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Johnson redirected his attention to his studies after experiencing another break up with Miranda. Somehow, nemesis befall Miranda and her lover. Miranda attempted to reconcile with Johnson using a
trick that shook him. Johnson eventually wrote his Final Examination called the Matric Exam and passed will enough to go to the university.

Chapter 2 (v.5) - Headmistress of Butterworth High School and Johnson's Matric Exam

Submitted: September 12, 2019

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Submitted: September 12, 2019



When Miranda broke up with me, it wasn't as severe as miss Miranda's but it was still heart breaking.
Considering the fact that Miranda was all over me, I never for once suspected she was capable of doing such a thing. I felt ashamed of myself .Instead of doing serious studies, I was here nursing an emotional pain inflicted on me by a lady.
Mr.Lethabo , my father did not failed to notice my melancholic mood. Now tell me, "what is actually wrong with you, who is making you sad this time?"
I could see anger on his face." I suppose it's love issue again. Right?"
My face twitched involuntarily. 
"Now listen to me carefully, "he ordered, with serious expression registered on his face."You were sent to school, not for the going sake or to occupy vacancy, but to help you achieve your future dream "
He continued, "Dating and romantic adven
tures will cost you more harm than good at your age.You are now 17 years and you have your whole life ahead of you .Focus on your studies now. After your studies, you can consider other things. Now, I'm asking you again, what is bothering you? "
I was quiet for some moments before saying , "Our maths teacher is not really preparing us well for the matric exam." I tried to cover up my main reason for been sad, though the reason I gave to my father was not really out of place."
Really? "He asked,a bit concern. "Can you explain further? 
"Yes, I mean he is not dedicated and as hard working as ....."
"Miss Tamarinda? "My dad interjected.
"Exactly" dad, I responded.
"That's quite serious. Something must be done about this issue.Have you made a formal complaint to the headmistress ,suggesting he should be replaced?"
"Yes, we did," I lied. The school prefect did it after consulting all the matric classes. 
"Okay, there is hope then. Let's see how it goes. In case you have forgotten you need to pass your matric exam(Senior Certificate Exam) with an achievement rating of 3 (Moderate Achievement, 40% - 49%) or better in four (4) designated subjects) in the Senior Certificate .
 If you meet that requirement, you will receive a Matriculation Endorsement /Bachelor's Pass on your certificates which is the legal minimum requirement for admission to a bachelor's degree at any South African university," he Continued."Son, pass well and I will ensure you go to one of the best Universities in South Africa,or either UK or USA. 
I was quite surprised my father knew about all this school requirements. He talked like an educationist. What he said was true, I must learn hard to pass the "Senior Certificate Examination" so that I can get the National Senior Certificate with endorsement to enable me get admission into the university.
The only subject I was quite skeptical of passing was mathematics. If my fate in mathe
matics was to change, then Mr. Naidoo Mark must surely be replaced. 
~Third Person POV~
The Headmistress of Butterworth High School had an administrative style different from that of Mr.Mandibe Peterson. She was principled and strict .She was one woman who lived by the book.
She reconstituted the School's Disciplinary Committee , with some of the old members of the committee still members of the new one but the one in charge of the committee been changed to a lady.
Miranda's suspicious relationship with Mr.Naidoo Mark, soon caught the attention of the administration. They were seen at odd places at odd times occasionally.  Miranda was even seen with the said teacher in Town, drinking and laughing. 
Soon Mrs. Yanela Nqebe Philomena took action. and summoned Mr.Naidoo  before the disciplinary committee . "I welcome all of you to this meeting to reach a consensus on what to do in the case involving Mr.Naidoo Mark and Miranda Makehle, "Mrs.Shazelle Julie, the chairperson of the newly constituted commit
tee begun. The Committee asked questions here and there and correlated the answers to their own findings in order to establish the fact. 
Chairperson: Mr. Naidoo , do you realise that students see their teachers as their role models?
Mr. Naidoo: Yes
Chairperson: If so,why did you compromise this by getting so close to Miranda?
Mr.Naidoo :I think the appropriate question should be , why did Miranda get so close to me.By asking why I got so close to her, you are insinuating that I took the initiative which is not true. 
Chairperson : Alright. Why did your female student Miranda get so close to you? 
Mr.Naidoo : Well. She needed some help and I was the one she came to.It started when she kept bringing some past questions to me to solve for her. Then one day she told me she loved me. I didn't utter a word but after that love expression , she changed her atttitude towars me. She saw me more as her friend than a teacher. 
A Committee Member: Mr.Naidoo, at that point did you realise she was crushing on you. 
Naidoo: No. I thought it's mere admiration.
Another Committee member:Don't you think it will have been wiser to take appropriate actions to limit your association with her by then?
Mr.Naidoo:Yes, that was what I should have done .
Chairperson :But you haven't done it. Why?
Mr.Naidoo : I don't want to hurt her feeling.
Chairperson :What! So you will rather do things to please her even though you knew it was against school rules and regulations and jeopardise your work and status? 
Mr.Naidoo was quiet. 
Chairperson :In the light of pleasing her, you bought her gifts, provisions and even took her out to a restaurant.Mr.Naidoo , don't you think you have gone far in this case?
Mr.Naidoo:To a large extent , I have gone far more than I should.
Chairperson: I am very much impressed with your honesty. I am also happy you have not lowered your self esteem too much and slept with her. It would been been a pity. 
Mr Naidoo : Personally,I don't think sleeping with the one you teach is expedient. 
Chairperson;but you believe dating them is expedient. 
Mr.Naidoo: it's a choice of words. I am simply close to Miranda. It's not a date per se.
Chairperson: You don't even know how to call it,huh. 
The meeting was adjoined for two days and later they a decision was made that Mr.Naidoo mark should be transferred to another School. 
Miranda was penalised for dating her teacher and behaving in a way that compromised Mr. Naidoo's Professional work in the school. 
~Johnson's POV~
After Miranda was suspended , one of her friends told some of my colleagues that she deliberately dated Mr. Naidoo Mark to get back at me, to make me angry because she knew I didn't like Mr. Naidoo. Well, her plans backfired and she got herself suspended and Mr. Naidoo transferred from Butterworth High School to a remote village school.Serve get right. !!!
I clearly remembered the letter Miranda wrote to me when we had the misunderstanding. 
Hi Boy,
Stay away from me if you want to complete the school because this time , you won't be suspended but dismissed. 
I have seen that you don't love me so I decided to leave your life. Go and look for miss Tamarinda. I have found a new lover now, Mr. Naidoo , the maths teacher you hate so much. 
I was much interested in the first line of the letter.
"Stay away from me if you want to complete the school because this time , you won't be suspended but dismissed"
It was rather ironical she ended up experiencing the same suspension she was using to tease me .The saying that before you revenge, dig two graves was indeed true. 
I was very elated when Mr. Naidoo was involuntarily transferred from our School to another place. At least the next teacher may be better. Two days after he's gone, another Maths teacher was assigned to us. She is called Sarah Grätz. 
Miss Grätz made the memories of miss Tamarinda came back to my mind.They both share similar characteristics in terms of physique , attitude and professionalism.
Sarah was a beautiful fair lady.Her thick , curly black hair gracefully bounce on her head in waves and "flowed down " her shoulder like streams of rivers. She had a diamond -shaped face, with sweepy eyelashes, with very smooth oiled skin and high cheek bones. Her arched chestnut black eyebrows highlight her emotions. Sarah's large deep eyes sparkled , like diamonds in the sky, perhaps more like the night stars dotting the sky at night.
Her nose was unusually long,like that of the french, in contrast with her rather small mouth, outlined by creamy lips and well decorated with pink lipstick. When she spoke, her mouth reveal a set of impeccable set of well arranged white sparkling teeth which reflected the array of lights that reveal it's secret. The golden earrings she wore adorned her beautiful ears.
 She had a well sculpted figure which looked like the handiwork of a master designer.
Sarah's waist was tapered and reveal a slim stature at the top, which contrasted the huge curvy outline betraying the size of her breast, a size been confirmed by her bootylicious back.
 Her flowing black- like black hair draped down to meet her comely figure and curva
ceous back which often saw many male's eyes rotating anticlockwise, to catch a glimpse of its sheer beauty and perhaps thank God for taking his time to design this master piece icon of beauty. It was not difficult to notice Sarah's thick legs which had the duty of transporting her beautiful body every day, a duty , every man would feel privileged to do.
Miss Grätz Sarah was not only a wonderful piece of beauty but she was also intelligent and teach with tact, illustrations , Humour and well crafted stories. There was however one thing miss Tamarinda had that she didn't have - Charisma. 
Miss Grätz was not so easy to approach as Miss Tamarinda but in all, she tried as much as possible to help students to the best of her ability. Permit me to be bias here but if you want me to rate miss Tamarinda Amahle and Miss Grätz Sarah on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 been the least rate and 10, been the highest rate .This is how the rating will go.
Beauty: Miss Tamarinda- 7.5, Miss Grätz -7.4, intelligent level :Miss Tamarinda 8.5, Miss Grätz-8.3
Dressing Sense :Miss Tamarinda :8, Miss Grätz :8
Relating with students :Miss Tamarinda :9 , Miss Grätz:7
In total Miss Tamarinda will score 33 out of 40 while Miss Grätz will score 30.7 out of 40.
( assessement from my perspective)
I was very surprised when Rosso told me Miranda wanted to see me in her house. "She said it was urgent," Rosso said .My heart skipped a bit .What will be so urgent that Miranda will be compelled to sum
mon me to her house ? The pace of my heartbeat increases.I hope it was not what I was afraid of. Without wasting time , I headed towards her residence. I hope her father was still at the hospital, attending to patients.
As I got closer to her Estate, I noticed the well laid out houses with their well painted walls and Iron massive gates.Even the smell was different from other environments , typical of most South African communities-a pile of dirt. The people in Miranda's community were better dressed and well fed. It's not surprising because it was one of the elitist's communities in Cape Town,a town which offers a panoramic view from above. 
As I approached Miranda's residence, I noted the well painted building decorated with potted plants and designed burglar proofing with walls which have been spiked to keep away intruders and thieves. I press the door bell and it was opened for me by the security.
 I was ushered through a large compound, surrounded by magnificent buildings that bared the mark of unique designs you only see in CNN, BBC or DW-TV News.
There was a large garden surrounding the building.A fresh cut lawn with beautiful plants and flowers and an overwhelming smell of mint, lent the place an unparalleled ambience. In summary, Miranda's Residence was Paradise on Earth. 
"You have to wait here while I call her for you," the security man said as he moved to the main door adjacent to where I sat, waiting for Miranda to be called.
~Miranda's POV~
Though I was angry at Johnson and decided to date Mr. Naidoo to get back at him, I knew from my heart that I still love him and will like to see him. I was so happy when my Security came to inform me a young man by name Johnson came to see me. I asked Depis, the security man to bring him into the sitting room.
Me:You are welcome , Johnson.
Johnson:Thank you, Rosso told me you want to see me.Why?
Me:Johnson, I want to apologize to you for the way  I behaved during the vac when I visited your house. 
Johnson: Ok. Apology  accepted. Can I go now?
Me: No. I need to  tell you something else....."
Johnson: Something like what! "
Me: I am pregnant for you. It's two months old.
Johnson : "What !"How?"
Me: How How?.Have you forgotten  our hot sex encounter in your  house?
Johnson remained silent for a very long time. I could see he was very afraid. Beads of sweet broke his skin and he was seriously palpita
ting. In fact, he was visibly shaking. 
Johnson: Do you realise that I will be dismiss from school if they get to know I impregnated you? My father would kill me with his bare hands.
Me: So what do you want me to do with it now. Ab... ......."
Johnson: Shut up! Shut up!!! Don't even mention that "A" word. I won't allow you to do it.I respect life. Miranda, you have to give birth to the child. I am not ready for it but I have to face it as a young man.I must take respon
sibility for my actions. But ......are you sure Mr. Naidoo never slept with you during those theatricals you did when we broke up?"
Me: No. He never did that. I was quite surprised myself because some of his colleagues were ..."
Johnson: -Well, maybe he is not as bad as I think. You don't have to bad-mouth any male teacher. Remember,they are MALES  before becoming teachers. In any case,are you not the ones who often put them in trouble by capitalising on their weak points as it happened in my house when you pay me a visit?
Me:hmmm. It's true. 
Johnson : I will talk to my dad about your preg
nancy and we will see what will happened next. 
I was so impressed with Johnson's show of maturity. He was just 17 years old now  and had proven to me he's matured. A lot of guys will easily opt out for abortion in cases like this but he stood by my side and said I should not even mention the word "abortion " to him. Is this truly the Johnson I knew? Wow. Surely,
maturity is not necessarily dependent on age. 
 I was 100% impressed with the way he reacted to the news. From that point on, I made up my mind that I will stick to him no matter what even if he was still in love with miss Tamarinda, which I was sure of.
Me:Johnson , I have one more request for you.
Johnson: which request is that? 
Me: my dad won't be coming home now,Please make love to me. I need you. I'm feeling.."
Johnson: You can't be serious. !!! Are you alright ?
He walked towards the door and opened it and was about to step out and I called him with a loud voice "Johnson, wait, I was just joking."
He stopped and asked , "Joking about what? "
The pregnancy, I am not pregnant. I just want to see how you will react if I tell you I was pregnant.
Johnson gazed at me in shock.He couldn't believe I could put him to that kind of test. Then he said, "You know what, Miranda, I don't know if I should trust you or not, you said this and then you said that, which one is which? I think you are just a stupid bad girl" He stormed out angrily. 
~Johnson's POV~
Miranda really gave me the fright of my life by her pregnancy prank but it had really thought me an important lesson. As a student, I must not put myself in a situation that could damage my future. If she were to be pregnant, I would have been dismissed from the school and I will have been so psychologically 
disturb to the point that writing my final exam will have been disastrous. I decided to focus on my studies from that point on.
With the help of Madam Sarah, I overcame my difficulties in maths once again and regain my likeness for it. I became more serious with my studies, blocking all campus romantic activities,and investing more time in my studies. 
Soon , the matric Exam approached and every one became more studious. I would stay deep in the night revising my notes, doing additional researches, devising memory cues, reading books on how to pass your exam.
Though the first paper, science was quite difficult, I was adequately prepared for it and I surmounted it.Surprisingly, the easiest exam paper was mathematics, at least to me,thanks to miss Tamarinda  and miss Sarah Grätz.
~Six months later~
The results were released and as expected,I passed my senior Certificate Exam with distinction and received a Senior Certificate with endorsement to enable me gain admission into any South African University or as my dad said, perhaps,an oversea university.,possibly UK or U.S.A. 

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