Chapter 7: time to say goodbye

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Father Figure - Chapter 7
"What a wonderful dinner it was Claire... Would you like to come to my place for a cup of coffee? I'll drive you back home after." He offered the woman to come to his place for a last cup of coffee and Claire accepted with pleasure. Michael parked his car in the driveway and stopped the engine from his car before stepping out and opened the door to allow Claire to step out of the vehicle.
They both entered the house and Michael glanced at the time displayed on his clock on the kitchen wall. It was already 11:25 P.M.
"Oh, I didn't think it was this late, I'm working tomorrow morning. I really think I should go home!" Mentioned Claire, but Michael begged her for this one last cup of coffee and she accepted. 
Near Midnight, Michael drove Claire back to her place and he came back to his place after. He didn't really mind how late it was, he wasn't working on the next day since it was the weekend. 
He climbed upstairs to his bedroom after he had turned off all the lights in the kitchen and the living room downstairs. He slowly stopped in the middle of the staircase when he heard Charlie crying from afar. He didn't know why she was crying, he assumed that she probably had a bad dream. He gently approached her bedroom and spoke to her.
"Charlie? Are you crying?" He questioned her with a bemused expression on his face as he stood still near her doorframe.
"Leave me alone..." She snapped at him and Michael wasn't really understanding what was going on with Charlie. It was the first time she was being this mad at him, and for what reasons, he had no idea at all.
"Wow! Did I do something wrong, Charlie? Was the dinner I cook you this bad?" He chuckled, thinking it would cheer her up, but the red-haired girl got out from her bed and stomped toward her door, only to shut it with such strength that Michael stood baffled by her behavior. He wasn't understanding why Charlie was this mad toward him.
He reopened the door and entered her bedroom.
"Care to explain to me what's going, Charlie? Did I do something?" He finally flickered the light switch and gazed at her. Her eyes were all swollen and red from crying, it was obvious she had been crying for a while at this point.
"No, just get out. Leave me alone!!" She yelled one more time at Michael, not telling him what was going on with her. She was angry, that he could tell, but he didn't know the reasons behind her frustration.
"NO! I'm not leaving your bedroom until you'll tell me why you're angry at me like this!!" He placed his hands on his hips and to be honest, he was growing tired of this. He knew Charlie liked to act like a kid sometimes and he never really made a big deal out of it knowing well what she went through with her father. But, tonight, he wasn't in the mood at all for her childish behavior. He's had a good evening with Claire, but Charlie had ruined his mood with her rage toward him.
That's when he realized that perhaps Charlie was pissed at him because he went out tonight with a woman. As Charlie turned on the other side in her bed, Michael walked to that side and glanced down at her, still keeping his hands on his hips.
"I got all night Charlie, I'm not going away until you'll tell me what's going? Is it because I went out tonight with a woman, Uh?" He tilted his head to the side and Charlie pulled up her white and pink blanket over her head, refusing to answer Michael's question. He tried to pull the blanket down, but Charlie was holding it so tight that he didn't keep on pulling down at it.
That's when an idea crossed his mind... 
"Fine, you don't want to tell me what's going on. It's all fine with me, but tomorrow morning, you're packing your stuff and I'm sending you to the foster care facility. They'll find you a family that will gladly adopt you!" Michael hadn't yet realized that pretending to Charlie that he would send her away from him would traumatize the teenage girl. He had simply said this to provoke her and the next thing he knew, she had stepped out of her bed, in tears and imploring Michael to not do this.
"NO, PLEASE!!!!!" She ran to him, crying all the tears from her body, even falling down to his feet, not wanting Michael to get rid of her. Her reaction overwhelmed him, he thought she would've said that she didn't care, but nope...
"Now, are you going to tell me why uh? Is that because of Claire?" But yet Charlie kept on begging Michael to not give up on her. She wasn't answering his question and Michael had a feeling that Charlie was perhaps Jealous of Claire since she knew she wouldn't get all of his attention with that woman coming into their lives.
Exhausted and angry at Charlie, Michael seized her left wrist, not grabbing her by her broken wrist and lifted her up rapidly on both of her feet.
"Stop crying for the love of god, I'm not sending you to the foster care facility, just said that to get you out of bed!!" But even though Michael had revealed Charlie that it was a lie about the foster care, the teenage girl was gasping for air as she was unable to stop crying.
"Please, Michael, I don't wanna go away!!" She begged him again and again as he walked away from her. He sighed as she kept following him.
"I'm going to take my shower now, go back to your bed and get some rest." But Charlie who was believing that Michael would get rid of her kept following the 6'4" man in the house, imploring him to keep her.
"ENOUGH NOW!!" He snapped at her and grabbed her arm, dragging her back to her room.
"Now, listen to me carefully Charlie, you're going straight in your bed and you're going to sleep. You don't want to tell me what's going on, fine! But you're grounded for tomorrow, I wanted to bring you to the Zoo with Claire's kids, but I've changed my mind about it. You'll stay in your room while I'll go out and enjoy the afternoon at the Zoo."
He looked down at her with a serious gaze while she kept on crying. He couldn't say that it wasn't breaking his heart to see Charlie in tears like this. It was, but he just couldn't allow such type of behavior coming from her. He wasn't stupid, he could tell that Charlie didn't like Claire, even though this woman had done nothing wrong toward Charlie...
"I don't care about being grounded and not going to the Zoo, Claire is Ugly as fuck and her kids are meany!!! I don't understand what you see in her!!!" Michael's blue eyes widened when Charlie finally confessed what was bothering her. It was undeniable at this point that Charlie was jealous of Claire, and even though Michael told himself that it couldn't be possible, he began to wonder if Charlie could be infatuated with him...
"Go straight to your bedroom, you're grounded for a week, Miss Charlie!" He pointed out her bedroom with his long index and stared at her with a pair of angry eyes. The young girl knew better than adding more at this point and stormed back into her room, pissed off at Michael. She slammed her door loudly, but Michael completely ignored her. He stood in the hall, baffled by Charlie's temper and her reaction toward Claire. He knew that Charlie had lived her whole life with an absent father... Which would be the reason why she'd be attracted to older guys. Of course, he wasn't yet sure about this whole thing and if he remembered well, Charlie had told him a few weeks ago that she was in love with a 16-year-old guy. That's when he recalled about this conversation he had with Charlie before bringing her home, the day before she broke her wrist.
He finally went into the bathroom to take his shower. He dressed into a pair of boxer and a white shirt after he was done with his shower and before going to bed, he stopped by Charlie's bedroom. She was lying on her stomach and he could hear her sobbing against her pillow. This time, he ignored her and let her cry to sleep. She had been impolite with him by saying that Claire was ugly, and he wasn't going to tuck her to bed tonight, she wasn't deserving at all his attention.
He finally went to bed and fell asleep quickly as he was greatly exhausted with his long day of work...
Monday Morning quickly arrived for Michael and Charlie. As they both headed to school, Charlie went to her first class ignoring how her day was about to take an abrupt turn for the worse. As for Michael, he was only having his first class near 9 A.M. so enjoyed his free hour by staying in the staff room and preparing his notes and exams for his class to come.
"Michael? There's a woman who'd like to see you, she's waiting for you in my office." said the female secretary, not elaborating to Michael about the identity of the woman.
"Ok, I'm coming right away." Michael tossed his notebook down on the table and stood up before heading to the secretary office. As he took a step inside the office, he lowered down his eyes on a woman in her late 60's. She appeared to be short and quite thin.
"Hello? You wanted to see me?" He asked with his deep and reassuring voice, not really sure why this old woman wanted to see him. She finally stood up and politely greeted Michael.
"Ohh, you're such a tall man!" She exclaimed, amused before grabbing Michael's hand into hers.
"I'm Maggie. I'm actually Charlie's grandmother and I'm here for her." Michael tilted his head to the side, not really sure if he had understood what he had just heard.
"Charlie Callaway, the Charlie I'm taking care of?" The old woman nodded her head at Michael, smiling at him.
"She's in class right now, would you like to wait for her until it ends, or you have to see her right now?" Michael had a feeling why this woman was here, and it wasn't just to see Charlie and to tell her hello...
"Oh, I'd appreciate if Charlie was coming to see me right away. I have all of her stuff in my car, I stopped at her father's place and I'll be the one who'll take care of Charlie by now. I know you were the man taking care of my precious lil' Charlie and I do thank you sir, but I'll take it from here... She's my granddaughter after all." Michael took a deep breath and shook his head, knowing well what would happen next.
"I see, well, I find it sad. I was getting attached to your granddaughter!" He smiled at her even though he felt the sadness taking over him by this news.
"Oh, I don't doubt it, Charlie knows how to capture a heart. She's such a sweet child. I used to see her more often before, that was until my son Mark moved here, in Carson City." Michael nodded at her and lowered down his eyes to the ground.
"You seem sad Sir, I can tell you're really a good man and I'm pretty sure Charlie was in good care with you..." But Michael knew that she was her grandmother and there's nothing he could do about it for now. 
"I did my best to take care of Charlie...Alright, I'll come back in a few with her." He smiled at the old woman and quickly departed the office, knowing well what to expect from Charlie once he would announce to her that she was going away with her grandmother.
Michael headed to the gymnasium since Charlie had Gym class at this hour. As he stepped inside the gymnasium, he quickly spotted Charlie who was playing basketball with the other girls. She looked happy, even though she was grounded for the whole week, something that didn't really matter at this point.
"Hey Michael!" The young male teacher greeted Michael and he barely smiled at him.
"I'm here for Charlie, there's someone for her in the office, can you send her to me?" The teacher nodded and called for Charlie.
"Charlie Callaway, come here... There's someone for you!" Michael crossed his arms over his chest while his gaze was filled with sadness as Charlie dropped down the Orange ball made of rubber and looked in his direction. She quickly ran in his direction and looked up at him.
"What's going on?" She asked him. Just by the look on his face, the teenager knew that something was going on and it didn't appear to be good news.
"Your grandmother is waiting for you in the secretary's office... You'll have to go with her" In a matter of seconds, Charlie's expression on her face rapidly changed to something Michael had expected. That wasn't something good at all, the teenage girl knew what was awaiting her and without warning, she yelled at Michael.
"NOOOO!! I don't want to go live with her!!" She tried to run away but Michael seized her arm before she could even attempt stepping away from him.
"Charlie, Charlie, please listen to me, Sweetie!" He bent down to her and placed both of his huge hands on her upper arms while glancing at her steel blue eyes.
"I know it hurts, and I'm sad too, I would have loved to adopt you and take care of you, but your grandmother is here for you and legally, there's nothing I can do Charlie." The teenage girl was sobbing loudly in the hall leading to the gymnasium after learning that she would go away with her grandmother. Michael was heartbroken as he couldn't do anything at all to console Charlie. He wrapped her in his strong arms while she was pouring all the tears from her body, but yet again it wasn't enough to calm down the teenage girl. Nothing would ever be enough to mend her broken heart. She knew it was a forbidden love since he was older than her and that she was never going to be his wife or girlfriend, but his presence in her life was enough for her. It was something she could live with...
She was gasping for air and she was unable to place a word at all as her speech was blurred by her cries. She obviously didn't want to leave Michael and even though Michael kept repeating her that there's nothing he could do, Charlie believed the opposite.
"I'll be a good girl, I swear!!! I won't be impolite never again with Claire..." She kept talking, convincing Michael that she'd be a good teenage girl,but that wasn't going to change a thing. He couldn't keep her under his roof anymore as her grandmother had been assigned by the law to take care of her.
She kept holding her arms around Michael, not wanting to let him go. Hoping she'd wake up from this nightmare, but Charlie knew it wasn't a nightmare, it was real life. She'd never see Michael's blue eyes again or hear his deep and soothing voice, and she couldn't even imagine how her life would actually be in the few days, weeks, months and even years to come... 
"Ok, Charlie, it's time to go... Your grandmother waits for you. It's not because you'll move away from me that we won't be able to call each other..." He tried to cheer her up, but Charlie was by now living the worst moment of her life as her world had been shattered down by her grandmother, taking her away from Michael, the only man she cared about in this world...
It took around 30 minutes for Charlie to calm down, but her face and eyes were proving how hard it was for Charlie to quit her teacher Michael. When she finally showed up to the secretary office, Charlie looked down at her grandmother that was sitting in a chair and the teenage girl greeted her even though she didn't want to. Michael had explained to her that she had no choice to go live with her grandmother and this is when Charlie realized she should've never told about that broken wrist that day. She should've lied about it and never revealed that her father had been the one injuring her.
She'd have stayed at her school and she'd have seen Michael for at least until the moment she would've graduated from High School... But nope!
The teenage girl finally gave Michael her last goodbye, wrapping him so strongly in her arms that she hoped his scent would stay forever on her clothes, alas she knew it was impossible. When Charlie set her blue eyes on Michael one last time, the teenager promised herself that she would one day run away from her grandmother and go back to Michael...

Submitted: May 05, 2019

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