Chapter 1: Late Again

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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She was once again late and her neighbor had ended up driving her to school because of her father who wasn't yet back home.
"Thanks so much, Miss Carol... It's my first day of school and I've never heard the alarm clock!" She said as she rushed on the backseat of her neighbor's car with her school bag.
"It's ok Charlie, I was on my way out for my errands, so I don't mind. How come you're not taking the bus this year?" Charlie gulped as she fastened her seat belt.
"Oh, well... To make a short story out of a long one; my father didn't wanna pay for it this year, he said he'd drive me to school every morning, but yeah..." Charlie knew where her father was, he was probably somewhere, sleeping on a couch while he had passed out, pissed drunk again with some random strippers working at the Stripper club near the highway.
"I see... Do you mind me asking you something Charlie?" Charlie shook her head, not minding at all.
"I know it's not my business, but your father is known for being a huge drinker..." Charlie quickly interrupted Carol as she pointed out the obvious.
"Yes, he's an alcoholic, but he never laid a hand on me if that's what you're wondering... He's never really at home. He's working and goes out..."
"I'm sorry Charlie, I shouldn't have asked you this." Charlie didn't really care at this point what people thought of her father if we could call this man a father to being with. He was rarely at home and Charlie had learned from a young age to take care of herself. She had an older brother named Frank, but he was 19 years old and had left home 3 years ago, which had been a sort of relief for the young Charlie who was always witnessing both of them fighting.
"It's ok Carol, I don't mind..." During the remaining of the trip to school, Charlie kept thinking about her new year and was hoping that she'd have some of her friends in her classes. She was rather nervous when she began thinking about those girls who had bullied her last year. What if they were in her classes? She blinked her blue eyes rapidly as the car stopped in front of her school. She felt that enormous knot in her stomach, getting nauseous all of sudden as she grew anxious.
"Thanks again for the ride!!" Charlie grabbed her school bag and closed the rear door of Carol's car before running toward the school's main entrance.
"Crap!" She exclaimed as she entered the academic building and dropped down her bag to draw out her school schedule. She didn't remember where was located the classroom for the first class. She knew the first class in the morning was for meeting their homeroom teacher and the students as well. How great, she sarcastictly thought as she was running more than late at this point.
"Alright, Classroom 506..." She did remember now where this classroom was located... It was on the third floor. She put back the schedule sheet in her schoolbag, careful at not creasing the sheet of paper. Charlie climbed the two staircases leading to the last floor of the building and strolled in a hurry toward classroom # 506. She almost paralyzed on her feet when she finally found herself in front of the closed door of classroom #506. She knocked on the door, feeling her heart who was about to explode through her chest.
"Come in!" The deep voice belonging to a man informed her to come in and Charlie winced as she found out that her homeroom teacher was a man. Most male teachers weren't that nice with her due to the fact that she was most of the time lost in her thoughts or late for her classes... She was used at having female teachers as her homeroom teacher, but it did look like that it wouldn't be the case this year.
The teenage girl gathered her courage and pushed the door of the classroom, freezing on her feet when all the eyes of the student turned toward her. She hesitated a moment before stepping foot in the classroom, embarrassed by the fact that she was late on her first day of school.
"You must be Charlie Callaway?" The teacher asked her as she set her blue eyes on the 6'4" man. She stopped dead in her track when she spotted the rather tall man who appeared to be her teacher.
"Yes, I am... Sorry for being late, I never heard my alar..." Charlie was dryly interrupted by her teacher and the teenage girl stood there, holding her schoolbag very ill at ease in front of that man.
"Don't need to make up excuses, take a seat at one of the free desks so we can continue where we were." She nodded her head and immediately obeyed the teacher who didn't appear to be in the mood for joking at all.
She found a desk in the back of the class and that's when she realized that she needed to sit on the front class since she had a hard time seeing the letters on the chalkboard. She needed an eye exam but her father was refusing to get her eyes checked, not wanting to waste money on that. Her father was always telling her that he didn't need glasses and that her mother didn't need them as well, so he didn't see why she'd need to get an eye exam, he thought it was ridiculous and a waste of money.
She narrowed her eyes as she was trying to read what was written on the chalkboard, even though she was suffering from myopia, she managed to read the teacher's name on the chalkboard since it was written in big and bold letters.
"Michael Roberts." She whispered to herself as he kept talking. She was obviously not focusing at all on what the teacher was explaining, instead, she was trying to find a familiar face in her classroom, but most of these students where people she had never seen before, aside from Karyn Green, a cheerleader living in her street.
The teacher kept talking for a good 20 minutes before he informed the students that the first class was over. From what Charlie had understood, this man was going to be their homeroom teacher for the whole school year. She stood away from the desk and put back her notebook with her pencil case in her school bag as she was ready to leave the class with the other students.
"Not you Charlie..." He said while walking toward the classroom and waiting for the last student to leave before closing the door. The young girl sat back at her desk, feeling her anxiety appearing back as the teacher wanted to speak to her, alone in the classroom.
"I'm Michael Roberts by the way, but I think you saw it on the board..." She nodded at him and noticed a change of tone in his soft-spoken voice as he sat on the corner of his desk. He did appear less strict than earlier when she entered the classroom.
"I'm sorry again for being late... I swear, I didn't hear my alarm clock..." She quickly added before lowering her eyes down on her desk.
"I took knowledge of your grades from last year and I saw that Mathematics aren't your forte, correct me if I'm wrong. Like I said to the students before you arrived, I'll be your homeroom teacher and I'll be as well your Mathematics teacher."
Charlie knew she was having a hard time with Mathematics, especially Algebra.
"Yeah... I don't really like Mathematics.." She added while the corner of her lips rose upward.
"Well, I got a new school program this year and it's every Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 to 5 pm where I help students that need to get better with Mathematics, and it's free. If you want to join my class, just tell me and I'll add you." She caught him smiling at her and for some unknown reasons, she thought he was kinda cute with his droopy eyes. She knew he was probably married and having children as well, and not to forget that he was old enough to be her father, but again Charlie couldn't help noticing his blue eyes...
"Erhmm... I'd really love to get better with Mathematics, but I don't think my father will want this. He wants me straight to home after school because he doesn't want me to be outside when he's not home." She explained to Michael while fidgetting with her hands.
"Ok? Is your father working the evening shift?" She tilted her head to the side and shook her head.
"Not really, he's going out when he's coming back from work and that's why he wants me inside..." She knew she was 14 and that most girls of her age were allowed to go out after school with their friends, but Charlie had been forbidden by her father to even think about wandering around in the park or with the other kids her age when he wasn't home.
"Well, feel free to tell your father about the Mathematics classes and see what he thinks about it. That would only be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 to 5 and like I said it's free." He once again smiled at her and Charlie smiled back in return as well.
"Alright, I'll tell him about it!" She said to her teacher. She was aware though that her father would reject this bonus class for her, she'd still try to talk him about it and see what he'd say.
"Can I go now?" She asked her teacher.
"Sure, feel free to go." He said before erasing the chalkboard. Charlie quickly grabbed her schoolbag and set her blue eyes one more time on her teacher while he was facing the chalkboard. He was indeed tall and did have strong broad shoulders fitting well in his shirt... She didn't know how old he was, probably in his late 40's or even early 50's since he had grey hair, but she was sure of one thing; He was the kind of man she'd have liked to have as her father, and not that tattooed loser of alcoholic of a man, banging that Sarah chick from the stripper club every night...

Submitted: April 18, 2019

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