Chapter 6: The Diary

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Sara had more than one ideas brewing up in her brain when she entered her boyfriend's house. Two weeks had passed since Mark had been arrested by the cops for violenting Charlie by breaking her wrist. Of course, the tattooed man had been released the next day and had to stay away from Charlie or else he could return to Jail if he was ever breaching his bail conditions, which meant that he couldn't have any contact with Charlie...

But as for Sara, she had the right to contact Charlie, whether it was direct or indirect, and Sara knew that Charlie was staying with her mathematics teacher. She had even learned from someone that Michael Roberts had in mind to become a foster parent so he'd be able to take care of Charlie legally. Sara also knew that Charlie was infatuated with her teacher, she had discovered it in her diary when she read it the day Mark got arrested, and she had planned to use this against Charlie...

As she entered inside Mark's house, Sara went upstairs in Charlie's bedroom that had remained untouched since Charlie had never come back to her place. Her diary was still in her bed and Sara opened it, wondering how many times Charlie had written about her mathematics teacher. Sara knew that the unnamed man in her diary was Michael Roberts because of the curly grey hair quite obvious on the back of his head. She really doubted it was someone else at this point.

She read the entire diary while Mark was away at his job and it was almost noon when the skinny blonde woman had to head out to work since her boss had called her, reminding her that she owed him more than 200$ for her last night's shift at the stripper club. She slipped the diary in her purse and drove to the stripper club to encounter the boss that was furious at her.

"Where are the 200$ you had to give me last night?" Sara looked up at her fat boss and crossed her arms.

"I gave you all the money I had to give you, so you could just fuck off and leave me alone in my off days, it would be fucking appreciated!!" As she rudely spoke to her boss, the thick-haired man grabbed her purse and turned it upside down in order to empty all of its items on the floor.

"LIAR YOU ARE!!" He shouted at her, knowing well she probably had his money.

"YOU! FUCKER!! GIVE ME BACK MY PURSE!!" Her boss threw away the empty leather purse against the wall and yelled at her again.

"Where is my money BITCH??!" She Spat on his face and the man seized her by the throat before pinning her against the wall behind her.

"Spit on me like this again and I'll make you swallow my cum coming from my hard dick so deep in your throat that you will fear me for the rest of your pathetic life, Sara!!" The young woman was struggling for air as her boss wrapped his fingers strongly around her neck. He then glanced on the floor and spotted a pink book. He thought for a moment that Sara must have hidden her money in there and he decided to release her. She fell down on the floor, gasping for air as she was free from his grip.

"What's this crap?" He said as he opened the diary and realized it indeed belonged to someone younger than Sara... The man began reading some paragraphs from the diary and he rose his eyebrows, a bit surprised by what he was seeing.

"Don't fucking touch this, it belongs to Mark's daughter. The lil cunt who went living with her teacher!!" The man looked down at Sara and bent down at her.

"No wonder she went living with someone else, you're such a horrible woman. I only keep you around because you can dance, but you're one fugly whore!" Even though her boss was calling her names and humiliating her, Sara didn't bark back knowing well what would happen if she was doing so.

The boss also retrieved her wallet on the ground and took the money that was inside it before tossing it right in Sara's face.

"Come on, gather back your stuff and get the hell out of my office!" He ordered her. The young woman put back all her stuff in her purse and asked her boss for the diary belonging to Charlie.

"Why would I give it back to you?" He demanded her while smirking at Sara.

"Because I fucking need it! That little whore is in love with her teacher for god sake and it's all written in there!" The man snorted at her before scrutinizing her from head to toe.

"Is she sucking dicks for a living?" He demanded Sara if Charlie was sucking dicks for a living and Sara shook her head.

"No, she's not!" He then approached her and as he threatened her with just his regard, Sara knew she shouldn't have called Charlie a whore.

"Then, don't call her a whore. I know who's Mark's daughter. I also know that he's often here, watching you dancing and because of this, I can't allow customers around anymore for lap dances or else he freaks out! Now that I think of it, on your next shift you'll do lap dances, either your bastard of a boyfriend is here or not. I need more money to run this business and you need to do more than pole dancing at this point!"

He was about to leave his office when he stopped dead in his track.

"Oh, one more thing Sara Frank... Perhaps you shouldn't pry into the personal Diary of a teenage girl. What's wrong with this? We all know someone who had a crush on a teacher at some point in their life... As far as I'm concerned, you were getting fucked behind the high school's dumpsters when you were 14! I wouldn't worry too much about a shy teenage girl crushing on a teacher, because she's obviously looking for a man that could fill the void left by a very absent father, or should I say a loser of a father!" He then left his office and Sara stormed out of the office with her purse.

"Give me back the diary!!! That doesn't concern you at all Albert." The Italian man turned around to face Sara who had ordered him to give her back the diary. He shook his head at her and snorted at her.

"Dream on, I'm keeping it. Perhaps next time you'll think twice about taking something that doesn't belong to you! Now get out of here, or I'll ask my bouncer to push your ass out of the place." Sara didn't keep on confronting her boss and left the stripper club as fast as she could, angry that her plan with the diary had failed. She would have gone to Charlie's High School with the diary and finally reveal the truth to her teacher. She had a feeling that Michael would probably give up on the idea of adopting Charlie if he knew how the teenager felt about him.

Unable to do anything, Sara returned to her pigsty apartment and ended up smoking more weeds than the usual as she was angry with her failure of a plan concerning Charlie. She tried hard to think about how she could do to make Charlie's life more miserable at this point. She just had no idea at this point.

The afternoon went by and Sara couldn't stay at home without doing anything. Taken a sudden urge to stop by Charlie's school, the 24 years old stripper with fake nails took her car and drove to the High School. She waited for Charlie to pop out from the crowd of students rushing toward their buses, but there was no sight of the young red-haired girl.

"Where are you lil shit??" She wondered until she spotted a few minutes later a tall man with grey hair. Sara quickly recognized the mathematics teacher she had encountered two weeks ago and Charlie was walking next to him. Sara narrowed her eyes in the direction of Mark's daughter and she stormed out of her car.

"HEY CHARLIE!!" She nodded at Charlie who had stopped dead in her track after spotting Sara coming toward them. The teenage girl rapidly hid behind Michael and the teacher narrowed his eyes at Sara.

"Come on coward, hiding behind your new father uh? Look at this, how pathetic it is!" Sara mocked Charlie who began shaking while hiding behind Michael.

"What the hell you want? You know I could go to the cops and tell them you're harassing us!" Sara looked up at Michael and ridiculed him.

"Do whatever you want old man, it's her father who cannot have any contact with her, not me! And I'm not harassing you... But rest assured that you won't get to adopt her, she'll never be your daughter! I know you're trying to cope with the death of your daughter, but Charlie will never replace her and she'll never give you the peace of mind you're so searching for!"

Aware of Michael's deceased daughter, Sara decided to use this against him to see how he'd react and it didn't go well at all.

"YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH ABOUT MY DAUGHTER! YOU AIN'T KNOWING NOTHING!!" Taken of sudden anger, Michael furiously got closer to Sara with in mind to slap her face, but he didn't, knowing well that Charlie was there and plus Michael had never laid a hand on a woman, and even though Sara was very arrogant toward him, he wasn't going to slap her.

"Better not touch me dirty fucker! I'll get your ass sued so fast, you won't even understand what happened!!" With all that rage around, Charlie ended up crying while she stood still behind Michael, holding Michael's shirt so hard that he felt her pulling at him.

"You look pathetic hiding like this behind this man, Charlie! You look like a worthless baby!!" With Charlie unable to stop from crying and Sara harassing them, Michael decided he's had enough with Sara.

"Fine, I'm going inside and I'll call the cops, I'll tell them who you are!!" When Sara realized that Michael was on his way for calling the cops, the stripper immediately returned to her car and left the high school's parking lot in a hurry. She didn't want to get in trouble and she didn't want as well for Mark to get in trouble, but she had a feeling that she was screwed up everything by approaching Charlie and her teacher, something she shouldn't have done.

3 hours later....

Michael was back home with Charlie and he wasn't in a good mood at all with what had happened with Sara. Since she had revealed out to Charlie about his deceased daughter, something that caught him off guard as he wasn't yet ready to talk about his daughter with Charlie. He wasn't adopting Charlie with in mind that she'd replace his daughter, but he wanted to adopt her because he felt sorry for her and he thought that perhaps it would give him a reason to keep on living and doing what he loved; Teaching to his students his passion for Mathematics.

Charlie was in the living room watching a movie while he was busy preparing his classes for tomorrow. Charlie wasn't hard to live with, she was always obeying him, well so far, and she was careful around the house, always tidying up around after eating, or when taking her shower... He didn't really have the impression of having someone else under his roof. She was even washing her own clothes which surprised him... But at the same time, she had learned to live by herself at a young age, so she was quite capable of doing things that most teenagers were supposed to be able, but end up not doing due to their laziness..

As he was done with preparing his exams and notes for his classes, Michael returned to the living room only to find out that Charlie had drifted to sleep on the couch. It wasn't that late, but Charlie was awakened since 6 this morning and it was almost 9 in the evening. As he approached the sleeping teenage girl, he looked down at her and noticed how she seemed to be deeply asleep on the couch. She was breathing slowly and drooling in her sleep... He couldn't help snorting in amusement at Charlie and decided to bring her to her bedroom. He tucked Charlie in her bed and kissed her forehead before departing her bedroom.

He knew she didn't like sleeping with the door closed, so he let it opened and went to take his shower before going in his living room to watch a movie before getting to bed.


"Why did you go to her and her teacher for Christ sake? You damn know I could get arrested for this Sara!" Mark was angry at Sara for the fact that she went to see Charlie at her school.

"Come on!!! Stop overreacting, they won't arrest you, it doesn't say that I can't enter in contact with her. You'll have to do something about it Mark!! Your daughter is in love with her teacher, you think she went living with him just because you broke her wrist?" Mark looked up as Sara as he was sitting on his couch, he snorted at her.

"Do I look like to care, she'll turn 15 soon. If that's what she wants, well, to hell with it! I won't go after her and beg her to come back. If she wants to get fucked by her teacher, I won't stop her, but she better not come back crying to me, my door will be closed... Now, come on... Sit on my laps baby, I'm in the mood for some intense sex tonight!"

Sara sighed and took place on Mark's thick thighs. "Oh baby, talking about laps... Well, I gotta inform you that tomorrow, I'll have to perform dance laps, or else I'll lose my job..." As Mark was getting all aroused, Sara revealed to him that her boss had told her that she'd need to perform dance laps in order to increase her earnings.

"What the fuck are you talking about? I told you I didn't want you to this baby!!! I thought we had discussed this a few weeks ago. Didn't we??" Sara stood away from Mark's laps and scratched her head.

"Mark, I have to. The other girls at the strip club are doing it too. You know that we don't actually get fucked... It's just, well, lap dances! I'll earn more as well..." Mark stood up from his couch and he was boiling in anger.

"Yea, sure! You wanna rub yourself on other guys' dicks... Just like the other sluts!" Sara pointed up a finger at him as he pushed her aside.

"Don't fucking start this jealousy craziness with me Mark Callaway! You damn know I do this for a living! I'm a fucking stripper for christ sake!" Mark snorted at her and laughed out loud when she mentioned that she was a stripper.

"Oh, really? Tell me about it, Sara! Of course, I know that you're a goddamn stripper!!" He headed to his kitchen and pulled out a beer bottle from the fridge.

"Whatever, that's not of your damn business, it's my work and you have to respect this! You don't see me telling me what you do at your job!!" Mark gulped the golden liquid before rolling his eyes at Sara.

"Yea sure, you don't see me dry humping women at my job, you know!" Sara finally got enough and told Mark to fuck off. She had never expected this coming from this man she loved so much, a man she thought she knew, but she quickly understood that if he was capable of injuring a harmless teenage girl, he was also capable of hurting a woman. She felt the side of her head being punched and Sara fell down on the ground, dizzy as Mark had punched the side of her head.

"How dare you hitting me like this??" She said before shaking her head, not really sure if he had really hit her.

"Get out of my place you damn slut, you're just like the others. GET OUT, BITCH!!!!" As Mark got really angry at her, Sara grabbed her purse and put on her shoes in a hurry, dizzy and frightened by his violent reaction toward her. Something she had never experienced before tonight.

"You crazy fuck! Ain't hard to see why your daughter went somewhere else, you're a fucking loser!!" As she insulted Mark once she had stepped on his front porch, the young woman quickly departed back in her a car as he ran after her with the intention to further hurt her.

"YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, YOU AIN'T GOT KIDS!!" Sara locked the doors of her car and left his driveway in such a hurry that she almost hit a man walking on the sidewalk as she reversed from Mark's driveway.

"YOU FUCKING CRAZY FUCKING SLUT, DON'T COME BACK IN HERE!!" The pedestrian who almost got hit over by Sara's car was in shock. Mark caught him looking in his direction and told him to fuck off. Mark stormed back in his house and with his usual violent behavior, he destroyed everything in his kitchen and living room before getting wasted and falling asleep in his messy house. Even though he was pretending that he didn't care about Charlie, he was deeply thinking about her, knowing well that he wasn't the father of the year and he was only hoping that she was happy with her teacher. He wasn't made to take care of a child, and never had been. Jodi Lynn; Charlie's mother had given up on her when she was just two, leaving the toddler on the front of his porch and Mark didn't really have the choice at this point to take care of his daughter. He had tried several times to enter in contact with Jodi Lynn, but he always failed, unable to reach for her.

His life consisted of Hookers, drugs, and alcohol. Raising a teenage girl wasn't in his priorities... But it didn't mean that all the harm he had caused Charlie wasn't haunting him back, he was regretting what he had done to her, but it was done and he couldn't do anything about it...

Submitted: April 30, 2019

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