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Submitted: April 19, 2019

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Submitted: April 19, 2019





“I'll surely reach at your home by 5 p.m.” said my daddy's colleague. Being in Marketing Division, he frequently visited different regions of Northern India. They had to reach Azamgarh to attend the meeting next morning. So they booked a resort near for overnight stay. On their trip by car, they carried three packs of cigar.  Daddy drove for five hrs and them his colleague took charge. They took a halt to get fresh. They bought chips and cold drinks for the journey ahead. Distance from new delhi to Azamgarh was about 800 kilometres, a drive of almost 12 hours. Mr.Rahul Mehta then drove from Barabanki to Jaunpur. Then my dad asked Mr. Mehta to have some rest.

Daddy started the drive from Jaunpur. Road connecting Jaunpur to Sarai Mir was considered to be haunted but both of them were unaware of the fact. After driving around 37 kilometres, they were shocked to see a woman standing alone in a pretty blue saree asking a lift at around 2: 48. Daddy stopped the car in order to help her. “ why are you standing here at this hour?” Mr. Mehta enquired. “my husband is in Chandra Nursing Home. He is admitted. Plese, help please!” “come along we'll drop you.” Mr Mehta said. As soon as she sat in car, daddy noticed that her image was not formed in the rear mirror. He understood all what was going on. He asked Mehta sahab to light a cigarette immediately. “ I have an allergy from smoke. Stop this!” “Open your windows.” “ stop the car. I need to go to pee.” She exclaimed. “ We won't stop this car in the Jungle. The village is hardly. We'll stop there itself.” Both said while still smoking. When she tried to touch daddy, she couldn't. Fortunately, my granny has asked her to wear a holy thread since childhood. He instantly asked Mr Mehta to connect his phone and play Hanuman Chalisa, a prayer devoted to Lord Hanuman in Hindu religion. As soon as the prayer started, they could see nothing, but darkness All Around. The lady surprisingly disappeared. Both were frightened but did not stop the car, until they finally reached their Resort.  On reaching the resort, they told this incident to the manager. He then explained them that the road was haunted by the spirit of a lady. She stays on the road because the long dead spirit of her searches for a body to enter. She died long back in an accident on the same road. So they should not stop the car for anyone for any reason.


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