The Visitor from California

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Luke Donovan comes town looking for a girl he had been seeing. He discovers that she is underage going by fictitious name

Submitted: April 21, 2019

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Submitted: April 21, 2019



Rilee Bridges and Kyndal Moore were eating at the Dockside Deli Restaurant. Jessica Newman walked in wearing a sports bra and jeans. “Oh look, poor Rilee and Kyndal having to eat dinner by themselves. Too bad you don’t have a body like me. You would have numerous boys eating with you,’’ said Jessica stopping to harass them. “Oh look, poor Jessica, one day she is going to look like a whale and have a bunch of kids pulling on her because she went around flaunting  her body,’’ said Rilee smarting off at Jessica’s comment. Jessica stuck her tongue out at Rilee and walked off. ‘’Bitch,’’ said Rilee quietly.


Luke Donovan, a twenty five year old from Los Angeles walked in and sat down at a table across from Rilee and Kyndal. “Luke Donovan, what are you doing in Dockside,’’ thought Rilee. “Something wrong?’’ asked Kyndal noticing Rilee staring at Luke. ‘’I just realized I forgot something important, Nana told me to do. If I don’t do it I am going to be in big trouble,’’ said Rilee getting up and rushing out of the restaurant hoping Luke didn’t see her. Kyndal had a puzzled look on her face at Rilee’s action as she took the last bite of her sandwich.


‘’Look at that sexy guy,’’ thought Jessica staring at Luke sitting at a table across from her. She went over to the table. ‘’Hi, I am Jessica. Are you new in town?’’ asked Jessica introducing herself to Luke trying to start a conversation. ‘’Nice to meet you Jessica, my name is Luke. I am here trying to find my girlfriend. She used to live in Dockside before she moved to Los Angeles. For some reason she ran off and I thought she might have returned to Dockside,’’ said Luke. ‘’Oh, what was her name?’’ asked Jessica with sad look on her face. ‘’Deborah Clawson. Here is her picture,’’ said Luke handing Jessica his cell phone. Jessica immediately recognized Deborah Clawson was Rilee Bridges. ‘’Your in luck. I see her everyday,’’ said Jessica. ‘’Great when you see her, please give her this number,’’ said Luke writing his cell phone number on a napkin. ‘’I sure will,’’ said Jessica taking the napkin and walking back to her table.


‘’I can’t believe that little witch lived a secret life. How deceitful, it is almost something I would do. Wait a second, if Luke discovers Deborah is really Rilee going by a fictitious name he will be heartbroken and will go back to Los Angeles. Not only that Rilee’s relationship with Richard will be over. I despise that little witch but I am going to help her out of this predicament because I want Luke,’’ thought Jessica to herself.


Kyndal had just finished taking a shower and was taking a handful of dirty clothes to the laundry room. She stopped on the way and went into her bedroom. She sat the clothes on to the floor and started looking at herself in the mirror wearing nothing but a bra and shorts. ‘’Look at this hot bod. Eat your heart out, Newman,’’ said Kyndal puckering her lips as she looked at herself. She glanced over and saw her boyfriend Alex Green standing outside looking in the window watching her. ‘’Alex, what are you doing!’’ exclaimed Kyndal as she opened the window. ‘’I came to see you,’ said Richard climbing in the window. ‘’Why didn’t you go to the front door and knock like everyone else? My gosh, what would happen if I had been wearing less than what I have on now,’’ said Kyndal. ‘’I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven,’’ said Alex with a smile on his face. ‘’I will be right back,’’ said Kyndal picking up the dirty clothes and leaving the room.


Kyndal walked back into her bedroom and sat down on the bed beside Alex. ‘’I am sorry I lashed out at you,’ said Kyndal with a sigh as she put her arm around Alex. ‘’Just had something on my mind,’’ said Kyndal. ‘’What is on your pretty little mind?’’ asked Alex with a smile. ‘’I am not sure what is going on but me and Rilee were having lunch. This guy walks in and Rilee had to leave in a hurry,’’ said Kyndal with a concerned look on her face. ‘’We may need to stay close to Rilee until we find out who this cat is. He maybe an escapee looking to do this,’’ said Alex pushing Kyndal over and getting on top of her. ‘’So what is this crazy escapee going to do?’’ asked Kyndal. ‘’This,’’ said Alex kissing Kyndal. ‘’Then he will do this,’’ said Alex blowing raspberry on Kyndal’s belly. Kyndal giggled and then all of sudden shoved Alex off of her. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ asked Alex. ‘’Someone is coming,’’ said Kyndal. She got up, closed, and locked her bedroom door. ‘’So you want to play crazy escapee again?’’ asked Alex as Kyndal got back on the bed. ‘’No, I want to play Alex Green snuggle me,’’ said Kyndal laying down and putting her head on the pillow.


Luke pulled up beside Ruth Ann Miller’s mailbox driving a rented red Porsche Cayman. He was surprised when he saw Jessica instead of Deborah. ‘’Jessica, what are you doing here?’’ asked Luke. A strange feeling came over Jessica just before she told Luke that she was Deborah. ‘’Deborah is really a fifteen year old girl by the name of Rilee Bridges,’’ said Jessica. ‘’What,’’ exclaimed Luke. ‘’I will show you,’’ said Jessica handing Luke her cell phone with a picture of Rilee. Luke compared the two pictures. “This is bad not only did I have sex with a fifteen year old girl but I served alcohol to a minor,’’ said Luke with a concerned look on his face. “I am sorry,’’ said Jessica as Luke rolled up the window and drove off.


Jessica was sitting on a bench at Dockside High School. George Shuman, Dockside High Principal sat down beside her. ‘’Is there a problem, Ms. Newman?’’ asked George. ‘’I tried to take advantage of a situation that Rilee was in but when the time came I had this strange feeling come over me and I couldn’t go through with it,’’ said Jessica. “It is called a conscience. Which quite frankly Ms. Newman, I am surprised you have one,’’ said George. ‘’What do you mean?’’ asked Jessica puzzled look on her face. ‘’I have watched you ever since you started first grade and if someone was didn’t meet your standards you treated them like crap,’’ said George. Jessica hung her head in shame. ‘’In today’s world society divides people into three classes: the lower, middle, and upper; but what would happen if society quit dividing people into classes? Think about it Ms.Newman,’’ said George getting up and leaving Jessica to think about what he said.


Rilee was sitting on a tree stump crying. ‘’It’s over, everything I ever dreamed of is now gone. All because of the stupid mistakes I made when I lived in California,’’ said Rilee. ‘’It’s not over, Luke is on his way back to LA,’’ said Jessica walking up. ‘’Oh my gosh you know everything. This day can’t get any worse,’’ said Rilee sobbing. ‘’Relax Rilee, the only thing I know is Luke came to Dockside looking for Deborah Clawson,’’ said Jessica sitting down beside Rilee. ‘’How do you know he is on his way back?’’ asked Rilee. ‘’I saw Luke and thought he was so fine, He told me he was looking Deborah Clawson. I became Deborah, we had a fight and he left,’’ said Jessica. ‘’I don’t know if I should say thanks or not,’’ said Rilee. ‘’Even though we don’t like each other, you would do the same thing for me if the tables were turned,’’ said Jessica. ‘’Surprisingly you are probably right,’’ said Rilee standing up. ‘’I do owe you an apology,’’ said Jessica standing up. ‘’For what?’’ asked Rilee. ‘’Acting like I was better than you. In today’s society people are divided into three classes. If these classes did not exist then we would be the same,’’ said Jessica. ‘’I don’t know what you are talking about but if you are thinking we might someday be friends it is possible but it would take a whole lot of work,’’ said Rilee. ‘’I would one day like to be your friend,’’ said Jessica with a smile on her face as she started to walk off. ‘’Jessica, thanks again for what you did. If we were closer I would hug you,’’ said Rilee. ‘’There is nobody around and nobody has to know,’’ said Jessica. Rilee and Jessica hugged and then went their separate ways.


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