Chapter 2: A night in the closet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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As Charlie arrived home, she noticed that her father's pick up was parked in the driveway. He was probably back from work... She entered inside her house and put down her school bag in the entrance hall, that's when her eyes lowered down at the pair of sneakers belonging to a woman she despised a lot; Sarah Barkley. She blinked her eyes several times knowing well what it meant...
The 14-year-old teenage girl rose up her eyes toward the second floor as she heard loud moans coming from her father's bedroom.
"Yikes!" She exclaimed, knowing well that her father was fornicating again with that Sarah hoe upstairs. She sighed and installed herself in the kitchen to do her homework while listening to music through her earphones not wanting to hear them moaning their lives...
She prepared herself a small snack since it was too early to dine before being interrupted by Sarah who was seen entering the kitchen, half-naked. Charlie avoided looking at her, knowing she was probably half dressed like the usual.
"Hey Ginger, get the fuck out of here..." When Sarah spoke to her, Charlie didn't hear her because of the music playing in her earphones, but she quickly took knowledge of Sara's presence as the blonde woman pulled on her earphones cord, startling the teenage girl who was trying to focus on her homework.
"Are you deaf? Get the fuck out of the kitchen..." Fear slowly built herself inside Charlie when the blonde woman displayed her aggressive side to the teenage girl. Without really thinking, Charlie gathered her notebooks and walked away from the kitchen table before turning around and watched from the corner of the kitchen as Sarah installed herself at the kitchen table and prepared herself a line of cocaine on a mirror, while her boobs were pressing hard against the table...
Charlie's blue eyes widened in horror as Sara snorted the drug up her nose as if it was normal to do this in front of a 14 years old teenage girl.
"Come on Sara... Geez, don't do this in front of my daughter... That'll give her ideas..." He said before chuckling at Charlie. Her father finally joined Sara downstairs and patted Sara on the shoulder.
"Come on babe, go in the bathroom for that, and get dressed." Charlie stood there and looked up at her father, before walking away from them, not in the mood to speak with her father, to begin with. Charlie quickly ran upstairs and closed her bedroom door in order to do her homework. She was angry at Sara and there was a not a day passing by that Charlie didn't dream of punching that whore's nose...
As Charlie was almost done with her homework, her father entered her bedroom without knocking. For once he wasn't drunk, but it was just a matter of time before he'd leave the house and go to that stripper club to get drunk. He was so in love with that cunt of Sara that he was wasting his time at the stripper club in order to keep an eye on her.
"There are pizza leftovers in the fridge if you're hungry... " Charlie didn't react at all to her father and he closed back her bedroom door a few seconds after. Instead of asking her how her first day of school had been, he had simply informed her that there were pizza leftovers in the fridge... As if Charlie wouldn't have been able to see this by herself once she would rummage through the fridge.
Annoyed, Charlie sighed and walked to her bedroom window, watching her father departing with Sarah in his pick-up.
"Good Riddance!" Exclaimed Charlie when both of them were finally gone. Even though most people thought it was terrible for a teenage girl to spend her nights by herself, Charlie was preferring this over having her drunk of a father around the house. Even though Charlie kept telling people that her father had never laid a hand on her, it wasn't true at all. When drunk, Mark could become extremely violent toward Charlie, she had once witnessed his wrath as he had destroyed her entire bedroom because of Charlie who had wet her bed when she was 11. The teenage girl quickly learned how to wash her sheets and avoided telling her father when an accident of this sort was happening to her...
Charlie took her shower after dinner time and ended up watching the TV downstairs in the living room, not expecting her father to come back home as early as around 9 PM. She was surprised when the headlights of his pick-up lighted the driveway. She sat up on the sofa and her whole body tensed as she pondered if it was really her father already coming back home.
Alas, it was... As the 6'8" tattooed man entered the house, reeking of alcohol and weed, Charlie nervously looked up at him, not knowing what to expect from him at this point.
"Go in your fucking room, it's late!!" He said stuttering due to the alcohol blurring his speech. Charlie did as her father ordered her and the teenage girl quickly turned off the tv and ran upstairs to her bedroom. She didn't know how come her father had arrived this early at home, but she quickly comprehended that something must have happened with Sara as her father began wrecking the whole living room, even breaking down the big 32 Inches TV. She could hear him repeating the word "Bitch" over and over.  Frightened by her father's violent behavior, Charlie headed in her bedroom's closet and hid in there, hoping her father wouldn't come upstairs and hurt her. He could become very violent around her and yell at her when he wasn't feeling good. She always knew better than grumbling back at him, especially since he was quite of a big man with a loud voice and a large set of hands.
Charlie ended up bursting in tears in her closet as she could hear her father destroying the living room downstairs, he was indeed pissed and Charlie was better hiding herself, avoiding being in his radar was the best thing to do at this point...
Without realizing it, the short-haired teenage girl fell asleep in her closet near midnight. At least she felt safer in there and her father hadn't come to her bedroom to see her, only because he probably drank more after wrecking down the living room. When she finally opened her eyes, Charlie quickly came out from her closet and watched in horror at the alarm clock on her nightstand. It was 10:34 AM.
"Oh my god!!" Not only she was very late, but she had missed her morning classes. Her jaws dropped down and the young girl rushed downstairs, wondering if her father was at work or had stayed home in order to tidy up the mess he had done. He was gone to work and the living room looked horrible as Charlie stopped dead in her track in the staircase. She didn't know how she'd do to go to school, it appeared her neighbor wasn't there since her car wasn't in the driveway and Charlie couldn't take the school bus since her father hadn't paid for this service before the beginning of her new school year.
She passed a hand in her short strawberry blonde hair and cautiously walked downstairs to the wrecked living room. She couldn't let this room in such a despicable state, so the teenage girl began picking up the stuff on the group and pushed back the couches to their designated places. It took around 4 hours for Charlie to clean the whole living room. Alas, Mark her father had broken down the Sony Trinitron TV and Charlie would have to rely on reading until her father would buy another TV.
For some unknown reason, her father never came back home after work, and even though Charlie should've been worried, she wasn't caring at all what her father was up to. He probably ran to Sara at the stripper club or went to her place to bang her...
Just as Charlie was on her way to go to the kitchen to eat something as 3 O' clock was around the corner, the teenage girl decided to head to the bathroom as something just didn't feel right at all in her panties. She closed the bedroom door and pulled down her jogging pants and panties, only to realize that she was experiencing her first period...
"Oh no..." She mumbled, in shock with the fact that this moment was finally here. She wasn't sad, nor excited about finally becoming what everybody called a "woman" but she was rather worried, knowing well she had no pads at all and that she'd need to go out to buy these. She stayed on the toilet bowl for around 5 minutes when she realized that she'd have no other choices than going on foot at the drug store that was nearby her house.
She changed her clothes and took a 10$ bill from her savings in her pink piglet bank before going out to the drug store. She made sure to walk as fast as she could and the more she was approaching the drug store, the more she became nervous and felt those cramps in her abdomen. She was also afraid that her father would come back home while she was gone at the drugstore.
As she stepped foot in the drug store, Charlie nonchalantly walked to the 'Feminine Hygiene Products' Aisle and felt more than intimidated when her eyes looked at all the pink and purple packages found in the aisle. There were so many options offered to her that the young girl didn't really know at this point what would do. She blushed when a man walked in the aisle and grabbed a package, probably for his girlfriend thought Charlie as the man did seem to be used as he didn't waste more than 30 seconds in this aisle. Not wanting to be seen buying menstrual products, Charlie seized the same package that the man had taken a few seconds ago and she rushed to the cashier counter to pay for her purchase. To say that she was nervous was an understatement as the lady at the cash register scanned her item. Charlie gulped before saying something.
"It's not for me, it's for my mother..." The teenager quickly informed the clerk that it wasn't for her, but the lady behind the cash register couldn't care less who these pads were for...
"9.98$ please." Charlie drew out the 10$ bill from her pants pocket and gave it to the clerk before grabbing her bag and ran out of the drugstore, not waiting for her 2 cents change. The young girl ran as fast as she could in order to come back home as quickly as she could. Even though she had managed to create a sort of pad with toilet paper, she knew it was just a matter of time before she'd stain her jogging pants.
She arrived home and rushed upstairs to her bathroom in order to take her shower, once she was done taking her shower, the teenage girl opened the packaging of pads and her eyes widened in horror when she realized how thick and long were the pads.
"What the hell is that?" Wearing these at home would be alright, but she just couldn't see herself wearing these at school, it would give her a bulky appearance in her jeans, just like a big diaper, and she was horrified at the mere thought of it. As she heard someone entering the house downstairs, Charlie knew it was probably her father coming back from work. The teenage girl put the pad in her undies and rapidly dressed in her pajamas before coming out of the bathroom.
"Charlie Callaway, come downstairs and right now!" She could tell by the tone of his voice that he was pissed off. She didn't know why, but she had a feeling she'd know it soon.
"Yes?" She said as she climbed downstairs, carefully approaching her father.
"I got a phone call from school today, you never showed up!! How come?" She didn't think the school would call her dad.
"Some teacher named Michael Roberts called me during lunchtime and informed me that you didn't go to school this morning." She stood still in front of her father, looking down at her socks.
"So? Why didn't you go to school today?" She gulped loudly before explaining to him the many reasons behind her absence at school.
"Well, I woke up late and I had no one to drive me to school, Miss Carol wasn't at home and you had trashed the living room..." He snorted at her when she revealed him he had wrecked the living room.
"So what, I didn't ask you to clean my mess, did I?" She shook her head and sighed.
"But I had no one to drive me to school. It's an hour walk from here on foot dad..." He rolled his eyes and snorted at her.
"Whatever..." She then finally gathered her courage and announced to him that she wasn't a lil girl anymore.
"I got my periods..." She tensed when she finally told him about it.
"Pardon me?" The tone of his voice indicated anger and Charlie was almost regretting telling him.
"I got my periods..." She repeated, thinking her father hadn't heard her the first time.
"I've heard you... What's next? You'll tell me that you're pregnant?! Mark my words, you never better be arriving home and tell me that you're pregnant, you can be sure that I'll kick your ass out of this place!" She knew he was dead serious and Charlie burst out in tears before running upstairs to her bedroom.
"That's it, cry... You're just a crybaby like your goddamn mother...Come back here, I'm not done with you, Charlie!!" But Charlie didn't come back downstairs, she locked herself in her bedroom and sat on the edge of her bedroom. He reached her door and knocked at it.
"Open the door, or else I'll break it down!!" She knew what he was capable of and Charlie quickly unlocked her bedroom door. She watched as he entered her bedroom and that he approached her in an intimidating way.
"I'm going out tonight, I got some issues to fix with my Sara. Better be asleep when I'll come back and tomorrow you're going to school, I will personally bring you to school!" She wiped her tears after her father left her bedroom and she sat back on the edge of her bed, not really knowing what to think of all this. She had told her father that she had become a woman and the first thing he told her, was to better not get pregnant instead of being happy for this big step in her life. If her father would've known his daughter, Mark would be aware that Charlie wasn't into guys of her age and she was way too shy to engage herself into any sexual activities with others at this point.
Mark finally left the house and Charlie returned downstairs to eat something by herself. The TV was broken down and thanks to her father. He didn't even thank her for cleaning up his mess in the living room which really disappointed Charlie. It was obvious that Mark never wanted a daughter and would've preferred getting another boy... No wonder he had named her Charlie.
She had forgotten to talk to her father about this extra Mathematics class, but at the same time, she knew it would be a waste of time... But again, it's not as if she needed his permission for this. If this class would allow her to get better at Mathematics, Charlie decided that she'd go on behalf of her father's decision. Either he'd say no or yes, it didn't matter.
She ate pasta for dinner before brushing her teeth and installing herself on the couch to read books and magazines. She had no idea when her father would come back from the stripper club, but Charlie completely froze in fear on the couch when a vehicle entered in the driveway.
"Oh shit!!" She exclaimed before standing up from the couch and hearing the doorbell echoing in the house. It wasn't her father, he was never using the doorbell. She carefully approached the door and pressed her face against the small window in the entrance hall to get a glance at who had rung the bell. She was flabbergasted when her eyes realized that it was her homeroom teacher; Mr. Roberts. There he was, standing tall with his long arms and large hands resting at the side of his body, waiting for someone to open him the door. She knew that her father would be pissed at her for letting him inside, but again, it's not as if she would let him know. She unlocked the door and pulled it before standing in front of the tall teacher.
"Hi..." She nervously greeted him and she felt her cheeks flushing red because of his presence.
"Hello Charlie, is your father here?" She shook her head.
"Alright, I just wanted to know why you missed school today? I called your father during lunchtime and he said that he had no ideas about the reasons for your absence." Even though Charlie wanted to reveal her teacher what had happened last night with her father wreaking havoc in the living room, the teenage girl preferred to stay silent about this, knowing well that Mark, her father, would learn about it and she knew he'd be very angry at her.
"I didn't sleep well last night, and I wasn't feeling good at all today..." She said to her teacher who was still standing under the doorframe.
"I... I was feverish today and plus, I had no one to drive me to school... That's why I couldn't attend my classes, Mr. Roberts." He looked down at her wondering if Charlie was lying, but again he had a feeling that she wasn't, she indeed looked like she was having a fever from the exhausted look in her blue eyes.
"You don't take the bus?" He demanded her while she leaned against the side of the door.
"My dad didn't pay for this option this year. He said that he'd bring me to school every morning, but yesterday he didn't since he wasn't home and this morning, he never woke me up..." He tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes at her.
"I see... I stopped by your place to find out why you hadn't come to school today, but I wanted to speak with your father for the mathematics classes on Mondays and Wednesdays..." Charlie's eyes brightened at the mere mention of the Math classes.
"I told him about these classes and he doesn't mind. I'll be there next Monday!" Michael grinned at her and explained to her that he'd add her name on the student's list that would attend these classes.
"That's great! As I said, you won't be disappointed, it will help you get better grades."  Michael nodded at her and checked the time on his watch.
"Alright then, I'll see you next morning. Bye!" She watched him as he left the front porch and Charlie felt these butterflies in her stomach... Even though she didn't have a lot of experience concerning sex and relationships, Charlie knew that she was in 'Love' with her teacher at this point. Everything about him was perfect... He was tall, he had this soothing and deep voice, and his blue eyes were so lovely thought the teenage girl... And he was older, which was more than perfect. He cared about her, thought Charlie... If he didn't, he wouldn't have come to her place, to begin with.
He also had this neat and tidy appearance with his short grey hair and his clean-shaven face... He was the complete opposite of her father who reeked of Alcohol and who looked like a biker with his tattoos and long ginger hair...

Submitted: April 18, 2019

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