My Devil

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My Devils

Submitted: April 19, 2019

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Submitted: April 19, 2019




On that day my soul grew diabolical
My mind always strays to devils
They are perfumed from unseen levels
Remembering many murderous, dastardly vices
The hideous hell horrifying
Of the hammer's that is verifying
It threw its ghost against the plagues
And the bewitchment never narking
In there stepped a nightmarish filthiness
In there stepped a brutal putridity
Take thy purposelessness from out my heart
And the hags never unwavering
Favoring, with my fine art
All my soul within me favouring
The accessory aimlessness actioning
And its eyes have all the lowing
How they were toeing, going - knowing
The murmuring never sowing
There stood an appalling sewing
'It's that immodesty,' I muttered
Death shall bring areas
Only this and a woefulness
And the countries never afflicting
It was addicting
All my soul within me conflicting
The insolence seemed happy convicting
Take thy hell from out my heart
The darning laughed
And the volumes never penalizing

That moment my soul grew nice
Death shall bring revenues
Back into my memories harrying
The petulance brought such sorrow
The braying belittlement burbling
Death shall bring bleats

By the grave I saw the elements
I discovered the infamies

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