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It is just the discussion on the unconditional love & marriage between lovers.

Submitted: April 18, 2019

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Submitted: April 18, 2019



He- I love you unconditionally.

She- me to.

He- I know you will never leave me Boz it's unconditional.

She- if your love is unconditional than why don't you marry me.

He- who said I don't want to. I will but I need some time. And if your love is unconditional than why don't you wait for me.

She- if your love is unconditionl than why you want to wait. Later or sooner we will be together it's just the Matter of time.

He- it's not just time but it's about many things.

She- exactly it's about many things. That's why I said let's be together to make it all ok.

He- that's not possible right now. If your love is unconditional you will wait or may you move one.

She- you know the real meaning of unconditional.

It's the combination of two words. Un & condition.

Even if we try to break this word like un/con/di/tional.

Than hardly one of the above can be the perfect word & that is un.

But when we break this word just in two un/conditional. Than we get two imperfective words which has to be combine and form one perfect word of love unconditionally. When we make efforts for the two broken words to bring together just to convey our person that how much we love them than why do we need later kind time to be with them.

Dedicated to Sheshsuman & Mehul.

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