Chapter 3: (v.2) Re-Encounter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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~?Johnson's POV 
When I saw my Tamarinda entered the lecture hall in all her flamboyance yet meek manner, My heart jumped to my throat and tied a knot there. My feet and hands began to quake rapidly and my brain had suddenly gone into hibernation.
"Where did miss Tamarinda emerged from?"
She gave us the projected Course outline for Mathematics.After that she began to deliver a speech in her usual glamorous and sweet voice,
"Hello Undergrads,The Dean of Maths Department made me aware that he had already told you about my profile. Well I believed in  professionalism so regardless of what he had told you about me ,I still want to make it official by telling you who I really am.
 My Name is Tamarinda Amahle from South Africa and born in Johan
nesburg,to be Precise. I will be your mathematics teacher. I want to talk to you about Imaginative Thinking , Mathematics and invention. One of my favourite  Quotes is that of
J.K Rowlings  who said,
"We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better."
"There is no single invention in the world today that just happened without an imagined thought from the brain. When the Wright brothers thought about making a plane in 1902,a lot of people were sceptical about it.Some may even laughed at them. Today,we have planes,thanks to their imagination.
 What about going to the moon?I believed the same doubts existed. Today,men had conquered the moon. You may be wondering what all these things have to do with mathematics.
............ "
Though I missed miss Tamarinda  so much, I didn't expect to see her anytime soon,more or less in Univer
sity of London. It had never even crossed my mind.No.Not for a second. Somehow, it seemed to me I was dreaming. Yes. This must surely be a dream. I reached out and touched one of my colleagues, Pierre, from France to see if this strange occurrence was actually in a dreamworld or reality. He turned round and look at me with questioning eyes.
My heart continued to quaver and goose pimples sprang on my skin, making my skin look rough like an alligator's skin. I hide myself at the back and behind my colleagues so that she would not see me as she delivered her  impactful as she continued with her inspirational speech.
".........Mathematics is the science  of deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Math is all around us, in everything we do. It is the building block for everything in our daily lives, including mobile devices, architecture (ancient and modern), art, money, engineering, and even sports....."
To me , this felt like the first encounter I have had with miss Tamarinda four years ago at Butterworth High School except that this time around , we were in London and a little bit older.
".....Since the beginning of recorded history, mathematic discovery has been at the forefront of every civilized society, and in use in even the most primitive of cultures. The needs of math arose based on the wants of society. The more complex a society, the more complex the mathematical needs. Primitive tribes needed little more than the ability to count, but also relied on math to calculate the position of the sun and the physics of hunting.
Let me tell you some mathemati
cians who are inventors. 
In the first place,Archimedes was a mathematician and inventor from ancient Greece. William Playfair was an inventor of graph.James Maxwell was the inventor of the first Colour Photo grapher,Charles Babbage was the first mechanical computing device,Ada Lovelace considered by some to be the world's first computerprogrammer,
German Gottfried Leibniz was an avid inventor of mechanical calculators.
I hope by now you realise the link between mathematics and science. The truth Is,you cannot invent anything without applying mathematical principles. ......"
George was looking at me with cold faces. He realised I was trying to dodge Miss Tamarinda. He had never forgiven me for limiting my associa
tion with him after I was almost bea
ten to pulp at the Discotheque two days ago. 
"....As for My national award , hmm, I was very happy when I received it. It made me realised that hard work really pays especially when people around you are appreciative of it."I must admit been a black teacher in a foreign country and getting recognition is no child play because there are a mountainful of equally qualified Maths teachers with exceptional talents....."
"...when people around you are appreciative of it".
I didn't value her indefatigable efforts in teaching me mathematics. If I did,I wouldn't have back stabbed him.
."...and it was through the special favour of God Almighty that I am here today........"
At this point,I became very uneasy in the lecture hall.My guilty conscience kept disturbing me.I felt like leaving the class but that would be rude. How could a teacher I framed up to be sacked will now be teaching me Mathe
matics again in the same university in no other level than level 400. She will surely fail me.It's a done deal. 
Destiny seemed to connect miss Tamarinda and I and our paths have crossed again. God, why? Upon all the numerous universities in the world,why should she come to University of London to teach me again? I don't want to be attracted again.She had become more beautiful, an evidence of good living.
Then George looked at me again and a smile curled up his cheeks. I have a premonition he's up to some games .
Suddenly, George raised his hands up and said, "Madam, cutting through miss Tamarinda's speech...."there is a young man here who is trying to hide from you ever since you entered the classroom. His name is Johnson Pillay"
I felt as if my breath had stopped suddenly and my feet was rooted to the spot.The whole class turned and looked towards my direction and miss Tamarinda too gazed at me from a distance, with shock, clearly appearing on her face.
Suddenly, her smiles had disappeared and not even a small trace of smile could be found there .It was one cold face now.Luckily,her cold facial expression was temporary.The smiles returned again.
Miss Tamarinda's Point of View
I was giving an introductory speech when a white boy drew my attention to a black guy saying he's trying to hide his face from me.Why will someone be hiding his face from me on a first encounter. Curiosity made me looked in that direction and then I saw no other person than Johnson Pillay. My face twitched , betraying my shock. Of all the students in this world , the least person I thought of encountering again is Johnson especially in London.
 I fought between been cold towards him and be friendly towards him and decided that hatred was for the weak. It was much easier to hate someone who hurt you than love him. My mind quickly flashed back to some snippet of the Butterworth Disciplinary Committee Hearing; 
~Snippets of flashback~
Chairman:".......Colleagues, we are here today to arbitrate a case of teacher - student romantic relationship between Miss Tamarinda Amahle and Johnson Pillay...........For the records, miss Tamarinda, Do you know the teenage boy over there...? "
Me:Yes.... "Yes,my relationship with him was strictly academic .Any other thing I did was to prepare a conductive atmosphere for him to freely share his problems with me......."Because he had dyscalculia."....
Chairman:........What is the relationship between you and miss Tamarinda?".....
Johnson :......... "Miss Tamarinda is my GIRLFRIEND!"
"....,miss Tamarinda told me she loved me.She said I was a nice boy and she even hugged me so tightly in her office that had it not been for the timely intervention of the head master, She wouldn't have disengage herself from me.....That was not all.
.....Miss Tamarinda invited me to her house and when I went there , she was wearing a mini skirt, and a transparent bra,..... ......." In fact she was dressed provocatively. She asked me to enter the room.Since she was my teacher and a well behaved one, I never expected her to touch me seductively.
........She touched my private parts and even told me my handsomeness usually caused her to loose concentration in my class while teaching. I became assertive and forced myself out of her grip. She grabbed me unrelentedly and said, "whether you like it or not, we will make love today".....
........"At that moment, I realised my life was in danger because I couldn't think of such an incomprehensible act - been in bed with my.... teacher. I gathered every bit of strength left in me and break free from her tight grip,forced open her door and hurriedly run away as if I was chased by a female ravenous wolf. It was when I wanted to negotiate a curve along that lane that I saw my headmaster, who asked me to see him in school the next day.."...
Headmaster:...... I am sorry to say that most of the things said by Johnson cannot be verifiable but I saw miss Tamarinda hugging him in her office and advised her against that behaviour.I also come across Johnson Pillay when he was returning from her house. What I can't be sure of was what transpired between the two of them in her house. ...
The chairman : " Do you accept or deny these allegations?
"Me :"I deny this allegations to a large extent....." it is true I hugged Johnson, it is true I told him he's a nice boy and I care for him but this was in reaction to him breaking down in my office crying when I told him I can't date him.I just wanted to reassure him that the fact that I rejected his proposal does not mean I don't care about him...."
....Now to the untruth, I never invited him to my house. He came to beg for forgiveness.I had not invited him to come inside my room let alone trying to seduce him to bonk me on my own bed. Am I mad to do that or was I on tramadol? 
.....If I do that, how will I stand in front of him and his classmates and still teach,knowing I had a Lover in that classroom.The rest of his claims are simply mere falsification."...
.... "Look, these are the love letters he had written to me and I have not responded to even a single one.
Cindy:"Johnson, are you the one who wrote all these love letters?"
Johnson:....., "No, Madam, I am not the one who wrote the letters.This might have been a set up by miss Tamarinda to vindicate herself and made me the bad boy here.
Headmaster :....Tamarinda , let's assume these letters were written by Johnson Pillay,according to our school rules and regulations, which you made us aware you knew very well, you are supposed to bring all these letters to his form master for the appropriate actions to be taken against him.He must be taught that there is a difference between teachers and students.Miss Tamarinda, Did you made his class teacher aware of this?".....
Me:"No, Headmaster, I did not make his Class teacher aware of this.... because I don't think it was important at that .....
Chairman.....,"After several investigations and deliberations, the disciplinary committee of Butterworth High School had found You, Miss Tamarinda Amahle's action in direct contravention to Article 3, sub section 39 i and ii of the code of professional conduct for South Africa Education Service Commission.
Consequently, the school is dissatisfied with your misbehaviour and decided to suspend you for six months without salary. ..... "You are hereby advised to vacate the premises within the next twenty-four hours, clearing your desk off all your belongings.It is our hope that you will cooperate with us .
Thank you."
End of snippets of flashback
As the flashback came to my mind, it felt like the events just occurred a few seconds ago. I needed to address this issue properly to avoid a stale relation
ship between Johnson and I in this University. Without much hesitation, I said, Johnson, please see me in my Office after Lectures. It's for your own good. 
"Yes, Miss," Johnson answered.
I then decided to conclude my speech and prepare on how to sort things out.
"As students of Mathematics,you must realise that it's a privilege to belong to a highly prestigious groups of Mathematicians and take your studies of Maths and other subjects more seriously.
"I thank you all for listening to me and I crave your indulgence to co-operate with me as we embark on this wonderful journey of Mathe
matics. "
Narration from Johnsons POV
I was surprise George could expose me like that. I wished I  could hit his fat face with a blow but that will not be the wisest thing to do.Afterall,I unfrien
ded her.I turned to look at him,he was smiling. 
When miss Tamarinda asked me to see her after lectures, I felt my heart sinking and I begun to palpitate. The ground seemed to be giving way beneath my feet and the whole world seemed to be collapsing on me.My world was  coming to an end. I picked my Samsung Galaxy S9 and dialled a number.
**Narration from Kinat's Perspective*
~in South Africa~
It has been two years now since I finished University of free State.Now,I was working in the Physiotherapy Unit of Butterworth Hospital.My father was getting worried about Johnson. He hardly call nowadays. It may be the stress at School. At least a three minute call or Skype or even Snapchat will have been helpful. The last time Johnson called home was four months ago.Had he learnt the foreign lifestyle Now? 
"Johnson,we missed you so much"
I decided to give him a call when I finished work so that we could catch up on time like a  brother and a sister. 
~Three hours later~
I was amazed to see Johnson's missed call on my Phone. This is quite unusual of him.What is wrong? I was anxious and quickly dialled his Number. He picked up the call.
Me: Hi my London bro.
Johnson:Hi Sis.
Me:How's London 
Johnson:It's freakin' cool
Me:I missed your call
Johnson:Yea.You do. 
Me: I hope there is no problem 
Johnson: I wish I can say that 
Me:What is It?
Johnson:Guess who I met Today at lectures
Me:You know I'm not good at guessing. Ok. Give me a clue. 
Johnson:Alright. Someone I knew at Butterworth High School. 
Me:Your Girlfriend Miranda?
Me: huh,Miss Tamarinda 
Johnson:Exactly. I met her today. She had suddenly appear to teach Mathematics in University of london. 
Me: wow,How did that happened?
Johnson:I don't know. It's like a miracle. 
Me:Hmmm. Johnson,this is quite serious.What are you going to Do?
Johnson:I don't know.She asked me to see her after class. You are the eldest. Advise me. What should I do now?
Me:Apologize to her. Tell her you were just childish then and didn't really know what you were doing.
Johnson:That sounds like a good idea but I knew what I was doing. 
Me:So you want to tell her you knew exactly the implication of what you did?
Johnson:No,that will be thought
less .I want to show her I take responsibility for my actions without justifying it on Childishness. I was 16 then and not really a child. 
Me:That's a mature approach to the issue. I wish you luck.
Johnson:Thank you My regards to Dad and mum.
Me: Alright. They will hear. 
(Phones went dead)
I was happy talking to my brother once again. Afterall,He was the only brother I had for now until my parents decide otherwise. Honestly,I wished they make that decision real quick. I don't know what my dead was waiting for. 
I also liked Johnson's way of thinking. At 20 years ,he was truelly thinking like a young adult. He must truelly take responsibility  for his actions. 
Johnson's POV 
Talking to my sister had really lifted my sinking spirit and given me the courage I need to face miss Tamarinda in her office. I remembered the last time I met her in her office,I broke
down in tears when she reprimanded me for telling her I loved her. I hope this time around,I will not give way to emotions. I drew confidence from the following Quotes;
"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are"
E.E Cummings.
"Success is not Final,Failure is not Fatal ;It is the courage to continue that counts."
-Winston Churchill. 
It was Mark Twain who said"
courage is resistance to fear,mastery of fear,not the absence of fear.
Armed with all this INSPIRATIONAL Quotes,I mustered courage,enter the lectures Apartment,Check the name tags on the doors and there it was,
Gathering courage for the last time ,I knocked and waited for a few seconds. A sweet and melodious voice sounded from inside,"Please come in" At the sound of that voice,I knew the die is cast.

Submitted: September 18, 2019

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