Chapter 2: (v.4) Transient love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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~Transient love~
**Third person Narration**
Johnson's suspension period was over and he was back in school. He was made to sign a bond of good behaviour. It was obvious to him that he may never meet miss Tamarinda again and even if their paths crossed again, it won't be on a friendly ground. 
In the absence of Miss Tamarinda, Johnson had no other option than to turn his attention to Miranda. His plan to remained focus after the departure of Miss Tamarinda once again ran into Jeopardy as Miranda became more vociferous in her approach to win his love. His plan and determination to avert any other lady came to  nothing and he soon found himself in the love Web again, this time with Miranda.
Though Miranda was a newcomer in the school, her sportsmanship abilities made her earned the position of the assistant captain of the female volleyball team. She also had all the good qualities of a woman to win a man's heart. Very beautiful, sociable, intelligent and eloquent. Johnson admired her aIot but  kept all these to himself and never disclosed it to his confidant. 
Soon, Christmas break approached and we broke for X'mas vacation. One very bright sunny day of January was a reopening date to continue with school work.As usual, this was the time for friends to share how they enjoy the X'mas break. Classes began in Ernest with school activities resuming as sche
***Johnson POV**
The following week Friday,was an important meeting day for club activities. An invited guest was set to deliver a lecture. Club members were in full attendance and Miran
da was also in attendance. At the meeting , a white envelope was passed onto me.I noted the inscrip
tion on the envelope and it was just labelled "Just Open and read".
Curiosity took over me and I left the club meeting to open the letter. It reads:
Dear Johnson, 
There is a purpose or a reason why certain things happened in this world
This reasons are only known to the great one who created the world
Sometimes I do ask myself ," how did I managed to meet you?"
I don't know how it all happened 
Perhaps I knew you first in spirit before seeing your physical manifestations
It feels great to have you by my side 
Sometimes, I think our meeting was divinely ordained 
Please allow me to fill the vacuum in your heart 
The vacuum created by" her"
My only prayer is that you will take me as I am
You will accept me as I am
Loving you always in this world 
And hereafter
Even eternity cannot break my love for you. 
Your lover
Miranda's words were deep and strong. I was quite elated someone was willing to mend my broken heart . Maybe it's time I forget this fantasy about Miss Tamarinda, an illusion that I doubt will come to fruition. 
The weekend at school was a normal one. As I sat in class the next Monday reading through some prep, getting ready for Mr .Naidoo, my boring maths tutor, I felt a smooth tap on my shoulder .I turned my head quickly and there stood Miranda in all radiance and beaming with smiles. I could feel love from her black Piercy search
ing eyes.
She had in her hand black poly
thene bag containing a few provisions.She placed it on my desk and insisted on sharing my one-and-a-half-feet-square chair with me for a short conversation. 
"Add this to your provision stock," she said.
I searched for words to express my appreciation." Thank you, dear," I muttered. She put her arms over my shoulder and planted a long passionate kiss on my cheeks as I. grinned. 
As we sat uncomfortably on the chair, chatting, she used her arms to hook my waist. The feeling I was drawing from her gimmicks was short-lived. She stood up hurriedly and made her exit in the twinkle of an eye. I wondered what the matter was and turned my head and stand
ing by the window was no other person than Rosso. 
"Am I missing something ?"asked Rosso. 
Depends on what "something "mean, I replied. 
What's wrong with that girl?"asked Rosso. 
"Which girl?" I pretended. 
"The one who just disappeared from your desk.
"Any problem with her?" I asked politely. 
"She seemed to feel uncomfortable anytime she set eyes on me."
"Really!"Then she feels bashful before you, don't you think so?"I said jokingly. 
The term passed through success
fully having little incidence apart from my suspension and recall. I must admit the zeal I put into my studies from the very beginning diminished and it reflected in the manner in which I wrote my exams. 
As usual, the noise on campus filled the air, as students prepared to go on holidays. 
I met Miranda under the tree and we talked about how we are going to visit each other in the vacation.
We exchanged contact numbers and residential addresses.
The holiday started on a brighter note with my sister Kinat back from University of Witwaterstrand. As I chatted with Kinat, our discussion diverted to academic work and how we fared in school. I couldn't really give a good account of myself.
The following week, I decided to busy myself with a magazine. As I flipped through the pages, a topic caught my attention:
'The transformation Patterns of the youth' it reads,"The period of youth offers both exciting experiences and problems .It is the period where a teenager begins to really know who he or she really is .This knowledge of self is very important as it will form the basis of adult life.This transformation is not that simple. It's a difficult path in terms of the teenager's psychological, emotional, physical well being concerning the fact that the body is a state of flux, continual change, a flux which bring along intermittent wants and desires, most of which are inconsequential to....."
A shrill buzz of my mobile phone interrupted my reading. 
I glanced at the phone screen.It was a familiar number so I picked the call.
"Hello ! Johnson here, whom am I speaking with, please? "
A very soft melodious voice echoed from the other side of the wireless line.
"Oh, come on , Babe, you nearly deceived me with your melodious voice. May I know the good tidings you have for me this afternoon ?" I inquired.
"It's a real promise"
" I can't wait to hear it, dear"
"Are you ready to hear it ?" She teased.
"Ever ready, dear!" I exclaimed.
"Sing for me before I tell you, "Miranda said.
"Oh.My dear. Not now.When I see you vis-a- vis , I will sing for you. 
"Are you serious with that ?"
"Yes, "I replied. 
"Ok, I would be your guest in an hour's time. "
"Really? Oh, come on, isn't that going to be wonderful, dear? I can't just wait to see you in my humble abode." I said and ended the phone, full of smiles. 
I was very much delighted after this piece of conversation which nearly sent me almost mad. 
"Is Miranda surely coming into my abode?" I kept asking myself ,"and what would be my reaction? Should I carry her on my laps or make her sit comfortably on this sofa or perhaps send her to my bedroom,"
I laughed at the last thought. 
 I took a gentle walk in and around the whole house making double sure that things were perfectly arranged to suit the desire of my Miranda. 
~One hour later ~
The gate bell buzzed "c-r-r-r. 
My heart missed a beat. Probably, it would be Miranda. Gleefully, I took some paces to the gate and opened it. Lo, there stood Miranda, beam
ing with smiles and looking sexy in her thight mini-skirt that accen
tuate her curves and topless blouse. 
"Hello! My sweetheart, you're welcome" I said kissing her on the cheek.
She replied with a smile revealing a set of neatly arranged sparkling white teeth, and what added to her beauty was the deep the deep dimples on her cheeks as she smiled ."Thank you "she said.
I ushered her into the living room. "Please Make yourself comfor
table" I said, and like a would-be husband, I served her with all that would make her feel at home, like soft drinks, cake, fruits, sweets, biscuit. 
"Please set the ball rolling" I said with all confidence. 
I miss you so much and I just need to see your cute face and with you s little. 
"Play?" It's only children who play. 
Miranda said,"You are funny,we have adult  games too."
She began to sip her malta Guin
ness while looking into a photo album. Like a well -trained house help, I cleared the table soon after she had satisfied herself.
I was lucky my parents had travel
led to our village that week  and Kinat,my sister, also went to see a friend. 
 I decided to take a bath so I turned on the TV for Miranda. "I'm com
ing,"I said. "You can watch this TV programme. It's really interesting." 
I entered my bedroom to undress and take my bath quickly. As soon as I removed my boxer short and picked my towel to wrap on my waist , Miranda materialised in the bedroom naked.  She had  taken off her skimpy mini skirt and blouse.
"Let's go and have the bath together, after that you will sing for me as promised." Said Miranda. 
"The two of us?"I asked , feeling quite uncomfortable. 
"Yes, why not,Are you shy of me?"
"No, "said I .
"C'mon, Don't act the Roman Father here, " she held my right hand and we moved to the bathhouse. 
** Story from Miranda's Pov***
After bathing, we walked back into the bedroom . Johnson couldn't help but gasp at my thick feminine body, my huge firm breast stared at him invitedly.  His hands became the visitor as it touched my nipples and then moved back to cup my huge backside in his hands .We kissed passionately, my excitement ignited with hot unbridled passion and lust.
We plunged onto the soft surface of Johnson's rosy bed ,close-together as if any small space between us will separate us from our moment of pleasure. It was a long hot lustful moment for us as we crossed from the physical world into the world of hot ecstasy, pleasure and laughter. Time stood still and watch us play. I could feel Johnson's pheromone surging furiously like a wild beast released from its prison, pulsating ceaselessly as he searched frantically  for the 
pleasure pot between my legs. 
My eyes shone with hot passion - I realised play time was over as he 
found his way between my legs into  my pleasure garden and tasted the forbidden fruit.
 A sporadic wave of pleasure run concurrently through our bodies like electrical currents,connected to a high voltage,not willing to be disconnected any time soon,as the two sexes battled for ecstatic supremacy.Exhaustion became the final arbiter that broke the intimate bond. 
Back to the physical world, I dressed up quickly and he saw me off.
**story continues from Johnson's POV*
From that point on, it became habitual. Miranda's visit continued week after week and I got so enthused about Miranda that studies became a secondary matter. Blind love had absolutely taken over my mind .
And then......
One very bright Sunday afternoon after church service when all the family was sitting in the living room watching a movie and we had some relatives in our midst,the gate bell cut into the atmosphere. I ran to the gate as if the bell was meant for me. There at the gate, Miranda stood. I queried her impatiently, "Why this hour ?" 
So you mean to say I should always phone to tell you of my coming?"
"Exactly I said.
"Why should I ?"she asked angrily.
My parents are home and some of my relatives.
"Today is not a good time," I said , getting impatient.
"But it's your own mistake. You should have informed me. Well, I think this should not call for any alarm"
"And now I've told you "I said.
"So what do you expect me to do now? "She asked."I'm really feeling horny! "
"Please , Not Today. Let's do that next week, if you wouldn't mind" I muttered. 
"Next what? Am I hearing you .....I mean. Can't you be considerate at all?"
"Listen, listen, I simply can't let you in because. ...."
"because what?"she chirped in. 
"...look, how many times do you want me to ...tell
parents are at home." I begun stammering. 
"So what , am I not presentable to be in the presence of your so- cal
led parents ?" prompted Miranda.
"I haven't said so.What I'm saying is that they are in with some guests so let's reschedule everything for the following week, please. "
"One good week? You are never serious. Why a whole week? Do you know the implication of the excuse you are giving me? Aren't you a man?
Oh! I see. I should have known better. You back- stabbed miss Tamarinda, the teacher you claimed you loved.You know what, let's forget all these foolishness We are calling love."
Before I could say something, Miranda turned and left quickly. 
My encounter with Miranda st the gate changed my mood for the rest of the vacation. I kept wondering what will happen next?
When school resumed and I went to school, I received a note from Miranda through Rosso. It reads :
Hi Boy,
Stay away from me if you want to complete the school because this time , you won't be suspended but dismissed. 
I have seen that you don't love me so I decided to leave your life. Go and look for miss Tamarinda. I have found a new lover now, Mr. Naidoo , the maths teacher you hate so much. 

Submitted: September 11, 2019

© Copyright 2020 Francis Agamah. All rights reserved.


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