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Submitted: April 20, 2019

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Submitted: April 20, 2019



The European Union has been around in some form for several decades now. Now that the United Kindom is leaving, whenever that happens, if happens, it raises questions about the future. The future of the Union is a mystery, but there are four scenarios that are possible futures.

The first scenario is that the EU keeps doing what it does now. There are issues in the Union that should be fixed properly, like the democratic deficit. Instead of taking action and actually doing something about that, the Union now focuses on taking smaller steps, one at a time. That's important, but it may lead to issues between member countries and even other countries leaving. 

The second scenario is in my opinion quite possible, and that's kind of related to the first scenario. There are several countries that want to be in the Union, for example Turkey and Albania. Even if the UK is leaving, other countries want in. It's quite possible the former Yugoslavian countries will join the EU in the near future. The problem is that then the gap between rich and important countries, like France and Germany, and the smaller countries in the east, might grow. This polarization may end up causing these countries to form groups where they work for their own benefit instead of the benefit of the whole Union. 

The third scenario is something people talk about a lot, and it's the Union completely breaking up. Yes, Brexit is the reason for that. There is a possibility that other countries want out too. If the other large economies like France, Germany and Italy leave, the Union is going to be bluntly said, fucked. It's not likely, but it's possible. While I'm personally someone who approves of Finland's EU membership, we can all agree that making up names for the countries leaving is fun. My favourites are Sexit (Swedish exit) and Fixit (Finnish exit). I also like Gexit, because it sounds like the Finnish word for cookies and if you don't like cookies then what is wrong with you?

The fourth one is not that likely, but it's an interesting scenario to think about. The EU could unite even more and become more of a federal union like in the US. On some level, the EU is like the US, where the Union has power over the countries, which are like states, yet each country has their own laws and ways of doing things. Many countries however, don't want to give the EU any more power than it already has, and that's reasonable. 

The thing that easily separates the EU system and the US is defense. There are many EU countries that are in NATO, but many are not. Then there are several countries in Europe that are in NATO but not in the EU, like Norway. It's discussed a lot nowadays, actually. Since Trump isn't exactly a fan of the EU, the EU can't rely on the US for defense. On the other hand, when Emmanuel Macron even said that the EU could have closer military relations, Trump lost his shit. The EU having an "army" is unlike, although the countries do work together when it comes to defense and honestly, even other things. My favourite thought of this is that a Finnish war movie Tuntematon Sotilas (2017) got support from French military planes, which is just hilarious. (on another note, I recommend the movie, it's amazing). 

All in all, there are several ways the EU could change, or then it'll stay the same. I honestly don't know, it's probably something between these four scenarios. And these are just a few possible ways anyway and I'm no expert on this. Guess we'll see in the future, right?

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