any word for a while. I began to regret  what I said. Gosh, I shouldn't have said that. How will miss Tamarinda see me now, like a spoilt child? Then she said, "so you are the anonymous love letter writer who had been putting those letters on my windscreen. Johnson, why?"
I decided to apologize to her. " Miss, I am sorry for saying I ..........."
"Stop it, Johnson!"If this is a kind of joke, then it is in very poor taste. Are you taking my leniency to be my weak point? I like you as a student. You are a good student. I am close to you just to help you realise your future dreams  and develop your potentials to the fullest of your ability. Maybe you have misjudged my actions. "
"Talking about dating, how can I date you?You are a student and only sixteen years Old. I was sixteen years old , fourteen years ago.Now I am thirty years old now. Do you really know what love is ? Love is not just a mere feeling. At sixteen, you may have this emotional rush but it's just an enamoredness  and would soon pass away.
Besides, it's against schools' rules and regulations for you to be romatically invoved with a teacher. I could lose my Job and probably end in Prison or be fined as a sex offender.
Johnson, I am sorry to disappoint you on this one but I can't be romantically involved with you and you can't be my lover? Please,don't say that again! "
For the first time ,Miss Tamarindo was really annoyed with me. I felt embarrassed. What I feared could happen had happened.I knew it.
I knew she will react like this when I told her about my feelings for her but it was still painful though I was already aware of the repercussions. I began to palpitate. Had the ground beneath my feet opened up, I would have gladly jumped into it to hide myself from the winds of embarrassment howling around me,silently teasing me as if to increase my anxiety for telling miss Tamarinda  the truth. 
Miss Tamarinda, realised she was harsh on me ,in her anger. She decided to cool me down", Johnson , you are a nice boy. I am not denigrating you, but I just want you to know that I care for you a lot , that's why I want you to focus on your studies and forget about love, at least , for now. " You are not mature enough to handle the burdens that love brings. When you grow a little bit,you will be in a better position to understand the nitty-gritties of love.
Miss Tamarinda words entered my heart like soothing pain-killers. They erased the quantum of pain that had gathered there since she reprimanded me for expressing my love for her.Unable to control my tears, I broke down crying. She reacted instantaneously, Pull me closer to herself and gave me a lovely hug.
I remained close to her as if my life depended on her hug,but not as tight  as the previous  ones. Just as miss Tamarinda was disentang
ling herself from the hug, Mr. Bandile Peter
son, the Headmaster of the school entered her office without knocking and saw us in a hug
ging position. He did not utter a word but the expression on his face said it all.When I left the office, I heard him saying something to miss Tamarinda but because he was subvocali
sing, I couldn't hear what he said. I decided to eavesdrop a little bit behind the closed door and I managed to hear fragments of his words:
"........hugging's against...the ......regulations .... day.
I tried to figure what the headmaster was saying and logically, I could conjecture he was trying to advise miss Tamarinda against hugging a me.
That Night, I recollected shimmers of past events between me and miss Tamarinda- the encounter, all the letters I have written to her, how I stopped her awkwardly on her way to her car, the sporting events , the hug at the notice board.
How would I have known she was just casual with me and see me as a mere student?
That night, I turned and turned on my bed, palpitating to such an extent that I saw myself clothed in a suit of sweat.The flashback doesn't really help ease my sleepless night. I felt like crying. Nothing is more painful than getting emotionally connected to someone who does not share the same sentiments with you. I knew she was my teacher and in a position of power with several students looking up to her as a role model. I knew I should not have fallen in love with her, but I did not plan it. Goddamn the school rules!!!
My body began to quiver as if reacting to the turmoil in my head. To force out the storms of negative thoughts tormenting me that night, I decided to listen to some musics to see if I could regain some degree of peace.I glanced through my musical collections in a folder on my HP Laptop Westlife ,Britney Spears,Celine Dion,Justin Bieber, Rihanna,Shakira, justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Trey songz, Ciara,, Jaden smith....
The list was endless.I decided to narrow it down to cool musics.
In a situation like this, cool music could be the panacea to my mental turmoil. I picked Celine Dion, then skimmed through her songs with different love themes. At the end I decided to listen to the one with the Titled " THE POWER OF LOVE. 
I clicked the play button and the music began to flow into the room like streams of rivers.
" The Whispers in the morning Of Lovers sleeping tight 
Are rolling like thunder now As I look in your eyes
I held onto your body.
and feel each move you made. 
Your voice is warm and tender 
A love that could not forsake 
'cause I am your lady and you are my man
whenever you reach for me
I will do all that I can
Lost in how I'm feeling
Lying in your arms
when the world outside is too much to take
That all ends when I'm with you. 
Even though there may be times, 
it seems I'm far away.
Never wonder where I am 
'cause I'm always by Your Side
cause I'm your lady
And you are my man
Whenever you reach for me 
I will do all that I can 
we are heading for some place somewhere I have never been sometimes I am afraid
but I'm ready to learn 
of the Power of Love 
The sound of your heart beating makes it clear.
Suddenly the feeling that 
I can't go on one slight light year away
"cause I'm your lady
And you are my man 
Whenever you reach for me
I'll do all that I can 
We are heading for some place
Somewhere I've never been
Sometimes I am afraid. 
But I'm ready to learn 
Of the Power of Love"
I played this music over and over again. The words seemed to pacify my troubled heart. I felt Celine Dion had predicted my situation and produced this song in advance to pacify my bleeding broken heart.
For about ten minutes, I became oblivion of the environment as the cool music seemed to have worked the magic. I could feel my spirit uplifted and I was reaching that high level of equanimity and equipoise and then ..kor.. kor...kor. 
A knock on my door rudely broke the atmos
phere of musical glee and forced me out of my Fanciful reverie. The knock was my mother's.
Her voice echoed behind my door.
"Johnson, are you alright? "Please open the door!
One unique thing about our mothers was that they could easily read your emotion and notice if something was amiss, a gift our Fathers don't have and would never have . My mother had noticed I was moody throughout the day, especially when I returned from school. She asked me what happened but I lied to her.Now she was here to make enquiries.
Mothers, maybe they care for us too much. I responded to her knock on my door ," mummy, I am coming, give me a second."
I quickly got dressed and opened the door for her.She entered my room and sat on my bed and then,started talking:
"Johnson , I can feel you are very restless.
Please tell me what is wrong. Please! 
"Nothing is wrong, mum, Don't worry about me.
Please," I responded, very defensive.
"I will always worry about you, my baby.I can tell something is worrying you.Please tell me.if you don't tell me what is wrong with you , then who else can you tell? Your Maths teacher? 
My mother's plea nearly broke the wall of defense I built around myself. At that moment , I decided to open up to her, then decided against it in the last moment.
How could I tell my mother that I was in love with my Mathematics teacher. She will also reprimand me. No. I won't tell her. I chose to tell a lie,instead.
"Mum, nothing is wrong with me. I am just thinking of how to better my grades. 
Mum asked," with music?"
She glanced at my laptop's screen, saw the music I was playing and the name of the folder.She then smiled and said, "it's about love .Isn't it. Someone is giving you sleepless night. Hmmm." 
Then she became more sober. As if gifted with clairvoyance, she looked at me for quite long and then finally asked a question that nearly let the cat out of the bag, "are you in love with your mathematics teacher? That your gorgeous young  teacher?
"Noooooo, mum, how can you think of such a thing, "I asked Her, pretending to be shocked. 
She looked at me one more time and said, "have a good night, babe. Whatever or whoever is giving you sleepless night,I pray God will give you the strength to overcome it.When
 my mum left, I heaved a sigh of relief. She had not gotten the information she was looking for from me but she had managed to lay her hands on the cause of my sorrow using her own experiences. Finally Exhaustion laid its long warm hands on me and carried me to sleep.
The next day when Miss Tamarinda came to my class to teach,I felt uncomfortable because I kept having this weird feeling that she was disappointed in my behaviour. She was very professional and had not for one moment shown any attitude or a sign to suggest she was disappointed in me but I knew that deep within her,she may be hiding this feeling,
obscured from my view. I decided to write an apology letter to her ,against my initial  decision  not to write her any letter  again. Grabbing a writing pad I began to write,
Dear Miss Tamarinda,
Ever since I have wronged you,I never closed my eyes all day and all nights. My tears refused to cease flowing and day in day out, I lie in a pool of tears. My heart has refused to be comforted by anything apart from your forgiveness.
 I am gradually dying alive for you, Madam.
To err is humane and to forgive is divine. Please, accept my plea? Would you like to leave me in this pain til I die because of you ?
I promised you, what happened was only a mistake. It won't happened again .Just find a place in your heart to forgive me."
Your student
Johnson Pillay
For the first time, I wrote a letter and added my full name to it. 
That day,She left school earlier than usual so I couldn't get the chance to give the letter to her. I was going home when a thought crept into my head to go to miss Tamarinda's house and give the letter to her. I took a taxi and headed towards her residence. Her residence was about 2,500 m from the the school, North East of the school, which was located at corner umtata and Academy Street,4960, Eastern Cape Province. 
~Story from Miranda's POV~
That afternoon after school closed , I missed Johnson and decided to talk to him.I went to his class only to realise he's gone. I met Mary ,his class mate, outside the classroom. She told me she just saw Johnson, by the roadside. Quickly, I ran to catch up with him.I could see him signalling a taxi. By the time I reached the roadside , he was gone. I hurriedly took a taxi and asked the driver to follow his car.I was curious because that route didn't led to Johnson's house , and the fact that miss Tamarinda left school earlier that day.
He alighted from the car and I also alighted and followed him silently until I saw him open miss Tamarinda's Iron rod gate and entered her house. I went round and spot an area where I could spy and peep into the house. Miss Tamarinda came out of her room, wear
ing a hot mini skirt and pink sleeveless blouse.
She and Johnson chatted for a while , but the conversation seemed unfriendly. Then as I was contemplating leaving , I could mark out the figure of somebody, somebody I knew I could get into trouble with if he saw me here. I turned and move away quickly from his direction. 
**Story from Johnson's POV **
---Miss Tamarinda's Residence----
If you look at miss Tamarinda's residence, one would wonder if she chose teaching as a hobby or as a profession. Her residence was one of class. When I approached her mansion, I couldn't help but hold my breath as the realisation of its magnificence hit me.
I slowly and carefully stepped onto the stone path, looking above the rod iron gate at the massive mansion. It was made of thick, black stone, covered in silvery dew. I took a step closer and took in, the essence of the home, with its soft willow trees and tiny lake.
Her main apartment was made of polished tiles , and glass windows which were opaque. The atmosphere of the house was one of tranquility, a miniature paradise, that befitted the sons and daughters of persons from the upper class. Perhaps , miss Tamarinda wasn't just a teacher. 
I pressed the door bell and waited patiently. After a few seconds, miss Tamarinda came out from her room dressed casually. 
When I saw her in casual wear, I forgot , at that moment that she was the same person I have been calling 'madam' in school. At home,miss Tamarinda was ten times more lovelier than in school. From the crown of her head to the sole of her feet,she had a perfect skin,accentuated by a curvaceous, sexy, full-figure.
Her flowing raven hair contrasted her smooth brown complexion, her amber eyes like those of a cat, the low neckline of her bodice emphasised her plump, voluptuous figure been bundled up tightly in her mini skirt and a pink sleeveless blouse which revealed more of her body contours than I have ever seen in my 16 year life.
 Suddenly, my desire for her resurfaced.
 I imagined miss Tamarinda holding me in her sensuous arms, closer to her soft breast and whispering into my eyes , "You are my darling."In my minds eyes , I could see myself holding miss Tamarinda's waist and caressing the contours of her full breast , with her plump spotless legs on my lap, as we rest on the sofa, sipping some drinks and laughing our hearts out just like..."
Johnson! Johnson!!, Johnson!!!.Miss Tamarinda called me, breaking my sweet daydreaming.
She was surprised I paid her such an unannou
nced visit but maintain her composure as she said,"What do you want here,Johnson?"
The question pierced me like an arrow but I quietly answered, "Miss,I just want to apolo
gise to you for what I said the other time. I'm sorry." 
Even though my mouth was saying,"I'm sorry," my mind was on her tantalising voluptuous curves I was stealing glances at occasionally. I wished they are within my 'Jurisdiction.'
Strangely enough, Miss Tamarinda just said "No apology needed. It's okay.You can go now."
She wanted me to leave quickly. Why? Was it because of school rules and regulations or it's Something else? I needn't wait longer before the answer to that silent question in my head was revealed to me. I heard a man's voice boomed from the inner room "Darling ,Have you finished cooking the food?",I'm hungry,
babe,hurry up!" You know we have a long way to go tonight. Who is at the door?"
Miss Tamarinda, realising the shocked expression on my face said,"Johnson,you can go now. My Fiancé is calling me. He won't be happy  seeing a male student in my house !" See you tomorrow, at school. Bye, Bye!
She slammed the door closed as I kept gazing at the empty space which had just witnessed this unusual unfriendly behaviour from my highly cherished miss Tamarinda. I was flabbergasted.A cascading reality that miss Tamarinda was in a relationship hit me in the face like stray bullet.I had even forgotten to hand over the Apology letter I took my time to write to her.
At that moment, the love I had for miss  Tamarinda metamorphised into anger and hatred. Rivers of revenge flowed into my heart. The battle line was draw. I will make sure miss Tamarinda is dismissed from the school for choosing that God- forsaken - man over me.......I hoped he was not someone I knew.
I left her house and was about to negotiate a curve, when I run into Mr. Mandibe Peterson,
My headmaster. He asked me where I was coming from and I said,"miss Tamarinda's house. He looked at me with serious facial expressions and said "Tomorrow, when you come to school,come and see me in my office at 8.00 a.m
"Yes Sir,"I answered.
I could see clouds of trouble gathering and I was determined to skew this situation to my advantage. A wicked smile curled my cheeks .
 I was sure my time had come to get my pound of flesh. 
What will happen at School the next day when 
Johnson meet the head master.?

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