Cosmic Knight Episode 35 Gravitational Force

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Submitted: April 18, 2019

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Submitted: April 18, 2019



What's up guys. I'm back. So in the last episode was there was I visit in the villa. And in this episode there is a bit things which is not linked with the title. But if you can get the relation between the story and the episode's title you are a fantastic reader. So let's get started. From the event of the last episode Leo was at the air base and said that he will run very fast. Now resuming.

Leo : Don't tell her were I am. (He disappeared from there.)

Victoria : Sorry Leo she already knew that.

The scene changed to the inside if the villa but the place was totally messed up, there were snacks everywhere and all the residents were having some type of food fight.

Leo : What the hell you have done to this place? It is totally wrecked.

Eagle: Oh! Shit. From where did he came?

Leo : What you all were doing?
Kyra: Nothing ch.. Leo.

Blade: They started the fight.

Sabrina: No you were the one who started this.

Elisa: Yes she is right you were the one. You all boys.

Underdog: You shut up you were the one who got the argument started.

Tracy: You were the first one to throw the chips.

Viper: No you were.

Sabrina: No you were.

Leo: Shut up you all. You all messed up this place. She is already hunting for me and after see this she will.....

Hawk: Who is she?

Shooter: Yes who is the one you are afraid.

Leo: It is not the matter I'll be dead soon.

And as Leo complete his words there was a knock on the door.
All looked at the door.

Leo: Don't open it.

And after a few minutes the door was wrecked and a black Hellcat entered into the villa by breaking the door. It was well designed car. And stop right in front of the door. Nearly 10 meters away from the door.

Leo: Shit.

The left scissor door of the car opened and a woman with high heels, black denim with black biker's jacket walked out of the car. The lady was having black hair and a sunglasses on. She was quite beautiful and gorgeous. She was have a golden desert eagle in her right gloved hand.

Leo: Hello baby. Nice to see....

And there was a gunshot.

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