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Miss Tamarinda was hauled before the school Disciplinary Committee to answer Questions regarding her relationship with Johnson. It was a very engaging process which eventually didn't go in her

Chapter 2 (v.2) - Facing the School's Disciplinary committee

Submitted: September 09, 2019

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Submitted: September 09, 2019



~The disciplinary committee ~
~Narration from Johnson's point of view ~
-~Monday,7.30 a.m~
The Judgement day had arrived. I walked towards the headmaster's office. My heart was thumbing very hard.I was very timid.Should I tell the truth? No.Miss Tamarinda had shunned me too much. I must lie to the Disciplinary committee to ensure her dismissal from Butterworth High School. She had caused me so many sleepless nights.
My heart kept knocking against  my rib cage as if it was going to break it and liberate itself from its bondage. Afterall, it has been working for 16 years now, except that liberating itself will seal my non existence on earth.
I knocked on the door rather nervously.
A deep voice boomed from inside the office" Come in !!!When I entered the headmaster's Office,I was greeted with a fearsome atmosphere. All the mem
bers of the Disciplinary Commit
tee were set.
Soon, the Judgement procedures will begin. On the panel were the Head
master,Assistant headmaster, The Head of Science Department, Miss Tamarinda and six other senior teachers of proven integrity. 
"Please, Sit down," ordered the chairman of the Disciplinary com
mittee. I sat down rather timidly, fully aware of the reason for the meeting.
~The Disciplinary Procedure begins ~
"Colleagues, we are here today to arbitrate a case of teacher - student romantic relationship between Miss
Tamarinda Amahle and Johnson Pillay," the chairman began.
"For the records, miss Tamarinda, Do you know the teenage boy over there? "he said,pointing his finger at me.
Miss Tamarinda responded, "Yes."
Chairman:"What is his name and your relationship with him?"
Miss Tamarinda: "His name is John
son Pillay and I am his mathematics
Chairman: What is the nature of the relationship between you and him.
Miss Tamarinda: Cordial. Normal relationship that every teacher is expected to have with his or her students. 
Chairman: "Was that the only relationship you had with him?"
Miss Tamarinda: "Yes,my relationship with him was strictly academic .Any other thing I did was to prepare a conductive atmosphere for him to freely share his problems with me.
Chairman:"Did you organise any extra class for him alone?
Miss Tamarinda: "Yes"
Miss Tamarinda: "Because he had dyscalculia."
Chairman: Was he the only one with that Mathe
matical problem?
Miss Tamarinda: "Some of his Colleagues have general problems in Mathematics but he was the only one with that peculiar problem."
Chairman:How did you come by that diagnosis?
Miss Tamarinda: "I offered combined masters in Stellenbosch university, one in Mathematics and the other in Special need Education so I could tell if a student has a "special need."
"Wow ,"I said in my head. This woman was not an ordinary teacher ."My mind was brought back to the meeting by the chairman's deep voice.
Chairman : There were countless reports of you hugging him. Is it true?
Miss Tamarinda:Yes.
Miss Tamarinda : Chairman, I am surprise you ask this question. Inasmuch as we are teachers, we are also parents and must show uncon
ditional love to any student who needs it.
Hugging is a sign of concern so I don't know why it will become an object of discussion here. In any case, I knew about school regulations like the palm
of my hands. There is no clause that stipulated that a teacher cannot hug a student .
For three minutes , the disciplinary committee was silenced.The head
master seeing the situation decided to intervene. 
Headmaster: Well. Miss Tamarinda, you made a very good point in that regard and I admired your high level of intelligence and tenacity. However, I want you to be guided by these prin
ciple. All the laws guiding an insti
tution cannot be written down in a single book.
 It is expected that we use our senses when it come to certain scenarios. Example, There is no law against a student deep- kissing a teacher but using common sense , you can see that,that is unethical. I hope I made my point clear
Chairman : Headmaster .Thank you for your timely intervention. In fact, you have proven you are the senior most member here by seeing the issue from a perspective that I wasn't gifted to see it from. Miss Tamarinda, what is your view on what the headmaster have said.
"Miss Tamarinda:The headmster had spoken well.Laws cannot be written for every tiny thing but should we be judged by the very tiny things that have no definte law ? Which law will be used as the basis of such judgement.
The chairman realised miss Tamarinda's level of thinking far surpassed his committee members. To avoid further debate, he said,
 "Miss Tamarinda, even without laws, there are principles that can form the basis of such judgement. Thank you for your Cooperation."
Miss tamarinda:"You are welcome"
The chairman of the disciplinary committee now turned to me saying," Johnson Pillay, we will like to ask you a few questions concerning miss Tamarinda.
"Yes sir," I said.
Chairman:"Do you know this teacher?"
Me:"Yes,she is miss Tamarinda Amahle."
Chairman: Did she explain the meaning of "Amahle" to You?"
Me:"Yes, sir, she said 'Amahle' means "the beautiful one."
Chairman: Did any one of You ask her the meaning of her name?
Me: "No,Sir"I lied.
The truth was one of my colleagues by name Jackson who was always looking for trouble asked miss Tamarinda Amahle what "Amahle "meant and she told him.
Chairman:"What is the relationship between you and miss Tamarinda?"
Mr Kei Ernest,the chairman was one of the oldest teachers in the school and was well respected.He taught Chemis
try and had been in the school system for at least thirty-eight years.
When he asked what the relationship between me and miss Tamarinda was, he knew it was not just a question -and- answer routine. My answer to this particular question will determine miss Tamarinda's fate in the school.
Now I have a big decision to make.
Should I lie and send her out of job or should I just tell the truth and keep her in the school for her to be giving me sleepless nights?
Readers, What will be your advise to me? I know...I know...I know.You want me to tell the truth,Right?
O.k. I Will.
I decided to tell the truth and save miss Tamarinda from embarrassment so I said to the chairman,"Miss Tamarinda is just my teacher and................"
"Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrring, The chairman's phone rang.
He excused the panel for a minute and headed towards the door.We waited for him to come back. While waiting, I had a second opportunity to have
a rethink of my earlier decision to tell the truth. Come to think of it.
Miss Tamarinda had bounced me painfully. She told me without any equivocation that I can never be her boyfriend. She didn't care about my feelings.She had chosen that nitwit. ....that man....I wished I knew him.Hmmmm..Some people are still alive in this world simply because murder is a crime.That...Scally
wag! !!!.
When I remembered the incidence that occurred at her house, how she slammed the door in my face just because her boyfriend was around , I got infuriated. The flames of Vengea
nce burned  in me so aggressively, that it threatened to consume my whole anatomy. 
The bible book of Romans chapter 12 verse 19 said 'Vegeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. Well, for this vengeance,I could not leave it to God.
He is too merciful. No!!! I must make sure I get my pound of flesh.
I glanced quickly at miss Tamarinda's curvaceous body, her tantalizing thighs , accentuated by her angelic shining eyes and inviting lips. I secretly envied her fiancé who had the privilege of exploring that soft territory of immea
surable ecstasy hidden under her skirt. How I wished she will just........."
"Well, ladies and gentlemen,sorry for that phone call. It was an argent call I could not ignore," the chairman's speech cut into my chain of lustful thinking.
"So , Johnson,I was asking about the relationship between you and miss Tamarinda. "
I decided that this was my time to strike when the iron is hot. So ,with anger and Vegeance in my heart, I said, "Miss Tamarinda is my GIRL
The chairman's response was instan
taneous, "WHAT !!!,are you really sure about this ?
I responded casually, "Yes, I am very sure."
The chairman said, "Do you realise the gravity of what you just said,what even showed you are telling us the truth, anyway?"
I looked at miss Tamarinda's face.There was no sign of perplexity on her face. Surely this madam is tougher than I thought. I was expe
cting to see some shock expressions written all over her face but I saw nothing.
So I advanced my defence,"Chairman,
miss Tamarinda told me she loved me.She said I was a nice boy and she even hugged me so tightly in her office that had it not been for the timely intervention of the head master, She wouldn't have disengage herself from me.
That was not all.
Miss Tamarinda invited me to her house and when I went there , she was wearing a mini skirt, and a transparent bra, revealing her Vol....... " I was about to say "Voluminous sexy breast" but trailed over the word so as not to create the impression that I actually love what I saw.I simply continued by saying saying," In fact she was dressed provocatively. She asked me to enter the room.Since she was my teacher and a well behaved one, I never expected her to touch me seductively.
She touched my private parts and even told me my handsomeness usually caused her to loose concentration in my class while teaching. I became assertive and forced myself out of her grip. She grabbed me unrelentedly and said, "whether you like it or not, we will make love today".
At that moment, I realised my life was in danger because I couldnt think of such an incomprehensible act - been in bed with my.... teacher. I gathered every bit of strength left in me and break free from her tight grip,forced open her door and hurriedly run away as if I was chased by a wild  female ravenous wolf. It was when I wanted to negotiate a curve along that lane that I saw my headmaster, who asked me to see him in school the next day.
The chairman was nonplussed.He knew miss Tamarinda to be a highly professional and committed teacher.
For her to have stooped so low to force an underage boy and attempted to seduce him really beat his imagination.
After much reflection, he asked the Head master if he could collaborate the claims I made.
The headmaster cleared his throat and said," I am sorry to say that most of the things said by Johnson cannot be verified  but I saw miss Tamarinda hugging him in her office and advised her against that behaviour.I also come across Johnson Pillay when he was returning from her house. What I can't be sure of was what transpired between the two of them in her house. 
The chairman said," Thank you, honourable headmaster, for your clarification."
The chairman now turned to miss Tamarinda and asked," Do you accept or deny these allegations? "
Miss Tamarinda said,"I deny this alle
gations to a large extent.The chairman , a little bit confused said,"What exactly did you mean by you deny this allegations to a large extent? "
Miss tamarinda said," it is true I hugged Johnson, it is true I told him he's a nice boy and I care for him but this was in reaction to him breaking down in my office crying when I told him I can't date him.I just wanted to reassure him that the fact that I rejected his proposal does not mean I don't care about him.
Now to the untruth, I never invited him to my house. He came to beg for forgiveness.I had not invited him to come inside my room let alone trying to seduce him to bonk me on my own bed. Am I mad to do that or was I on tramadol? 
If I do that, how will I stand in front of him and his classmates and still teach,knowing I had a Lover in that classroom.The rest of his claims are simply mere falsification."
" Yes, they are false but I know they will believe it, I silently said in my mind"To further defend herself,miss Tamarinda brought out all the love letters I ever wrote to her and said, "Look, these are the love letters he had written to me and I have not respon
ded to even a single one.
My heart sunk.I have forgotten that miss Tamarinda could use my letters as evidence against me.
"Ohhhh, my God, how could I be so foolish!!"
The letter was distributed to the Panelist.After reading the love letters,One of the panelist,Cindy, asked me,"Johnson, are you the one who wrote all these love letters?"
I have been caught in a spider's Web.If I said I was the one who wrote them, then all my previous claims would be null and void. If I said I was not the one who wrote it,then where did miss Tamarinda get all these letters from since the letters seemed to establish the fact that there is something roman
tic between me and the madam espe
cially my last letter where I wrote letter "J" "n.".at the sender's area to give miss Tamarinda a clue that I was the one sending the love letters but I cros
sed out that argument because I was not the only boy in the school with letter "J" and "n" starting the first name and ending it respectively. 
I was extremely, extremely lucky I had not given her the apology letter.It would have been the best evidence against me.For once, I realised that.... that man, the mystery man in miss Tamarinda's room had help me.If not for him I could have given the letter to her. 
Based on this Meticulous analysis, I decided to deny knowledge of the love Letters so I said, "No, Madam, I am not the one who wrote the letters.This might have been a set up by miss Tamarinda to vindicate herself and made me the bad boy here.
"The chairman ordered some of my exercise books to be brought to him to verify my handwriting. He realised there was no correlation between my handwriting in the exercise books and the ones in the love letters so miss
Tamarinda's defense was broken.The headmaster asked a question that broke miss Tamarinda's last line of defense.
"Tamarinda , let's even assume these letters were written by Johnson Pillay,according to our school rules and regulations, which you made us aware you knew very well, you are supposed to bring all these letters to his form master for the appropriate actions to be taken against him.He must be taught that there is a difference between teachers and students.
Miss Tamarinda, Did you made his class teacher aware of this?"
I looked at miss Tamarinda's face.The headmaster's question seemed to have pinned her to a tight corner.Eventually she responded,
"No, Headmaster, I did not make his Class teacher aware of this.... because I don't think it was important at that .....m...m...moment, she stammered a bit.
The headmaster said, "well,you now see it was important, Don't you? Don't you think your failure to follow laid down school's proce
dure in this case is a further proof that collaborated Johnson's claims that he is your boyfriend ?"
Miss Tamarinda bounced back to defend herself, "Sir, it may look like that but there is a difference between perception and reality, truth and fact.Most often,We see what we want to see and not what we need to see,"
she became a little bit philosophical.
 I agree I failed to submit the letters to the departmental head but you are the very person who said we should not bother the Departmental heads with issues we can handle so going by school rules and regulations , we could say you also went  quite out of line. 
Wow.Miss Tamarinda was a genius !!! Only a sharp brain person can reason like that in a matter of seconds. 
After several consultation,the meeting was adjourned and rescheduled to next week Thursday. 
Since miss Tamarinda's case was still under investigation, she was not allowed to discharge her professional duties in the school as a teacher.
~The following week,Thursday ~
The committee met again and commerced their investigation.The verdict seemed too long to come.The committee was divided as to the specific stand to take on the issue.
Some said miss Tamarindas points were very cogent and proved she had no ill motive toward me. Others said she was just trying to be defensive. It was put to a vote. Sadly,it went 5:4 against Miss Tamarinda. 
Finally the verdict came from the chairman of the disciplinary like this,"After several investiga
tions and deliberations, the disciplinary committee of Butterworth High School had found You, Miss Tamarinda Amahle's action in direct contravention to Article 3, sub section 39 i and ii of the code of professional conduct for South Africa Education Service Commission.
Consequently, the school is dissatis
fied with your misbehaviour and decided to suspend you for six months without salary. This decision was arrived at after due consultation with the school board and approved by the provincial Educational service commis
sion. You are hereby advised to vacate the premises within the next twenty-four hours, clearing your desk off all your belongings.It is our hope that you will cooperate with us .Thank you."
The chairman asked her if she had anything to say. Miss Tamarinda said she had nothing to say. The chairman thanked her for her co-operation and sadly handed her the suspension letter.The meeting came to an end.
Once again, Miss Tamarinda has not shown any sign of self pity or anxiety. She left the meeting without any more word and without even turning round in my direction to see the'Judas' that had betrayed her trust and magnanimity.
I was very happy my plan had worked accordingly.At last,my tormentor has been suspended for the next six months. It served her right. She shouldn't have rejected a fine boy like me.
~Two weeks later~
After two weeks of her absence, I began to miss her, her smile, her care and her easy style of teaching I kept thinking about it to the extent that I became a pale shadow of myself.
My parents noticed it and thought my depression was due to miss Tama
rinda's acclaimed sexual harassment and decided to press charges against her in court as a sex offenders _ a Paedophile. She was summoned to court and for one month, it was my lord... the evidence before us was inconclusive and so....and all those cumbersome court procedures and jargons.
She got lucky in court. The court had thrown the case away on the basis of "Nolle Prosequi"(insufficient evidence)
~News men ~
As soon as the pronouncement was made ,the court was besieged by a sea of newsmen each trying frantically to get some news
News man 1
Miss Tamarinda,what do you think about the sex allegations levelled against you?
Miss Tamarinda:They were baseless. 
News man 2
Miss Tamarinda ,no evidence was found against you and you were discharged,Personally,do you think you are innocent. 
Miss Tamarinda:it's not what I think. It's what that is.
 News man 3:
Miss ,Do you think the school will still trust you to be in charge of the kids after your vindication in the court?
Miss Tamarinda: That's a decision of the school  board. 
News men: 4 ~100: Miss Tamarinda ,there have been  countless sexual allegations levelled against teachers,what is ..
Miss,What is the way forward now  that...
Miss Tamarinda: your case was a unique one.Why will a teenager lie ....?"
Several  TV  Stations  reported the news with different  headlines:
News Paper headlines:
~Six Months later ~
Her six months of suspension finally reached.I was expecting miss Tamarinda to come back to school. I was worried and anxious "Awww. My God,I have allowed the spirit of revenge to damage my progress".After failing to turn up for another two weeks,the school replaced her with a male teacher.

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