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Dreamed on 10/14/2018. Another dream that takes place wholly in the conworld. I changed the sudden shift from beachside to pool into just having the whole thing take place at an indoor lake for
consistency's sake.

Chapter 28 (v.1) - Rescue

Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



A wyvern lazed on a beach, buried lightly under the sun warmed sand. The sounds of families enjoying the day were all around. Adults chatted with small pleasantries while children screamed with joy and kicked up sand behind them as they played. The wyvern hoped the kids would not trample over it in their frolocing, more so over its wings. Some of those kids that were playing, they were the wyverns charge. Their parents had left them with the wyvern, putting their young in the wyvern’s care during summer days so they would have some reprieve. The tide of the manufactured lake had grown since the children had buried their temporary guardian, the salted water lapped gently over its snout. The wyvern wasn’t too worried, one of the other temporary guardians were looking over the children.

The wyvern opened its eyes. The water, it was brown, it should not have been. It lifted itself from the sands embrace, some grains refusing to let go. It inspected the water, which was brownish black with a film grid of black. The wyvern wanders over to a door, asking one of the staff of the indoor lake if this was normal. The large birds that were the staff told the wyvern that the film on the water was used to clean it.

One of the children the wyvern was in charge of bounced up to it. The child told the wyvern and the staff that one of the other temporary guardians had been playing a game with them. The game was to see who can hold their breath the longest underwater, while having a tea party with imaginary cups. The counselor still had not resurfaced.

The wyvern dove into the pool, snaking its way through the water. It spotted the fellow guardian who laid motionless on the lake’s bed. The wyvern wrapped its wings around the human then carried them back to the surface. It laid its fellow on the shore, demanding that someone their size would resuscitate them. The wyvern was worried it would crush them if it tried to do so.

With the fellow guardian receiving aid from one of the staff, the wyvern thought. The fellow guardian could not have forgotten to come up. And, while the wyvern was under the water, it felt something weighing, pulling, it down. The fellow guardian must not have forgotten to come up, but have been pulled under.

The wyvern left the worried children and the coughing fellow guardian to confront the two bird staff that still hung by the door. It demanded that they tell it why this had happened. They said that they did not know anything about it, their faces confused. The wyvern knows that they were lying, that they knew about the creature that lived in their lake. The likely culprit to the near drowning was a kind of insect. The insects dragged creatures under to then encase them in wet silk. All that would remain of the creature would be hard silk statues. These statues would be taken by the insects to decorate their mating nest in a wooded area.

The staff agree to, and did, drain the lake. The sand at the bottom is brushed away to reveal panels. A woman and her child tried entering the building. The wyvern turned them away, telling them there had been an incident. These panels are then pulled aside, revealing the basement storage area.

As the insect prefers darkness, the lights are cut. The insect beings to chirp and click in the darkness of the storage area. The wyvern steels itself, knowing that if it went down there it may not come back. And what of the children it was in charge of, the fellow guardian was in no condition to protect them if anything were to happen. The staff shined a light in the murk. The insects would dart away from the light when it caught them; they were too hard to follow with the light.

One of the insects scuttered up out of the storage area. The wyvern dove after it, chasing it as it scurried along the wall of the large room. The insect was large, long, and had many legs. The wyvern attempts to kill the insect by crushing it with its talons. The insect avoids the attempts and crawls onto the wyverns wing. The wyvern slaps its wing to the wall, crushing the insect and hurting itself.

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