Big day for a young girl

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Submitted: April 17, 2019

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Submitted: April 17, 2019



In case you have missed it, Greta Thundberg is a 16-year-old girl from Sweden, who has given the face to the movement against climate change. And I say movement, because it has lead to millions of kids and teenagers along with adults, to protest against politicians not doing enough.

Yesterday, she spoke in front of the European Parliament. She adressed the European leaders how they should panic and get down to business. She used a great metaphore of a house that is on fire. That's a great way to talk about climate change, because it affects our globe, which is our house. She made an amazing point of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, and how that managed to bring the people in Paris but also everywhere in Europe and even world, together. Several hundred million euros have been raised to rebuild te cathedral, and that's the spirit European leaders should have. We need to build our house to be stronger, to prevent the fire from spreading too far.

I admire Thundberg's courage. She's only 16, yet she has no probelm giving a speech to the EU's Parliament. I would have never been able to do that two years ago when I was her age. Still couldn't. Not to say, she talks with passion in a foreign language, which is cute, because I've always found it funny when Swedes use English. Overall, she's such a great inspiration for many young people.

I feel for her panic as well. She talks about how she's not going to be able to something adults do, which is vote for the next set of MEPs in a month or so. She has no say in what happens in politics, as she can't tell her opinion in the way democracy does. It's not just about climate politics, but education and everything else that kids have to live with without having a say in it. She is right, and it's even more worrying that adults don't take action, because they don't have to live with the consequences. Most people sitting in parliaments around the world and making political decisions, won't be alive to witness when shit hits the fan. Yes, we can see climate change affecting some parts of the world now, but what's it going to be like in 50 years? That's going to be our life, our children's life. Most adults don't panic, because they don't have to. We do. We have to live with the consequences of adults' actions and all we can do now, is sit back and watch them ruin our future. That's how kids feel, and rightfully so.

Thundberg also talks about the Brexit and how it has unfortunately become the only topic in the EU these days. Obviously Brexit is something to worry about and honestly, it's a mess. However, the Parliament has had several emergency meeting about Brexit, but none about climate change. They should, because it's going to be huge. Brexit will affect everything, but it will pass. Economy will heal in time. Climate change is a different thing. As Thundberg said, we are in the middle of a 6th extinction wave. That's not going to just pass in a few years like an economic crisis would, it will affect the whole biosphere. We as humans are also responsible for other species in this world, and we've lost too many already.

So, like Thundberg asked, I'm asking you the same: vote for your kids and your grandkids. Vote for people who want to get shit done, not just talk about getting shit done. Remember that you're leaving this world to your kids and they shouldn't have to deal with your mistakes.

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