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Jefferson and Tina applied for a house help when Tina was promoted to the position of chief accountant.After a few days,Mark turned up as the house boy.Tina had a crush on Mark and tried to lure him into her bed but Mark also had his own plans to outsmart and expose Jefferson's Wife for who she really was.

Submitted: April 19, 2019

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Submitted: April 19, 2019






When I got married to Jefferson on 19th February 2000, I thought I had met the most handsome man in the universe but that mentality couldn't stand the test of time.I would tell you why but first of all, let me tell you who I was.

Call me Tina.I was an accountant in Sacred Heart Hospital.Been a tenacious and task-oriented person, it came to me as no real surprise when I was promoted to chief accountant in the Hospital. I happily announced it to my husband and he was very happy for me.Afterall all, that would mean a rise in social status and paycheck. My basic salary Ghc 4,000 would now be upgraded to Ghc 7,500 in addition to a bungalow and a car.

After two weeks of thorough preparation and packing, The hospital's Pick- Up Conveyed our belongings to our new house. It was a very spacious house unlike the two bedroom self contained we used to live in. This bungalow was magnificent. It was a five bedroom flat, including a porch, kitchen, Toilet , bathhouse and two garages,a backyard for relaxation and a boys' Quarters. In addition,we were given the privilege to request for the services of a house help if we needed one.

I started work with glee.For the first three months , everything worked smoothly.Then from the fourth month ,the hospital retrenched one of the junior accountants for insubordination. Consequently, pressure began to mount on me -A lot of paper work, balancing financial statements and making entries here and there .As a result of work pressure, I often went home very late, around 10.00 P.M

My husband who was a lecturer at Zenford University couldn't come home early enough to prepare supper.This problem continued for six months and eventually we decided to get a house help.A form was given to us by Waterheight House Help Agency to indicate the kind of house help we want. I gave it to my husband to fill but I advised him to choose a female house help.Before submitting the form,I casually glanced through and had a rethink about the sex preference.Men nowadays cannot be trusted with female househelps. I don't want to risk my marriage.I erased the 'female' at the 'sex column' and chose "male " instead ,before submitting the form at the secretariat.

We waited for about one week before a househelp was sent to us.Surprisingly, the company sent a female househelp to us.

I told my husband that I didn't want a female househelp and that she should be replaced . My husband, surprised at my words said, Darling , are you serious? How can you indicate a female house help on the form and expect a male?" I explained to my husband, "my dear, I changed the sex preference on the form before submitting it"

Jefferson looked at me surprised, "You meant you changed the sex preference on the form from 'female' to 'male' after telling me to indicate 'female' on the form? Why didn't you tell me you have changed it"

I kept quiet but gazed at him

He continued, "I get it, You think if you request for a female house help, I may become sexually attracted to her.That was the level you have reduced me to now,No trust?You think all men are the same?

Still I didn't respond.

I dialled the Agency's telephone number to find out why a female house help was given to me instead of a male one .The agency explained that there was shortage of male househelps and the only alternative they had was the female ones. Determined in my heart not to entertain a female househelp in my matrimonial home,I showed the provisional female house help so much hostility that she requested to be recalled after just two weeks.The agency said I had to wait for two month before a potential houseboy could be searched for me.

True to their words,I was informed after two months and two weeks that they have found a houseboy for me.I waited in anticipation to see the house boy that had taken so long to come.

When I saw him at my doorstep, my heart melted. Goosh!!! How can this cute,well refined young man be a houseboy.He was very handsome from the depth of his eyes to the gentle expressions of his romantic voice. He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. I guessed he was used to that, the sudden pause in a person's natural expression when they looked his way followed by a nonchalant gaze and a weak smile. Of course the blush that accompanied it was a dead give-away. It didn't help that he was so modest with it, all the girls would surely fall for him.He is tall,well built,Handsome or rather beautiful- looking. His rich black curly hair swum in waves.He had thick eye lashes and eyebrow dancing on his well sculptured face and pointed nose.His eyes were surprisingly deep black and sparkling like the rays of sunshine smiling on the afternoon sea. I could see the flecks of silver in his eyes and His high cheekbones perfectly accentuating his face and angular jaw,reinforced by dimples on his cheek when he smiled.His full pink lips were firmly pressed together in a silence expression. He had a smooth brown hairy skin folded into iron chiselled muscles making him looked like a super man.

"Please,madam,My name is Mark and I was sent to your house by Waterheight House help Agency.I Hope I ...."

Mark started talking before I realised that he was really the houseboy sent to my house to assist in the household chores,but how can this fine boy be a house boy. Is this some kind of Joke?

" am at the Right place," He finished.

"My dear, you are at the right place,I managed to reassure him that he wasn't lost.I didn't realised that I called him "dear" until he repeated it rather sarcastically.

"Dear?"He asked.

"Ma'am,I would be very happy if we keep our relationship highly professional,"he said ," because I would not..."

At that point,I was annoyed exposing my feeling to him in the first encounter. Determined to put up an air of superiority,I interjected him saying,"Please Don't call me ma'am. I am not your mother "

He was twenty -three years old and I was Thirty -five years old.A difference of twelve years. He packed his luggage into the boys' quarters.

Mark had proven to be a dedicated worker. Just one week after he started working in our house,one could hardly see any dirt on the ground or any dirty plate in the kitchen or unwashed cars in the garage. He worked very meticulously. He was a young man of very few words,simple and humble. In his few words,you could see intelligence bubbling out from his mouth.

The more Mark stayed in our house ,the more I got attracted to him.I was going crazy over him.I tried my best to hide my feelings for him from my husband but he had begun to notice certain behavioural change in me.He was not oblivious of my mood swings. I stopped showing him genuine love but he saw how I treated Mark with tender care,love and giggles. One day he asked,"Darling,Have I done something wrong?"

I simply replied,"No"

"Then why are you cold towards me nowadays?.....Is it because of Mark "He asked.

"What about Mark?"I feigned innocence.

He started,"Well,You always feel happy when he talk to you and you treat him as if he is your second husband.Are you sure you are not in ....."

"SHUT UP!!!" I shouted, "Jefferson,You talk as if your head is filled with sand. How can you ever think like this?Are you stupid or it's jealousy that is eating you up"

Without uttering a word in response,he left.

One day,my husband told me he wanted to travel to Santoti,His village to see his mother who was critically ill.He said he would be back in one week.He wanted me to escort him to the village, but I declined with the excuse that I had a lot of work to do in the office and more over,one week without going to work is too much.

I could easily have gone with him but I wanted to be with Mark.This is the Golden opportunity I have been looking for and I couldn't afford to miss it even if it meant the death of my mother-in-law.

The next day,My husband left for Santoti. I was so overjoyed. My killjoy was gone,at least for now. At last,I would be with my 'Prince charming' .Contrary to my expectation,Mark had proven to be a hard nut to crack . He decided to ignore all the silent romantic gestures I made to him. Or was he a Virgin ? Or perhaps gay? I decided to persist in my quest to steal his love .I intentionally went to the bath house without a towel and asked him to bring it to me.Surprisingly,he brought the towel and saw me nude but didn't react in any way.At another time,I asked him to apply pommade to my bare back while I was undressed ,with my nipples completely exposed without bra.He focused on his given assignment and left. I asked myself "What exactly is wrong with this.....Or is he not normal?"

My dear reader,I tried all that I could possibly do to lure my 'prince charming' to bed but it seemed apparent I was on a wild goose chase. Just as I was about to give up on him,he began showing me some kind of care.


His sudden change of attitude surprised me because it looked like he was determined to keep up to his professiona lism.He rekindled the flame of passion I had for him,a flame which seems unquenchable.

Then out of the blue he said, "Darling,let's go and bath,then we can make love all night long like there is no tomorrow ?"

For about two minutes I was shocked.This was a boy who had given me tough time for the past four good days,completely nonchalant to my sensual theatrical. If he want it,why let me pass through all that emotional storm?This boy must be a hypocrite or was he flexing on me ,knowing I loved him?

I said it, "all men are the same no matter where they come from or their skin colour. And this was one big professional hypocrite. In as much as I was surprised or see him as a pretender,I was happy that he finally succumbed to my advances and soon we will become one when I allow him into me. Waking out of my reverie,I said,"Yes ,of course , Lets go and shower .

We went to the shower room and bath gleefully. I hugged him and drew him closer to my body.The wave of emotion which was locked up in me had began to flow in a desire to connect with his unfathomable box of desire but found none. He disentangle himself from me saying,Let's bath first,then we can make love later in your bedroom.

If the bathing were a movie,I would have fast- forwarded it.The shower took longer than I anticipated but finally we finished bathing and moved towards the Bedroom where he promised to unlock his hidden box of desire and connect it to my insatiable passion for him. I opened the door for him as if he were my king.In a way he was king.



When we entered the room,I arranged the bed and spray it nicely with perfume. I saw Mark holding a mobile phone which I didn't see at first.May be , my interest was somewhere else by then_on his muscular body.

"Mark,what are you doing with a mobile phone at this time when you are supposed to be caressing me.Put it down and come here,darling.

"Yes,Tina,"he responded, " I am coming."

For the first time since he came to our house,he called me by my maiden name_'Tina',not madam. I didn't care,though but I was surprised. Perhaps Mark wasn't who I thought he was or may be he just wanted to take one step at a time.I push away the scepticism from my mind and embraced him.Then I pulled him closer to the bed.I couldn't help but gave a gasp of astonishment at the marvel of his hairy chest and six-packed stomach.

Oh. God !!!, I can't wait to have him. My emotion was swinging like the high speed blades of an electric fan.He started caressing my body.I shook with the over powering array of emotion coursing through my body in hypersonic speed.After a few minutes ,I was ready for him as I started feeling excited God....I can't wait any longer.

Darling,I want you to lie straight on the bed and close your eyes.Spread your left and right hands above your head.I am going to tie your two hands, Then I will play with you till you feel okay..After that it will be all night long for the two of us. I obeyed his instructions like a kindergarten girl taking instructions from her experienced class teacher.He tied my two hands above my heads and his touch caused my emotion to reach a crescendo of immeasurable ecstasy. "Please,Baby,it's time.I am really feeling lovely.... Pleassssss.Mark,let's make real love,the play is too much "

"Yes,of course,the foreplay is too much.Isn't it? He will make love to you soon,babe,Don't worry,......"

My heart sunk and my emotion switched off like how Ghana Electricity Company suddenly turns power off plunging the whole nation into darkness. That was not Mark's Voice.It was my husband's. I opened my eyes spontaneously and the sight that met me was very embarrassing. There was I ,tied to a bed naked and adjacent to me was Mark,My husband,mother, father and my daughter starring at me in shock.

Tears well down my eyes as the words"I am sorry "escaped involuntarily from my mouth.

My parents who couldn't really fathom why I misbehaved like that turned round and left with shock expressions visibly emblazoned on their faces.

Unknown to me, Mark had incessantly com plained to my husband about how I kept harassing him sexually but my husband didn't believe him though he knew I like Mark. Mark therefore came out with this plan to vindicate himself. Initially ,My husband didn't agree to the plan but my cold attitude towards him made him have a change of mine.

Mark hatched the plan that my husband should be away from the house but stay nearby for about five days within which it is possible I would make a move on him.As expected,I fell right into the net.When we reached the Bedroom,Mark alerted my husband via mobile phone.He also recorded our romantic conver sation in the Bedroom.

I had allowed myself to fall into this trap because of blind love....Or rather LUST. Mark turned to my husband and said ,"So you see the woman you called your wife?" My husband remained silence. Mark then turned towards my direction saying,"Woman,You have a caring husband. Be Faithful to him.As for me,I have a girlfriend and she loves me too much.I cannot betray her because I am a one-Woman man.I don't believe in cheating. Anyway,Sorry for the inconvenience."

After he finished talking,he Instantaneously gave my husband his resignation letter,packed his luggage and left. My husband forgave me for all that I did to him.He said if Jesus christ,the son of the most high God died so that our sins would be forgiven then who is He,a mere mortal not to forgive me for making a mistake. I can't be absolutely sure that my husband had forgiven me completely or it's just a charade. Even if he forgave me,I cannot forgive myself for allowing the lust of a cute young house boy break the hard - earned trust my husband had for me.That boy,Mark,if I ever come across him again.Hmmmmmm.

But my dear reader,Men of honesty are hard to come by nowadays. The truth is "...Shhhhhh. Don't let my husband hear this" I STILL LOVE HIM.

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