Cosmic Knight Episode 34 Back on track

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Submitted: April 16, 2019

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Submitted: April 16, 2019



Hello guys. In the last episode there was a small flashback of Neo. And in this one we get back to the main storyline of Leo. So let's get started.

Leo along with the group entered the villa.

Leo: Listen, guys women are right so men have left. At the centre there is a kitchen. Cook together. And there are enough rooms for you all. No one will go upstairs and the back of the house. And to my little left there is living room. All can sit together there.

Shooter: That's fine but who will cook.

Leo: You all. I'll be here for a while only there is a recipe book. In the lower drawer of the right corner of kitchen. I need to go soon. You need to survive on the snacks on the top cupboard if you can't cook.

Justice: Man, where you have to go.

Leo: I can't tell you now but I'll be back. Leo exiting from the door.

Leo: Remember don't go upstairs, back of the house and don't open the door till I'm back. And don't live this place at any cost.

The location changed to the air base.

Max: Doc are you sure?

Leo appeared there.

Leo: Sure of what?

Doc aka person 1: Hello King.

Leo: I am Leo.

Doc: Oh Leo sorry.

Leo: That's fine. How is Neo.

Doc: Leo there us a bad news.

Leo: What the hell went wrong now?

Doc: Neo is alive but..

Leo: What but?

Doc: But he has lost his memory.

Max: King he was..

King: No explanation need. Doc how much time he will be physically fine.

Doc: A week or ten days.

King: Fine, Max.

Doc went to the other direction.

King: Max we will need to start the institute soon.

Mac: Yes sure King. Most of the work is completed. The training will began soon. Tomorrow they will be given there placements and then the training will start.

Victoria: Leo.

King: Yes Viki

Victoria: She is here and is coming for you.

King: Leo all yours.

Leo: King but..

Max: Leo I think you should run.

Leo: Nope, I think I should run very fast.

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