Chapter 3: Foolish Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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One Week Later after the beginning of the school year, Charlie had stayed after school for the mathematics class offered to the students who struggled with Mathematics. Of course, Charlie was well aware that if Michael Roberts wasn't the teacher for this class, she wouldn't have gone to this after-school class, considering how much she despised Mathematics, especially Algebra... But with Michael, Charlie never hesitated to attend this class, knowing well that it was an extra hour she'd spend with this man...

All the students had left the class and Charlie had purposely taken the time to put back her notebooks in her schoolbag in order to spend at least another five minutes with her Mathematics teacher. He was busy writing down notes on a sheet of paper as she stood up from her desk and glanced at him. He was so handsome thought Charlie, as he appeared to be focusing on what he was writing, everything about him was perfect thought the ginger-haired girl as her blue eyes couldn't quit staring at the man old enough to be her father. She gulped rapidly when he rose his eyes in her direction.

"You're still here?" She pretended to have trouble getting her notebooks in her schoolbag as he spoke to her.

"Yeah... Well, I was wondering if you could..." She blushed at the mere thought of even thinking about asking him for a ride home. She could feel the heat taking possession of her body as she finally gathered the courage to ask him.

"If I could what Charlie?" He chuckled and smiled at her which didn't help her at keeping a normal face.

"I was wondering if you could drive me home? My father can't come..." She knew her face had probably turned into a shade of red that her teacher would notice, and quite frankly she didn't want him to be aware that she had a crush on him, but yet again she wasn't capable to control herself in front of him.

"Oh, I see... Well, I don't mind. I just have some stuff to finish before departing school. I should be done in 20 minutes, is that ok with you Charlie?" Quite frankly, she didn't mind at all waiting for him... He resumed writing down notes on the sheet of paper and Charlie drew back one of her notebooks to start her other homework while he would finish with his stuff. Even though she wasn't able at all to focus on her homework, the teenage girl tried as hard as she could to avoid being distracted by her teacher. Every time she was laying her eyes on him, Charlie wasn't capable to resist him. He was so good looking thought the 14-year-old teenage girl. His short grey hair with those little curls on the back of his head were too cute... She was so infatuated with her 47-year-old teacher that Charlie couldn't detect any flaws from him... He was the most perfect man she had ever encountered in her life, and she didn't think that any other men would ever reach that level of perfection. He was smart, kind, tall and very nice with her. He was everything Charlie had ever dreamed of, alas she knew he probably had someone in his life and that she would never go out with him since she was just a teenage girl, but at the same time, it's not as if Charlie would reveal the infatuation she was having toward him.

She knew that he'd probably be angry or embarrassed with her crush on him and Charlie didn't want this. At this point, keeping her mouth shut about it was the best thing to do... At least, she counted herself lucky that he was nice and patient with her...

"Alright, I'm ready Charlie." He smiled at her as he stood up from the desk chair, and Charlie did the same and put back her notebooks in her schoolbag before leaving the class with him. She followed him as they both left the school in order to reach for his car, which was a brand new 1999 Chevrolet Malibu. As she sat on the passenger seat, Charlie noticed that brand new smell trapped in the car, which was a scent she was loving.

"Nice car!" She exclaimed as he sat behind the wheel and fastened his seat belt. He smiled at her and thanked her.

"Thanks... I got it three weeks ago. It's all brand new." He said

"Yea, I can see it, it still has this brand new car smell inside of it." He was such a tall man, with a set of broad shoulders and his strong firm arms, that Charlie was almost touching him as she sat still in her seat, to say that her heart was on the verge to explode was an understatement. Especially when he shifted from Park to Reverse on the shifter, Charlie's eyes widened under the sight of his large hand. She could only imagine how it would feel to let him hold her tiny hand in his, alas she could only dream about it...

Her eyes shifted toward the passenger window when she realized that it was foolish to be in love with her teacher. That he was way too old for her and that by next year she would be in 10th grade, and he would forget about her... She was just his student and nothing more. She bit the inside of her cheek and sighed loudly, obviously annoyed with that, but there's nothing she could do about it.

"A penny for your thoughts Kiddo?" When his deep manly voice disturbed her from her thoughts, Charlie shifted her regard on him and almost revealed him her secret.

"I'm in love with someone, but I don't know how to tell him." She babbled out. Of course, she didn't point out that she was in love with him which would've been quite awkward for both of them. That's when Charlie realized that this conversation with him was useless...

"You are?" He looked down at her with amusement plastered over his face.

"Yeah... It's a boy in school, but he doesn't know it. It's ok, never mind..." She didn't even know why she had mentioned this. She rapidly brought back her eyes on the passenger window and sighed, still trying to understand why she had said this to him. She wasn't in love with a boy in school, in fact, Charlie had never been attracted to boys of her age, she was always falling for those men way too old for her.

"What's his name, perhaps I know him?" Charlie's eyes widened and the teenage girl turned her head in direction of her Mathematics teacher.

"It's ok, Mr. Roberts, forget what I've told you. He's not in one of your classes... He's in 11th grade... He's 16." Another list of lies Charlie had made up, not knowing what to do anymore with this.

"Oh! I see... Alright. You can call me Michael, no need to call me Mr. Roberts." He glanced at her and she caught once again his charming smile.

"Ok, that's fine with me!" She smiled as well in return at him and Charlie gulped, not really knowing what to tell him anymore at this point.

"Got any sisters, brothers?" He asked her while Charlie avoided looking at him.

"Yeah... I got a brother named Frank, he's older than me and he lives away in California. I rarely speak to him." She couldn't care less about her older brother. He was just a weed smoker that used to fight with her dad a lot, making her life a living hell back in the days when he was living with them.

"So you're living by yourself with your father?" She nodded at his question, not really feeling like talking about her father.

"Yeah, but he's rarely there when he comes back from work, he goes out with his friends a lot...." She didn't want to talk about her father and the tone of voice she was using was obviously pointing out the fact that she wanted to talk about something else.

"So, you're alone every night?" He demanded her before she sighed loudly.

"Yeah, but I don't mind. I'm always busy with homework or reading books... I also watch the TV..." But she knew she couldn't go out with her friends when he wasn't home and she was hating this. She was only allowed to see her friends during the weekends, which kinda sucked.

"Alright, here we are..." Her teacher reminded her that she was finally home and Charlie's jaws dropped down when she spotted her father's pick-up in the driveway. She knew he'd be pissed at her for arriving home at 5 PM instead of 3:30 PM like she was supposed to. She hadn't told her father that she was going to this after-school Mathematics class knowing well that he would've said no.

"Thank you, Mr. Roberts, just don't enter in the driveway... Just stop here, that'll be fine" Michael pulled his car on the side of the street near Charlie's driveway and the teenage girl quickly stepped out of the car, thanking her teacher for the ride before running inside her house, aware that her father was probably fuming in anger.

Mr. Roberts departed a few seconds after and Charlie shut the main door and took off her sneakers in the entrance hall before encountering her father that was in the kitchen. For once Sara wasn't there, and quite frankly, the less she was present in her life, the better Charlie felt.

"Where the fuck where you Charlie Callaway? It's 5 PM, School's over since 3 PM! You were supposed to be home by 3:30 PM." He was an imposing man at 6'8'' and Charlie knew better than bullshitting him. She heard his threatening tone of voice and she simply stood in front of him, unable to say something, until he snapped at her.

"For Christ Sake, say something. Where the hell were you? Wasting your time with boys uh?"

That's when the teenage girl burst in tears in front of her father.

"I was in school for the Mathematics After school class. I'm struggling with mathematics and it will help me, dad." She said while tears were streaming down on her cheeks.

"LIES!! ALL LIES!! And who the fuck drove you home uh? I saw you stepping out of that car, was it a teacher?" Unable to lie, Charlie explained to her father that she didn't have a ride home and that she asked her teacher to drive her home instead of walking on foot from school to home.

"Pfft! A Teacher uh? You've started school last week and you barely know your new teachers and you get in a car with one of your teachers?" Mark stood near the fridge with his arms crossed over his chest, looking down at his daughter.

"Please, you don't have to worry, Mr. Roberts is super nice, he's my mathematics and homeroom teacher for this year and with his help, I think I will get better grades in Mathematics this year!!" She said while drying the last tears coming out of her pale blue eyes.

"Mr. Roberts? Well, you know what will happen, I'll go meet that Mr. Roberts of yours and I will see for myself if I can allow that fucktard to drive my daughter home. I damn know why he drove you home, he's just waiting for the good moment to pull down his pants and fuck you good, that's what you want uh?" Charlie was flabbergasted by the fact that her father had assumed that her Mathematics teacher had driven her home only with the purpose of fucking her, which wasn't true at all. Her teacher had done no such thing toward her.

"What? Are you crazy Dad!!! You can't say this!! I'll tell you something, Mr. Roberts he's a very nice man, he's polite and very kind to me. He's all the opposite of you if you wanna know, and one more thing, I wish he was my father, I'm sure he'd take care of me and not go out every night at the stripper club like you!!" Charlie had lost her calm toward her father when he tried to assume that Mr. Roberts was only having in mind to fuck her, which really pissed her off.

She actually regretted confronting her father and revealing him at the same time that she wished Mr. Roberts was her father.

"Oh yeah? You wish he was your father uh? You think I'm a loser of a father, is that it?" The next thing Charlie knew, her father seized her small wrist with his strong hand and applied so much pressure than the young girl cried out in pain in front of her father.

"Please Dad, stop it!!! You're hurting me!!" She begged her father to release her wrist, but he didn't at all, he even applied more pressure on his grip sending Charlie screaming in pain. She could see his green eyes almost wanting to explode out of his eyes socket, and she knew her father was furious at her.

"As far as I'm concerned I'm your father. I'm the one who took care of you when your fucked up of a mother left you on the front porch when you were 2 years old. What I do after work isn't of your concern, I love to go out and see my Sara dancing. If you think you're going back to these extra classes, you can dream on!!" She begged him to release her wrist, but when he twisted it in order to make her understood that he wasn't joking, Charlie heard a cracking noise coming from her wrist, and she knew he had injured her.

"OUCH!! MY WRIST!" This time she yelled at him and he finally released his strong grip from her delicate wrist and the teenage girl looked down at her bent wrist in horror, knowing well that her father had gone too far this time.

"Go upstairs in your room, I'm done with you!" She obeyed him even though she was in pain, refusing to go through another painful torture of that sort with him. She ran upstairs in her bedroom and immediately changed into her pajamas before going straight to bed. In normal circumstances, she would've taken her shower and eat her dinner, but not tonight. She could only comfort herself in her bed, trying to forget about her painful wrist, hoping that it was just a sprain and not a fracture.

But as the night moved on, Charlie wasn't capable at all to sleep and she was in pain in her bed, sobbing in silence, frightened that her father would get angry at her. It was almost one in the morning when Charlie finally got out of her bedroom and went to her father's bedroom to tell him how in pain she was... Unfortunately for Charlie, her father was asleep quite deeply, probably drunk again and Sara was lying next to him half asleep in the bed.

"What do you want?" She asked on a dry tone, obviously not wanting to waste her time with Charlie.

"I want to speak with my father... My wrist is hurting, it's all swollen." Even though Charlie tried to explain to Sara that she was in pain, the 24-year-old blonde woman simply stood up from the bed and closed the bedroom door, not wanting to hear Charlie's complains.

"Go back to your fucking bed, it's way too late for a kid of your age..." Charlie stood in front of her father's bedroom door in tears, having no way to get her wrist checked, which meant that she would have to bear the pain for the rest of her night.

She went back to her bed in tears and tried to shut her eyes, but the pain simply kept her awake for most of the night.


Submitted: April 23, 2019

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