My Honorable Village Manifesto

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a time we must be evergreen making every village across India still greener and smarter for every common farmers dreams. :)

Submitted: April 17, 2019

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Submitted: April 17, 2019



When time flips in every Indian villages for perfection,

I conceive a cost-effective subsidised programme in our farmers budget,

These key inputs ask us where the use efficiency is managing the water-energy nexus without contaminations,

How the farmer cultivates, when the base resource is poor, will micro-irrigate the land with natural fertility?

Every time little focus of policymakers finds a question I like to expose,

Without adopting directly strengthening capacity-building sources the loss of farmers has no friends,

In my country there are millions of young people who considers this village as their home,

If they are trained how organically we can cultivate a small garden where they live now,

So that every organic waste recycled in the urban centres can be natural nutrition supplement without the rising chemical fertilizers dependence,

If solar green energy can be supplemented to solve the electricity crisis in these villages,

Can we not run school and hospitals for the economically vulnerable people expanding their reach beyond any financial feasibility?

Why not we have any institution of national importance that directly ask every farmer what they can do efficiently from their efforts?

Where these farm products will be sold in a time when India will be the global food market with its varieties,

Every monsoon failure will never be a burden for local farmers,

As they know what weather brings can be grown with an unlimited capacity to reduced groundwater exploitation,

Tomorrow when my nation will have a farmer budget in their national agenda,

Do we take care to promote every Indian villages with a brand ambassador who can solve every issue with an increasing awareness for the rest of the world?

How can these local farmers enjoy their evening listening to a beautiful song if we can make some efforts for their refreshments all for free?

Can we take every youth from this village to consider the accounts to nourish their home with a currency that will never drop in this market?

Why can we make efforts with a good justice system that can overcome the caste demurs?

Who will fund the efforts to run a healthy knowledge system that can serve as an awareness to contribute the traditional efforts scientifically?

How can we pay significance to prove successful where there is a transparency in what we do to serve our greatest assets of a nation?

Who has always demand less for the world must honour a talent award for every farmer in this global village to take pride in what they have done for our home?

If every revenue has a saving bank,

Why not banks come with a window where the localities are aware to lead the change we wanted as one nation?

Who will have a fund to meet uncertainties in every villager’s life as a surplus savings that grow with more points subsidies in a thanksgiving financial system?

Still I ask you to do we have more alternatives to solve this imminent crisis?

A village that makes the common man not wander into the cities for we have someone who knows our need will be grown in these fields as our revenue to help address a dream you must care,

I like every Indian state separately keep up the spirit to do something for this overstressed asset,

We must have a marketplace that will be the employment for an organic coexistence with nature in our flat world,

More we use renewed wastewater recycled from several negative externalities,

There must be best roadways nearby that can make the farmer sell their products through a single window auction marketplace,

Our geography will be a global tourist attraction where travellers will flock together for a vision in my simple dream,

For this baggage of change time will standout for this confrontation if we promise to act now,

I understand not the last test comes in the feet of every ingenious call,

Our heritage and one culture interconnects can help save water, energy and efforts;

If the gravity of this deepest change draws up future development plans,

Still under the rising mercury our farmers have never stopped reusing these limits in our reality,

They still take the journey on less irrigated land with a plough to reap a narrow harvest,

Unless what they produce serve some affordable returns for our one nations interest,

It is a collective action we must nourish for as farmers’ support for implementation to be effective,

Today this reform in India is socially and politically sensitive,

A future demands all the energy and water nexus demand need to be addressed now,

So much what is striking on the Living Earth,

Will be great hearts handwork will make their days smarter and give wellness to rebuild a shining village in our affordable national interests?

Let us draw up our future development plans for these adoptions for global applications.

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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