Chapter 3: University life

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~ University Life~
**Johnson's POV**
I can't wait to go to the university. It was like time had stubbornly  refused to move faster as I expected. I imagined myself going for lectures,
studying voluminous,books ,making countless researches,attending student weekend parties,field trips and making presentationts. 
"Wow, university life will be fantastic," I said to myself. Then a voice said, "why don't you ask your sister, she was
 already in the university. I was amazed at myself. "How could I have forgotten my Sister,Kinat?"
Kinat  was actually my half sister. My father's first born. When my father's first wife died, he decided to remarry again.He then married my mother Yvonne and gave birth to me. Been the eldest, it was not surprising she went to university first.She was 20 years old and I was 17. She was in Level 300 at the University of the Free State,
offering B.Sc. Physiotherapy.
 I knocked at her door and waited until she asked me in.
Kinat: What's up?
Me:Cool...Sister, Please I need some information from you? 
Kinat:About what?
Me: University. Tell me what I need to know about university life  before I go. 
Kinat : University is a whole subject on its own but let me give you the essentials. After Applying for a university,you will wait until you receive an acceptance letter to a university.It is normal to be excited.In the first few weeks in the University, you will be a little bit confused as to university routines and protocols, even after the Orientation service offered to all freshers ,but you need not stress your
self over it. You will also be required
to undergo a medical examination.
After that,things normalise real quick....
Now about Academic work.
Me:Yea, that's the main information I need to hear. 
Kinat: You may have been the top of the class in Butterworth High school, matriculated with high scores and prizes, but now that you are at university, you become one of thousands of brilliant students.
The competition grows keener. What this means is that you now have a chance to continue to prove yourself, by going to lectures, engaging in fruitful conversation and chilling out a little bit too.Do you get my point?
Me:Yes, Sister Kinat.
Kinat:Good !  University presents a unique opportunity for you to meet people who may be far removed from your comfort zone. By learning to interact with people who are completely different from you, or who have different (or similar) views to you; you are able to grow and learn. Do not miss out on these opportunities by shrinking away from people who may scare you. Instead, keep positive through the challenges. At university, everyone is new and everyone is in the same boat.
Me:So you mean I will have to learn from people of different races and relate with them as if we are brothers despite their physical appearance,race and culture ?
Kinat: Exactly! You don't need to discriminate or build a wall around yourself.
Me :That's a tough one. 
Kinat :Well. It's not as tough as you think. You must also remember that in the University,You’re on Your Own.You now have a chance to choose when to wake up, whether to make your bed or not and what to spend your money on.
Me :That's cool
Kinat: Yea,but it can lead to abuse. When you are not under any kind of control,you do what ever you want and forget your books. 
Me:Hmm.It's true.
Kinat : My next point is the most important of all. Learn Hard.This seems obvious, but recent statistics suggest that only 21% of South African students graduate.As I hinted early on, You will meet a lot of brilliant students in the university. The only way to make your mark is to work extra hard. 
Though, having fun is an essential part of University life, you are primarily there to get a qualification. Don’t waste that opportunity! Try to complete your assignments on time and to study for exams as far in advance as possible.Come graduation, you’ll realise that all that time studying was well worth it.
Me: That sounded like a lot of sacrifice and commitment to studies. 
Kinat : What were you expecting.Do you think it's a paradise? 
Kinat :Don't worry.University has a fun aspect too.University  will be boring if you simply spent all your time studying? Go out and have fun. There are so many options to suit every taste and preference. Make friends with people who share the same interests as you and those who don’t.
 There is no harm in trying out new things. This, of course, does not mean that you should partake in things you are not comfortable with. Not much of a social drinker? Get yourself Malta Guinness and enjoy the night anyway. Please don't jeopardise your health.
You Need to be healthy to learn.
Since university is a human institution, 
emotional issues are bound to arise. The Universities offer places where you can deal with emotional issues. There is no shame in reaching out for help, in instances of depression,
or grief. University can be mentally and emotionally challenging, this is why these places exist.
Me: I am beginning to picture university life. I think it will be a life changing institution. Isn't it?
Kinat :Of course, that's why it's a Universal City. You get that.I want to go get my bath so let me give you the last piece of information.
 When you go to the university, don’t Forget your family.With all the fun you’re having at University, it can be easy to get a little caught up in the glamour.Try to remember to call home once in a while and make sure that we know how you are doing. Especially if you are not doing well ; make that call, SMS or Skype date. Keep your loved ones up to date. It's very important. 
Bro, the lectures is over.
Me:Thank you sis.I really learnt a lot from you.
Kinat :You are welcome. 
The following week was the most Exciting week of my life. I want to wind away my boredom so I decided to play my favourite computer game of football called DREAM LEAGUE on my IPad. Been a fan of Barcelona, I chose la Liga league, then selected  ' FC Barcelona.'
Anytime I played this game, I was always defeated either by 3-0,5-0, or sometimes even 7-0. My best score ever was 1-0.
I decided to play against Real Madrid , because it'sthe toughest Contender of FC Barcelona. The El classico began and the ball went back and forth with my hands on the Control buttons,changing here and there from Shot button to chip to long pass to tackle to defend.I seemed to have gathered a lot of experience in the game and by half time , it was a draw game. 
The game resume as usual. Within five minutes,Lukà Modric, Real Madrid's central midfielder made a sweeping pass to Benzene who dribbled Gérard Piqué and scored a wonderful goal.
I stepped up the game and moved the players more tactfullyputting Real Madrid's defense under real pressure with their goal keeper, Thebault Courtois, making a lot of superb saves. Five minutes to time, Busquet(Barça) made a miraculous central pass to Luis Suarez who quickly passed to Lionel Messi at the far Right Wing.
Messi dribbled the two defenders Sergio Ramos and Marcelo and scored a terrific goal!!! The goal was magical. 
About a minute to time,Bale nearly scored but missed the goalpost by half an inch.The score remained 1-1 after end of official time.
We began extra time and it became a midfield battle! Two minute to end of Extra time , Ter stegen of Barça also made a miraculous save diverting Benzema's shot into acorner.
The corner was played but was intercepted by Piqué who chipped the ball back in and Real Madrid was caught on the counter -attack. Messi run like a supersonic car, dribbled four players through the mid -field before been clipped down by Sergio Ramos just at the edge of the penalty box.It was a foul and Ramos was yellow carded.
Free -kick.I decided to use Luiz Suarez to take the free kick but later changed it to Messi. 
Messi took the Free kick.The ball rose beautifully in the air, flew on top of the wall and edged pass Courtois who dived to the left to intercept the ball. He couldn't. It was a GOAL!!!.
The scoreline was now was 2-1 against Real Madrid. I was very excited. The ball was put at the central spot and kick started but it was time.For the first time , I beat Real Madrid. I run with excitement round
the room.
Suddenly,a message popped up on the notification panel of my ipad.
It was an email." Another annoying email from a  website I have subs
cribed to,"I thought. 
Nevertheless, I decided to check it out. It was an acceptance letter from University of London with a scholar
ship attached to it.
I shouted with so much power and joy that my parents were startled. Daddy, Daddy!!! I was given a scholarship and acceptances letter to study Banking and Financing in University of London.
It took my parents a few minutes before my message sunk in their minds. The whole house erupted into merry making and  joy. My father congratulated me for a good work done. 
Two days before I departed from my homeland to London , my father gave me a fatherly advise, "There are three important things I want to tell you. Focus on your studies and pass your exams with distinction because the only possession you can boast of now is your brain.They are your greatest assets.If you use them well, the world will chase you for your rich and expensive ideas. This way , your knowledge and ideas will buy you the world. Won't you be happy with that?"Yes father," I responded.
"Now the second issue is even more important than the first___"
I wonder what could be more important than my studies in London.
"____it's about Ladies."
My face twitched. Now, I knew what my father is getting at.
"_____if you want to succeed in your studies in London, you need to limit your association with the ladies. Love and education doesn't move hand in hand.One will have to take a bigger space in your life. Do not chase ladies, they will slowly lead you to a wilderness of deceit and leave you stranded , with broken emotion and shattered dreams.
My third concern is about bad associa
tions and Night clubbing. It's good to entertain yourself. Afterall, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.
My son, do not be swallowed up in the pleasures of campus entertain
ment. They are like a mirage.The closer you get to them, the further you see it in front of you. Avoid bad friends.
Britain  is not your country, don't follow the ways of the London boys and get yourself into problem with the autho
rities.Blacks are often noted for their notoriety and crime there.Don't be one of them. You may be deported and bring shame to yourself and your families.
If you pay heed to my advises, your stay in London will be peaceful. You will win the admiration of your white lecturers. Prove that you are an African with a difference in terms of intel
ligence, behaviour and general outlook. 
After my father's advise,a grandiose -sent -off party  was organised for me.Family members were invited, including friends. It was grandiose. 
~7.00 the next day at King Shaka International airport ~
My parents saw me off at the airport. I checked in at Emirates, my passport wwasas checked and stamped,a boar
ding pass was given to me, I passed through Immigration and customs. I waved my parents a final goodbye and hugged my sister. We broke into tears at the thought of been separated by a vast distance for many months.
Finally, I boarded the plane and found my seat. It was a window seat over the wing. I sat for five minutes as the rest of the flight boarded. Soon, we were airborne; a ten hour Journey across the vast lands and seas to a foreign land to  study in London.Ten hours later, the plane landed at Newcastle International Airport. I passed through a rather long and rigorous immigration before I finally entered the city.
~In Britain~
London is a beautiful city. It had awe
-inspiring physical features like the river Thames, cutting across southern England. The city was also unique in terms of architecture with notable building like :
falgar square, Soho, Covent Garden,  Sherlock Holmes Museum______
The people were lovely but skeptical of strangers like me.
~Level 100~
After undergoing medical examination
and orientation programme.I settled down for studies.I made a promise to remain disciplined and focus .I kept to my promise and most often than not, it was always about the book, research, library and all that stuff. As my sister rightly said, "university offers maxi
mum,freedom to students. You decide when and how to do things."
I remembered Socrates' Quote ........"
to find yourself, think for yourself"
and Victor Emil Frank who said
"between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.In our response lies our growth and freedom.
These Quotes became my learning principles and I decided to make effective use of my freedom."
~Level 200~
I maintained my focus and studied hard. Soon, I became famous for my extraordinary academic performances.
Contrary to popular belief, my white course mates did not discriminate against me due to my black skin colour.
I suffered no racial discrimination in University of London. In fact , my white lecturers praised me for showing extra -ordinary intelligence.Professor Harry could be heard saying, "Johnson, keep it up.That was an exceptional performance.You are a genius "
~level 300~
I just finished celebrating my 20th birthday. I met George at my birthday Party and we became friends. He is a London boy.He looked pale creamy pink, had blonde wavy hair,tall and a bit over weight and almost  devoid of bodily hair completely. I was amazed with his Blue eyes and free - going nature. The more I associated with
him, the less I read my books.
 Soon he introduced me to night clubbing in London. One weekend, I went night clubbing with him.  As usual, the party was announced, together with the venue , time and attire. If you are the club boy or girl, you will know the kind of attire girls and boys wore to those night clubs especially the ones you dance till day break or you drop.
This parties are usually associted with deviant lifestyle aimed to reinforce adolescent right for freedom.It's usually the skimpy type of dresses that arouses sexual feelings -mini skirt, skinny, Topless blouse, armless blouse, faded jeans and bad  habits like smoking,drinking , wooing ladies and having a one night stand 
~At the party~
The party had begun.The place was flooded with youths aged between 18 and 23. As usual , the provocative dresses started manifesting.The dance floor was flooded with humans.
-hundreds of unrestricted university students who are ready to party away their life after a week of academic work. Disco light, laser beams and laughter filled the airless club.
Everyone was having a good time, not considering the fact that they were paced in the club like sardines.
The music was so loud and my skin tingled. The loud beat pulsated throughout my body and the bass thumped in time with my heartbeat as if they were one, filling me from head to toe with tons of heavy hip hop music. There was laughter and constant shouting. The song got louder and louder as the night became deeper as the DJ mixed the music on the turntables.
The DJ was very skillful.He knew how to step up the excitement and the tempo.Smokers smoked, drinkers drank, Players wooed ladies who dressed for hook-ups.
Half naked bodies of young men and women dancing as if they were possessed.Most guys were shirt
less.They eyed the sexy girls who walked around in topless blouse and tight dance pants or mini-skirts.
 Then I saw a beautiful women entered the discotheque. My eyes followed her and she sat down by a table alone. From experience , I knew if ladies Come to parties alone, they are search
ing for a man to hook up with or they are lesbians. This one doesn't look like a lesbian. I stood up from my table and approached her.
Me: Hei beauty:
Lady:(without looking into my face) Hi Jason.
I was so surprise she knew my name. Was I so popular?
Me:How did you know my name? 
Lady:Every girl know your name. You are famous on campus 
I was elated to hear that .At least my academic prowess was not a secret. 
Me:Wow.I am happy to hear that.
Lady:(Ignoring my remark)By the way, I am Jasmine.
Me:As you said, I'm already a celebrity on campus so I need no introduction. 
Jasmine :No, You don't 
I could sense some sarcasm in her words but choose to ignore it. 
There was something about Jasmine that made her look strange but gorgeous. The word "beautiful" could not fully describe her. She was simply unique, Having the kind of beauty usually associated with Indian ladies.
 I gazed into her romantic eyes.They shone like the eyes of doves, with fine smooth eye brows and sweeping eye lashes. Her hair was natural but long like that of the mermaids. Her skin was smooth , fair and spotless, as if she had never crawl before .
Her mouth was full and chiseled to the right proportion, and her lips were interlaced with pink lip sticks, been enhanced by her long french -like nose. As she smile, her perfect white teeth were revealed, glimmering in the disco light. 
She had a bootylicious shape. As she stood to talk to the waiter , I couldn't help but gasp at this wonderful gift of beauty. Her breast and buttocks bounce up and down in a kind of Synchronised Rhythm as she walked gracefully like a queen. "Sorry for keeping you waiting,"she said, breaking into my hallucinations and taking me out of it.
Hooking this girl will surely be expen
sive.This rare species of girls are
reserve for MPs, Ministers, Lecturers, and other people in the upper middle income bracket. Throwing that thought away, I decided to try my luck.
Me:Can we hook up after the drink.?
Jasmine :Emmmm. ...I am not sure 
Me:Why ?
Jasmine:I am not that type of girl
Me:Which type of girl are you , then?
Jasmine :The one that can give you nightmares?
Me:Jasmine,I won't leave here without you. I am so much in love with you. ?
Jasmine:I have  a boyfriend. He will soon be here.
Me:I don't believe you. 
Jasmine:Well,that's your problem. 
Me: I'm not taking you from him. Just to have a little drink and dance. That's all.
Jasmine:That's all.You don't want to go down there?
Me: if you let me...
She waited for her boyfriend for 30 minutes but he didn't turned up.
Jasmine: I don't if Kennedy (her boyfriend's name)will come. Let's dance a little...
Me:That's Okay by me.
Jasmine:(Laughing loudly) Really?
Me:Yea . Really?
"Wow, wow, wow, that's more like it,"George praised me as I danced with Jasmine. No one could see the dance floor.There was no room for anyone but when I and Jasmine hit it, space was magically created. We started dancing our hearts out immediately we found space on the dance floor.
From time to time,the DJ switched the music from 50 Cents to Sean Paul to DJ Khaled to Jay-z, Eminem, Kendrick, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Jeezy, wiz Khalifa, the Notorious B.I.G. and T.I. 
We danced, jive, twist and jumped to the rhythm
My favourite was 50 cent's  Lyrics;
I don't know what you heard about me
But a bitch can't get a dollar out of me
No Cadillac, no perms, you can't see 
That I am a mother.........P.I.M.P
The Ladies hadgone  wild,some popping their breasts In the dim kalei
doscopic lights , the outline of males and females could be marked out in the corners of the Discotheque very close together - mating. From time to time , Quarrel broke up when some
body's girl friend is stolen.
After the dance, it became obvious that Jasmine and I shared a mutual feeling_The pleasures of the flesh.We entered a small dim room within the club premise.She held me and Kissed me sensually.
 I responded. Soon I found myself eating her cherries from her private garden been watered by her juice.I moved up and down on her amidst her low loud moans which was muffled by the loud heavy metallic Music. We enjoyed the ecstatic moment.
Everything was going well until the door flung open and her boyfriend came in.Before I could utter a word, the guy attacked me, his balled fist collided with my cheekbone, flaying my neck backward like a pawpaw tree caught suddenly in the wind. 
I hit the ground with a thud and black out. When I finally regain conscious
ness, I saw bruises on my face.I managed to stand up on my feet and found my way out of the club, just in time to hear the blare of the police siren.
When I returned home , I bathed and nursed my wounds .I picked a book I hardly touched since I came to London to get an information. It was a thesau
rus.Then a picture dropped from it.I picked the picture and gazed at it. It was Miss Tamarinda and me.We took that picture on the day Butterworth High School won the Inter-school Sports competition. 
It suddenly brought back all the memo
ries of miss Tamarinda that I have tried hard to put in the dustbin of
History. "Gosh!Where is she now? Had she forgiven me?
After that encounter at the night club, I made a resolution to unfriend George and remained focus on my studies. That was why I was in London, in the first place. I couldn't afford to disgrace my family back home.
~Level 400~
When I reached Level 400, two of our lecturers left the university to pursue other interests. My accounting lecturer and my Maths lecturer. Within a week, the accounting lecturer was replaced but the replacement of the Maths lec
turer  took quite longer.
 Our Dean notified us of the coming of a new maths lecturer. He gave us a little profile of the new lecturer." She was a South African but had finished her Doctorate Degree and taught in University of Greenwich for the past two years.She had received London's most prestigious teachers' awards for her extraordinary skills in teaching.She was regarded as a mathemagician."
We were all in high expectations to meet this high profile London base South African Lecturer. The date had arrived for us to meet her. Then she entered the vast lecture hall with all modesty .She carried the wind of charisma around her and she smiled as we welcome her, spontaneously winning the admiration of the male students. 
My heart jumped into my mouth when I realisation dawned on me as to who she was.The events that made up his four years in Butterworth High school battled for space, in their efforts to find out where the charismatic figure standing in front of him fitted in.
Who do you think Johnson has seen? 
What will happened next? 

Submitted: September 17, 2019

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