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Miss Tamarinda did not go back to Butterworth High School. She was replaced by another teacher who lacked the charisma she had. The injustice done to miss Tamarinda eventually came to light
resulting in Sanctions.

Chapter 2 (v.3) - The Boring Substitute Maths Teacher and Sanctions

Submitted: September 10, 2019

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



***Miss Tamarinda's POV*
I cleared my desk the very day my suspension was announced, checking drawers and tables to ensure I left nothing at my workplace. Not even my pin was left in the school. I have been  in ButterWorth High School for just one year. Probably , I was thinking of staying there for at least three years but life was full of ups and towns.This was obviously one of life's downs. When school resumed , I didn't go back .
Off Course , My Suspension was over by then but I made up my mind not to go back to Butterworth High School to teach. I was not appreciated there despite all my sacrifices. In any case , my qualifications were even suited for me to teach in a  university college. Combined Masters. 
I remebered quite vividly how I felt the day I was suspended. I was very shocked when I returned home .The school Disciplinary Committee claimed they had found me guilty of having an inappropriate relationship with Johnson, my student. 
I felt Justice had not been done in this  case since the committee had not taken its time  to do deeper investigation before rapidly suspending me. It seemed they were in a hurry to pronounce punishment on me, choosing to believe the words of a spoilt teenage boy over a teacher. 
There was definately a teacher on the staff who either didn't like me or was jealous of me. But who could she be? Jennifer? She always complained about my dressing style.She said it was too provocative in a school Environment full of Adventurous teenagers. At another time, she said I was quite famous in Town and even in the mainstream media .
Well.I didn't know who exactly was behind the scene but what I knew was I have been denied justice .My name had been dragged in the mud for an offense that I didn't commit. What should I do now? Appeal? At where ? The same school disciplinary committee? No.!!!
Talking about Johnson, I am yet to come to terms with the fact that the boy who spoke at the disciplinary Committee meeting was indeed the timid looking boy I knew.  Surely, that boy was not Johnson. He looked like Johnson physically but didn't behave like him.
If really that boy was Johnson, then he must have  been possessed by a wicked spirit.How could Johnson say I dressed provocatively to seduce him and that I grabbed him forcefully  to have sex with him and he struggled to liberate himself?
No. This boy was under the influence of something. Maybe, a strange spirit had taken control over him.He said he knew nothing about the love letters and denied writing them.Huh. 
Frankly, I was dilematic. I didn't know whether to hate him or like him.
My head was imploding. "Cool down, cool down,"I said to myself. I decided to watch TV, so I turned on the TV set  and tune in to Kyk-net.The news went like this ". ....before we present the main stories , let's give you the top stories, A Teacher in Butterworth School suspended over sex scandal, Police arrested two arm robbers in J'burg. Government promise to renovate  at Cape Town Hospital. ....Now the main story. ..
A beautiful young female teacher at Butter
worth. .."
I couldn't believe this news was still trending on the mass media. It had been circulating for over three days now and it seems to be making a hit."
"......has been suspended by the school's  Disciplinary Committee for her alleged romantic ..."
"Oh, no, not again," I changed the channel to eBella.
"....Maths Teacher by name Amahle Tamarinda was aquitted by a court for her
....." I changed the channel to starsat.
...."was unclear why a teenage boy will put his teacher in trouble by alleging he was forced by the female teacher to have sex but. ..."
I changed the channel  to Sony Max SABC Africa.
They were showing a documentary on animals, the lion , zebras, Rhinos, drought and migratory birds. I relaxed and watch it for two hours and almost forgot the news making rounds about me.Then evening  news.
."Butterworth teacher suspended for attempting to seduce a teenage boy but acquitted in Court..."
Unable to withstand all those noise , I turned off my TV and decided to have a snap.
~Internet cafe~
I decided to pass the time at the Internet cafe because I want to avoid the TV news .I was surprised that the news on the Internet was not far different from the news on TV. Current  News bubbled on it even more than the mainstream media. I used the chrome Web browser to make some researches on the net on many things varying from how to withstand injustice to a more academic research on new programmes in academia.
By and large , browsing on the Internet
became my hobby. Then I chanced on some
thing on the Internet that opened a new chapter in my life .
Johnson's Point of view
No two people are the same and would never be the same either in speaking, talking, attitude , belief, perspective of life and all those.
 The new mathematics teacher who was assigned to us was Mr. Naidoo Mark. Unfortunately,he did not have the gift of charisma that miss Tamarinda had. He was boring and unfriendly. The more I saw him in class,the more I missed miss Tamarinda and the more I realised how foolish I was for lying against an innocent teacher and manipulating the school's Authorities to Suspend her. That night I broke down and cried to God to forgive me.
Mr. Naidoo's approach to solving maths made me hate maths again, even worst than I used to hate it. It wasn't long before I reverted to my old ways, hating school, absenting myself. I simply lost interest in schooling. 
 I remembered in one of his boring lessons, Mr. Naidoo said , SOHCAHTOA means Sin?= Opposite over Hypotenuse, Cos ?= Adjacent over Hypotenuse And Tan ?= Opposite over Adjacent when he's talking about Pytha
goras theorem.
Well.This is the official way of presenting it, but it's meaningless to us . In one of my extra classes with miss Tamarinda, she explained this using an illustration of a ladder,laid against the wall.The longest side , she said was hypotenuse, the side facing the longest side is the adjacent and the side downward is the opposite. She even crafted a word story to explain this maths concept.
P=2x + 3y + 9. and say make y the subject of the relationship using needless theoretical procedures to solve tackle the question. Miss Tamarinda will use a scenario where oranges are at one point and black berries at another point. To cross from Orange to black berry, you need to change form, from positive to negative or vice versa.
When we closed from school , I was heading towards my house when I ran into Rosso, "the wise"
Me: Hei, Rosso, Good afternoon
Rosso:Good afternoon, Johnson
Me: Rosso, what do you think of Mr .Naidoo's teaching style. 
Rosso: I think he's doing what he can do.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Me: I think miss Tamarinda was far better than him.
Rosso (looking at me with a twitched face) I am surprised you are the one complaining about him. 
Me:Why?(I feigned ignorance)
Rosso:You know what I'm talking about .Don't try to be smart. 
Me: Maybe what I'm thinking about is not what you are referring to.
Rosso:Maybe you have forgotten you are taking to me. Let me refresh your memory. About three months ago, I advised you to forget about your crush on miss Tamarinda. You didn't listen to me.You only heard me and did want you want to do.You attempted to propose love to your teacher, a mature lady who saw you as a small boy and rightly so. 
Now, out of pain and disappointment, you used the prevailing situations to your advantage and framed miss Tamarinda, which resulted in her suspension. How you were able to deceived all those matured Disciplinary Committee members , I don't know. Honestly, I don't think you are the one who deceived them. They have already planned to suspend her and were only looking for a reason which you innocently provided for them. 
Me:How did You come by all these findings? 
Rosso: Hahaha. I can't tell you "how", but I can tell you "what" I found out. You see, Johnson, you allowed your emotion to overtake your sense of reasoning. While you were putting in all your energies to make sure miss Tamarinda was suspended , you have forgotten that miss Tamarinda was a gem of a teacher, a rare gift you hardly found nowadays. You threw away gold(Miss Tamarinda) and now you were given copper (Mr. Naidoo).In other words , you dug your own grave. She had left and you are suffering. 
 At this moment, you need to do two things. One , Advise your parents to get you a teacher who will teach you at home to supplement  classroom teachings That will be an extra cost to them. 
Two, confess your misdemeanour to the school authority because no matter how you hide it,it Will  surely come out.
Me:(I was speechless and just looked on as Rosso gave me the advise) I have heard you , Rosso. 
Rosso.:Johnson, Right your wrong.Clean your own mess.I.think its time to go now. See you next time. Bye.
Rosso left .I stood watching him till he disap
peared behind a building. I cast my mind back. 
I remembered those days prior to the coming of Miss Tamarinda where School had always been boring to me and If there was a place I don't want to be in those days, it would definately be at school. I also remembered how I intentionally feigned sickness just to skip school and rainy days were automatic off days for me. 
Those days ,I couldn't agree less with Ed Prince when he defined school -S.C.H.O.O.L as the S.ix C.ruel H.ours O.f O.ur L.ives. I saw school as a terrible place where our parents deliberately dump us to have a peace of mind.
School is a place where all you meet were living books walking on feet , in the person of teachers who presented long boring lessons they knew you won't need in life, yet they force long boring theories into your mind . 
I remembered praying secretly that classroom lessons should end quickly. I also said , the one who brought schooling to the world would forever suffer. Because to me , school is hell. It was a place where your mind was program
med on what to thick, instead of how to think. What is more , school made us nothing more than academic robots.
All these sentiments about schooling and its boredom changed when Miss Tamarinda Amahle came to Butterworth High School at ladyfrere in South Africa.She gave that nice speech. "Hi Students,I am very privileged to get this wonderful opportunity to teach in this renowned schools.My name is Tamarinda Amanle.I am a Mathematics teacher and I will be taking you in this exciting but challenging subject from now till further notice. I seek your co-operation to make our encounter a successful one."
"Having seen you today, I want to say without any equivocation that I have no doubt in my mind that you are hard working and dutiful students .It is against this background that we will forged a cooperation of teaching and learning with one common goal in mind, she said."
Now considering the fact that another colleague teacher was handling this subject before I am now taking over from him, it is expedient to know where you have reached in mathematics so that I will use that as a foundation for building up the next concert, she continued."
To make the situation more fun and exciting , She taught us a mathematical song that could help us remember all those formula we memorize from the textbook without under
standing them.At the end of the song,one of my classmates who always searched for trouble asked her the meaning of her name ,"Amahle "She smiled at her and then responded,the name ,' Amahle' means "the beautiful one." 
When she said that, the class came to life, with cheers and claps saying, Amahle,the beautiful one!, the beautiful one!Amahle,the beautiful one. I remembered how her sheer beauty captivated my heart and how I was imprisoned by my own passion for her- Her style of teaching -very flexible, fun-filled and engaging, her way of dressing reflecting modernity and class and more importantly her unique sense of humour.
I also remebered how miss Tamarinda changed my perception on schooling and how she influenced me to change my lackadaisical attitude towards School and became very punctual in her class. Lastly I remembered how he punished that bully ...that kept making life uncomfortable in school and more impor
tantly, how she helped me in mathematics. ends
End of Flashback
The lack of creativity in this teacher made me hate him more than any other teacher in the same school.It was therefore not surprising that I told my parents one day that I needed home tuition to supplement my maths lessons in school. They were quite indecisive on the issue. 
Rosso's words kept knocking on my cons
cience, "Johnson, right your wrong, clean your own mess."
For two days , I was unable to sleep because his words kept ringing a bell in my heart.On the third day, I surrendered. I moved towards the headmaster's office, my heart was leaping with fear, streams of sweet broke on my skin.My feet wobbled  uncontrollably. Cold Fingers of fear grabbed me. I was shivering like I was placed in a refrigerator. 
Soon I reached the door to the headmaster's office and after several minutes of efforts, I knocked at the headmaster's door. "Come in," the big man's voice Commanded.
I entered the headmaster's office and some
how , the fear that gripped me escaped as I opened my mouth and said, Sir, I am sorry to say, Miss Tamarinda is innocent.All that I said against her were mere fabrication .
The headmaster looked at me with stone silence for a few minutes and said, I will sum
mon the Disciplinary Committee again to decide on your fate. Meanwhile, You have to go and bring your parents. 
The disciplinary committee was summoned and my fate was decided, while my parents were present ,I was given two weeks of internal suspension , where I will work as a labourer for the school and one month of external suspension. It was a  done deal. 
While I was on suspension, Rosso told me that the South Africa Educational Commission gave a directive for the School's Disciplinary Committee to be dissolved and reconstituted with more competent people , including those who vote in favour of miss Tamarinda , not to be suspended. 
In addition , the headmaster was transferred to another school and a female was assigned the management of the school in the person of Mrs. Yanela Nqebe Philomena. 

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