Chapter 4: Papa Michael

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It was around 9:59 A.M. When he spotted Charlie entering the classroom before the other students. She quickly walked to a desk located at the far end of the class and she sat down before pulling on her sweatshirt hood over her short ginger hair.
"Hello Charlie, everything's ok?" Even though he had only known her for a week,  Michael could tell that something was bothering her as the teenage girl entered the class without even telling him hello. She was always greeting him when entering the class, but not today...
"No, I'm tired... I haven't closed an eye since yesterday..." He narrowed his blue eyes in the direction of his student. He slowly put down his chalk down on the board tray and rubbed his hands together before walking to Charlie.
"Hey, are you crying?" He chuckled, not too sure at this point is Charlie was crying or laughing while she had her head down against her desk with her hood covering her entire head. He gently pulled her hood down and slid down his fingers underneath her chin to raise her head.
She wasn't laughing, her eyes were all swollen from being exhausted and she was as well crying. He sat on the corner of the desk next to Charlie and looked down at her.
"The class is only beginning in 10 minutes. You want to tell me what's going on Charlie?" He tilted his head to the side and waited for Charlie to say something. In fact, the teenage girl didn't even need to say a word as she lifted up the sleeve of her sweatshirt, exposing her bent and swollen wrist to him.
"Ohh! Did you get injured at School?" He asked her, not knowing how she could've fractured her wrist. She shook her head while her eyes begged him to find the answer.
"Well, tell me. Who did this to you?" He tried to think hard about who could have done this to Charlie. Such a sweet little student. She was very polite and quite shy around the other students. He had noticed that she was only talking to Max, which seemed to be on the shy side as well. He couldn't really believe that a student could have injured Charlie like this!? But again, he knew that kids could be nasty and that wouldn't surprise him at all.
But what if Charlie was being abused at home? He had noticed her reaction yesterday when she flew out of his car when he brought her home... That did look strange to him, but again he didn't know what her life looked like at home and he couldn't conclude anything of that sort before being sure of it.
"No, it's not a student... It's my father!" As she finally revealed the truth, she burst out in tears, unable to stop from streaming tears. Michael went on to close the door, not wanting the students passing by to catch the whole scene between her and him.
He softly grabbed her broken wrist despite his huge hands. He made sure not to hurt her, but she still winced in pain when he touched her.
"Charlie? You know that I will have to report this to the police?" She gulped and he knew she was terrified as he told her that he'd have to call the police.
"I don't care, I don't want to live with my father anymore. He doesn't give a shit about me since the day he met that whore at the stripper club..." Michael's eyes widened when he heard Charlie talking about her father's girlfriend, calling her a whore with such anger trapped in her tone of voice.
"Plus, I can't even see my friends anymore after school since he's never at home and he doesn't want me to go out. For what reasons? I don't even know why. He's always coming back home at night, pissed drunk and that whore of Sara is sometimes staying home and she bothers me." The teenage girl explained all of this to Michael while sobbing loudly to the point that she was struggling to breathe normally.
"Ok, ok, calm down Charlie... Try to breathe ok!" As students were making their way in the classroom, Michael left Charlie and asked the students to exit the classroom and wait outside in the hall. He wasn't yet done with Charlie, but at the same time, he just couldn't leave her in this miserable state.
"Ok, come with me!" He demanded Charlie to follow him and as they both exited the classroom, the students looked at them with confused gazes, wondering why Charlie was crying and where the teacher was going with her.
"Ok everybody, get in the classroom and wait for me in there." Michael walked alongside with Charlie and they headed toward the infirmary to talk with the nurse.
"Oh, hello Michael!" The nurse greeted Michael and the Mathematics teacher gestured at her.
"Come here, Sandra." He said while Charlie was standing still next to him. She was still crying, and Michael knew that she needed to be taken to the hospital to have her wrist treated.
"What is it, Michael?" The teacher didn't really need to speak, all he had to do was to lift Charlie's shirt sleeve and the nurse fathomed quickly that the teenage girl was injured.
"You wanna drive her to the hospital, Sandra?" The nurse's lips curled downward as Michael demanded to drive Charlie to the hospital.
"Arghh, I'm afraid I can't! I don't even have my car today, it's my husband who drove me here this morning. Car is still broken and at the repairs shop." Charlie finally sat down on a chair in the nurse's office as Michael nodded at the nurse and headed to the principal office to have a talk with Mr. Clarence, who was the main principal of the high school.
"I got some problem in here, it's quite complicated! I have a student who showed up at school with a broken wrist. She needs to be taken to the hospital and I can't right now, I got a classroom filled with students waiting for me." The principal looked up at Michael and shrugged his shoulders.
"Well, what do you want me to do Michael? Go on with your class and we'll find someone that can take this student to the hospital. Lunchtime is almost here, in almost an hour you'll be out of your classroom and you'll be able to drive her to the hospital." Michael couldn't believe what he was hearing, the principal was acting as if the teenage girl only suffered from a minor injury.
"Ok, I don't think you understand the seriousness of the situation, her father broke her wrist and she didn't sleep at all. Her wrist is so swollen and she can't bear the pain any longer. Do you really want to make her wait another hour? Would you do this if it was your daughter?" The principal sighed loudly at Michael and finally stood up from his chair as Michael succeeding in making him change his mind.
"Alright, fine! I'll take care of your class, come go on..." Michael wondered why he even asked his principal for his permission, he should have just dismissed the students from his class and drove Charlie straight to the hospital...
"Thanks! I'll be back for my 2 O'Clock class." Mentioned Michael before leaving the principal's office to return back to the infirmary where Charlie was. Her arm was in a split, the nurse had taken care of Charlie while Michael was away. Charlie was obviously showing signs of fatigue as her eyes were almost shutting by themselves.
"Thanks, Sandra... Are you ready Charlie? We're going to the hospital." Charlie nodded her head and stood up from the chair and followed Michael.
"You're bringing me to the hospital?" Asked Charlie while trying to maintain Michael's walking pace.
"Yes, it's probably fractured!" Of course, he wasn't a doctor and couldn't tell if it was broken, but at first sight, it was evident that Charlie's wrist was injured badly and she needed to get to the hospital. Once they both entered Michael's car, the 47-year-old teacher started the engine's car and hit the road in no time before allowing himself to ask Charlie some questions.
"I know that I'm just your teacher, but I'm also someone on whom you can count if you have any issues at home... Feel free to answer me, if not, I'll understand, but you know that I cannot do as if nothing had happened Charlie..."
It wasn't the first time Michael was encountering a situation of this kind with a student, and it was never obvious to deal with this.
"Is your father abusing of you, Charlie?" He rapidly glanced at the girl sitting next to him in his car, and he knew she wasn't at ease with this question.
"He sometimes hit me when drunk... He rarely does it when sober though. He once hit me in the face 3 years ago because I've pissed in my bed... I know that he's working hard in order to put a roof over my head, but since he met Sara, the stripper girl, my dad is never home during the evening and it seems like he doesn't care about me at all. I feel like I'm a burden for him. He broke my wrist because he was pissed off at me because I went to your Mathematics after-school class. Even though I told him that I would get better grades, he simply said that it was lies! I then called him a loser of a father and that's where he got enough and twisted my wrist."
Michael didn't know her father but he was sure of one thing, he already hated this man from what Charlie had told him. She was such a sweet and innocent teenage girl, he couldn't fathom how a man could allow himself to beat down a petite girl like her.
"What about your mother, is she around?" Charlie shook her head.
"No, I was two when she gave up on me. Dad said that she divorced from him and left me on the front porch because she had in mind to do other things with her life. Raising a  second baby wasn't in her priorities... I was told that she was a big Motley Crue fan and that she followed them back in 1987 for the whole year... Quite frankly I don't care..."
Michael didn't really know Charlie and he didn't know if she was lying or telling the truth. It wouldn't be the first time a teenage would make up things. But if Charlie was being honest, Michael Knew that Charlie would have to tell everything to the cops in order for her father to be arrested.
"You know that I will have to go to the police and get your father arrested. Are you going to tell them what you just told me? You can't let another incident like this happening. Is that stripper woman living under your roof as well?" He couldn't recall if Charlie had mentioned about the stripper woman living with them.
"She's not, but she often sleeps at home and she does drug in front of me as if it was normal. I don't like this at all as I don't do drugs, and I think my dad is also doing drugs from time to time... I don't mind telling this to the police, but where I'll go? I don't have any other family around here... I don't wanna go somewhere else in a new family and change school."
Michael sighed and knew he just couldn't save the whole world by himself and he knew that Charlie was stressed out with her future, but at the same time, Michael couldn't close his eyes on this situation.
"Don't worry about this, we're not yet there ok? One thing at a time..." They were finally arriving at the hospital and Michael let out a sigh of relief when they made their way toward the ER. The next thing he knew, Charlie had been brought to the 3rd floor for surgery, and Michael waited for Charlie in the waiting room until the doctor came back a moment later.
"Hello Mister, I think you are her teacher, right?! Charlie is in the recovery room right now, and she fell back asleep, looks like she's tired." Said the doctor, chuckling. Michael was happy to see that her wrist had been fixed and that she was doing fine.
"Yes, I'm her teacher. Do you know when I'll be able to leave the hospital with her?" The Doctor nodded at Michael.
"I'd say in 45 minutes. We'll make sure she's alright and then we'll let her go with you." The 45 minutes went by pretty quickly and as Michael entered the recovery room to pick up Charlie, the teenage girl was a bit confused because of the anesthesia, which was a normal side effect.
"We're going to school?" She babbled to Michael while looking at him with a confused gaze. Michael knew he had to be back at school for this 2 O' clock class and he didn't know if he would make it on time.
"Yeah..." They stepped back in the car and Charlie decided to sit on the backseat, and as he laid his eyes on the rearview mirror, the teenage girl had drifted to sleep rapidly. Whether he liked it or not, he was by now stuck with the teenage girl, he just couldn't drop her to her place and call the cops on her father. He did something he had never done before and brought the student to his place. She was sleeping so deeply that Charlie never moved an inch when Michael lifted her up in his arms and brought her inside his house.
He installed the girl on the bed in his guest bedroom and went downstairs to call the principal to cancel his 2 O'Clock class. He had other fishes to fry for today and his main focus was to call the police and get Charlie's father arrested for assaulting his daughter. Not only Michael knew what would happen next, but he also knew that what he was about to do would change Charlie's life.
The Police came to Michael's house and Michael had to wake up Charlie so she'd explain to them what had happened with her dad. She also went on and revealed the cops that her father's girlfriend was doing drugs at home in front of her. The cops asked several questions to Charlie and Michael was rather surprised by how calm and mature Charlie appeared. She had nothing to lose, but he could tell that she was worried about where she'd go once her father would get arrested.
"I don't want to go back to him, but I don't have any other family as well around here." Michael caught the sadness printed over Charlie's face and he didn't have in mind to let her down.
"I'll take care of you this week Charlie, we'll find a solution, alright!" He patted Charlie's shoulder and the cops thought it was a good idea. A few minutes later, the cops left Michael's house and headed to where Mark was working, an automobile repair shop as a mechanic.
When the two policemen erupted in the workshop, looking for Mark Callaway, the cops were left flabbergasted by the tall silhouette of the man they had come to arrest.
"Mark Callaway, that's you Sir?" The tattooed man snorted at the cops and nodded at them.
"Your goddamn right, that's me. What the fuck you want?" Even though the cops hadn't yet informed him of the reason of their presence, the 45 years old man had a little idea about it.
"You're under arrest for assault and battery, You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court. You have the right to talk to a lawyer for advice before we ask you any questions. You have the right to have a lawyer with you during questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without a lawyer present, you have the right to stop answering at any time." When the cop was done informing Mark of his rights, he felt one of them passing the handcuffs to his wrists while they brought his hands behind his back.
"For real? Geez, I barely touched her!!" He snorted in disbelief knowing well why he was arrested. He, of course, knew he had injured Charlie, but since he had decided to go out again last night, Mark never really took the time to bring his daughter to the hospital, he instead let her in pain while she obviously needed medical attention. The cops finally pushed the big tattooed man on the backseat of the police car and they headed to the police station where Mark would be held for the night.
It didn't take long that Sara drove to the police station to visit Mark.
"What the hell is going on Baby! Why did they arrest you??" Mark snorted in amusement while standing tall behind the bars of his cell.
"Pftt, apparently that Charlie had been brought to the hospital to get her broken wrist treated. I didn't think I had been that hard with her..." He knew he had injured his daughter, but there's nothing he could do by now, and he would only be released the next day.
"What the hell are you talking about? I drove your fucking brat to school this morning, I think she would've told me! Your lil Charlie is just a little liar, don't you see it, Mark? She's trying to get your attention and put me out of your life, she's jealous of me!!" Even though Sara was trying to convince Mark that Charlie appeared to be fine during the morning, he was well aware that it wasn't true.
"I'll be released the next morning but I can't approach her. Apparently, she told everything to one of her teachers... Probably the one that drove her home yesterday, her mathematics teacher. By the way, snorting cocaine in front of my daughter wasn't your better move Sara... She probably told this too!"
Sara was furious, she grabbed her thick curly blonde hair and screamed loudly.
"JESUS CHRIST! I hate your goddamn daughter!!!" Mark rolled his eyes at Sara and he sat back on the small bed in his cell.
"You said it was her mathematics teacher? Look at me, Mark! I'll go to this teacher and tell him to mind his fucking business."
"For the love of god Sara, don't do anything stupid. I don't know yet if that's really him, but for now, you better stay still darling. Go to work tonight and don't get involved in this. It's my problem, not yours!" Mark was stuck in this cell and he didn't want Sara to put her nose into this, only to create more damage than what had already been done by himself.
The fake blonde woman finally left the police station where Mark would be held for the night and she went straight to Mark's place. She rummaged through Charlie's desk and found out her School schedule for the whole September month.
"There you are, son of a bitch, Michael Roberts!" She exclaimed after finding out the name of Charlie's Mathematics teacher. Not only Sara had found out about Charlie's school schedule, but she allowed herself to pry into Charlie's private diary which was resting on her desk.
"Let's see what kind of crap a 14 years old can write." Sara sat down at Charlie's desk and began reading Charlie's diary.
"...He's so kind with me, I really wish he was my father... Mine is such a loser, he's going out that fake blonde whore and she's treating me like shit. Every time I see him, my heart wants to explode through my chest and I blush like a little girl..."
Sara winced after reading what Charlie had written about her. She didn't know who she was talking about, but it did seem like Charlie had a crush on a man older than her since she had mentioned she wished he was her father.
"What the fuck is this?" Sara kept on reading the pink diary belonging to Mark's daughter as she was growing curious to know who was the mysterious man whom Charlie was infatuated with.
"September 3rd, 1999...He's so tall and handsome, his little curly grey hair on the back of his head is driving me crazy! I can't stop thinking about him since the first day I saw him. I don't care that he's old enough to be my father. In fact, I wouldn't mind having him as my papa..." Sara let out a snort, thinking that Charlie was a nut for being in love with that man, and at the same time wishing this same man was her father. It simply didn't make sense at all, but Charlie was only 14 and she was obviously having a huge crush on a man, but it was also evident that little Charlie was also searching for a father figure in that man.
The teenage girl didn't necessarily have sexual thoughts toward her teacher, she was only looking for a father figure, a man that would treat her better than her asshole of a loser of a father who actually didn't deserve to be called a father, to begin with.
Sara tossed Charlie's diary in her bed and departed Mark's house with in mind to find where that teacher lived to pay him a visit. After several phone calls and even searching in the big thick phone book, Sara found two people named Michael Roberts. The first one was actually an older man in his 80's and the second one was male in his late 40's... A tall man, something Sara noticed right away when he opened the door of his house. Even though he wasn't the type of man she was going out with, Sara noticed that he was a good looking man.
"Can I help you?" He asked the young woman standing in front of him with her hands on her hips.
"Are you Charlie's Mathematics teacher?" She asked on a dry tone. Sara's brown eyes widened when she spotted the back of Michael's head, the curly grey hair was pretty evident as he turned his head away from Sara's gaze. She quickly understood that the mysterious man in Charlie's diary was her Mathematics teacher...
"Who are you?" He asked her, not knowing her at all and really not in the obligation to answer her.
"I'm Sara, I'm Charlie's stepmother!" Michael looked down at her with a look of disdain when he realized who she was.
"Oh, the stripper... I see now." He smirked at her and wipe the corners of his mouth with his table cloth since he was eating when Sara knocked at his door.
"Pardon me? Did you call me a Stripper?" Michael chuckled at her before speaking to her.
"I sure did, isn't it what you do for a living? Stripping naked in a strip club and snorting cocaine in front of a teenage girl, right Sara?" He mocked the young woman standing on his front porch and as she tried to push Michael away from the entrance, he rapidly blocked her the access inside his place and the smile on his lips quickly disappeared as he became extremely serious.
"You better keep your damn feet outside of my place, because I won't have any trouble getting you arrested as well! You heard me!" When Michael rose up his tone, Sara understood that she had no chance in checking if Charlie was inside, but she knew she was in there. She had spotted in the entrance hall a pair of sneakers identical to those Charlie was wearing, giving away the hint that Charlie was inside this man's place.
"Trust me, you ain't done with us! Wait until her father will be released from jail, you will regret sticking your nose where it doesn't belong." Michael had his hands in his pocket, not frightened at all by Sara's useless threats.
"Are you threatening me? You can rest assured that he won't have the chance again to hit Charlie!" She snorted at him and returned back in her old Ford Pick up, departing Michael's driveway in a hurry, even making the tires screeching loudly in the peaceful street...

Submitted: April 24, 2019

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