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Submitted: April 21, 2019

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Submitted: April 21, 2019



It was around 2 am late October. I was still awake listening to music in my bed when a light from the hallway turned on. I looked over and thought to myself it must be one of my parents walking through the kitchen and I looked back at my phone to change a song. When I got a sudden chill. 

I looked over and froze as a women in a white gown was staring at me from my opened bedroom door. She was just standing there. I froze once I got courage I turned my phone off and started to get up from my bed. “hello?” I asked. All of a sudden the women screamed and ran full blast right at me and disappeared. I jumped out of my bed. 

Just as I did i heard a noise from under my bed. I looked under my bed to my horror a face was staring back at me a human was under my bed waiting for me to sleep. I called for my parents. 

The man quickly got up from under my bed and fled down stairs. I heard the front door slam shut, I peaked my head out and could see a shadow run across our lawn. The next day I decided  to do some research on our house and the women I had seen.  I froze as an article said


“In 1997 a women in a white gown was murdered in the upstairs bedroom by a crazed serial killer who was never found. He’s been referred too as “the 7 year killer” he kills every 7 years. It was 2004 now. 

Another article said “neighbors claim a local man broke into there house and hid under there daughters bed in an attempt to kill her.” The same article claims the daughter and mother saw a women in a white gown just before they were killed. I got goosebumps if it wasn’t for the ghost women I saw, I would have been dead.”

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