The Dragon's Journey

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A story about a dragon and a princess but not a cliche.

Submitted: April 24, 2019

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Submitted: April 24, 2019



Chapter One Long long ago, there was a dangerous valley called the Dark Valley, where there lived a nest of a dragon. The valley was faraway from the kingdom where human-beings lived, thus, the dragon knew nothing but the rough direction of the kingdom——east. Only the strongest dragon could reach the highest place of the valley, while only at the highest place could the dragon see a stretch of land shine brightly under the rising sun. In the west of the land, in the foggy and dark valley, the story begins. "Damn it! The sulfur is almost gone!" An ugly fat dragon complained, with his nose breathing fire. "You lazy idiot! How greedy you are to eat all the sulfur in the mine left by our parents!" A female dragon roared and lashed at the ugly dragon's head with her strong tail. "OUCH——!" The fat dragon cried, "Old sis, it's just a matter of time! We have to find another home with abundant delicious sulfur!" "Well, it's time for our little brother to grow up...L——O——Y?!" The female dragon bellowed towards a woods. A young dragon rolled out of the woods, he seemed shocked by the thundering roar. "What, what?" Loy, the young dragon tried to keep the balance of his body, looking at her sister anxiously. "Look at you! You poor lamb! There isn't much food left, we chose you to find another new heaven for our future living! Understand?" "But...but there are many other minerals and plants in the Dark Valley, why should we move?" "That's the necessary way for you to be a real dragon! Just go, boy! Go kill some people and burn out some home!" The fat dragon laughed crazily. "No way! I will never ever kill anyone or anything! I'm NOT going!!" Loy shouted angrily. And then, he just flew away without any hesitation. "Come on, my stupid boy. You are a DRARGON! You are born with sins! How can you be called a 'dragon' without any damn fantastic features? hahaha……!" The fat dragon laughed after Loy's back. Next to him, the female dragon frowned with a strange silence. The night fell down, Loy sat quietly on a rock that was covered in moonlight. "Why the a long face, boy?" A voice came behind him. It's an old dragon ageing but spirited. "Who are you, old father?" "Just call me Traveller. I wondered around the land and came here by accident, what's wrong with you?" "Well, I was demanded to find a new home for my family, but I'm afraid to hurt anyone or destroy anything..." Loy said unhappily. "Hahaha you are quite strange, but funny. Listen, young man. You should go out and experience something new. Wherever you go, it must be better than this poor valley...oh...Let me see, your sulfur is running out, isn't it? That's why you have to move..." The old dragon sniffed the air and said thoughtfully. "Ok...That sounds good...But can you point out a way to me, uncle Traveller?" "Of course, my son! Just go to the east! There are countless jewels and beautiful girls in the eastern kingdom! And I'd like to eat a few if I didn't have a bad mouth now hahaha...!" Then he flew up into the sky with a harsh laughter. "Alas, another mad dragon..." Loy mumbled uncomfortably. The next morning, Loy set out towards the brilliant sun. He was going to the east. Chapter Two The journey to the human's kingdom was farther than he could imagine. In the beginning, he was excited and curious about all the fresh things on the road, but he got very tired after three days of flying. Eventually, a row of high rampart came into his view. There were dozens of guards on the rampart with weapons in their hands. But Loy was too excited to realize his status in people's eyes——an evil black dragon. "Warning!!! An dragon is approaching!! Archers! Ready!" The sharp-eyed guard captain screamed nervously. Hundreds of arrows aimed at the dragon who created a huge shadow on the land, once at the command, Loy would become a hedgehog. Suddenly, a dark shadow deparated from the dragon's shadow and turned into a whirlwind, all the weapons were slipped out from their holder's hands in a flash. Everyone was shocked, including Loy. It was a human-figure monster, a devil who ran across the rampart through Loy's shadow. "Hahaha...thank you bro, thanks to your shadow can I attack the human in daylight. Let's invade into the city and enjoy the blood together!" The devil laughed crazily.

"To hell with you evil devil!" Loy said angrily,"I'm here to make friends!" "Are you kidding me? Hahaha ridiculous! A dragon wanna...Ah Ah Ah!!! What are you doing!!" The devil went from happy to frightened——he was burning under the holy sunshine, as a result of the leaving of the dragon's shadow. Loy folded his wings which caused the exposure of the devil's original body. Ignoring the curse from the dying devil, Loy continued to fly inward the kingdom, left the guards in a daze. Loy landed on a small city where had many sulfurous springs——he followed his nose here. On a square, he asked the local people politely:" Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find some sulfur? My family really..." After a brief moment of shock, before Loy had finished speaking, the people all ran away, screaming and crying. After got the frustrating result, he could go nowhere but a golden building which attracted him. As it happens, the princess of this kingdom was here to relax that day, just in the golden building——a sulfurous spring hotel.

Behind the golden building, there was a beautiful garden with a big hot spring. A body of a young girl loomed in the heat. According to the rules, the imperial guards guarded outside the building, so when the dragon landed on the garden, they just detected a gust of wind and complained about the weather. While in the garden, a black dragon and a young girl looked at each other quietly. Beside them were several maids who had fainted at first. "What, are, you?" She said innocently and looking shocked. Don't know why, she was not afraid, even though in front of her was a huge monster. Loy was confused, he said:" Pardon please? I'm here to find some sulfur..." Obviously, they can't understand each other at all——of course they can't. They were not even in the same species. His words were only growls to her while her voice sounds like a mosquito to him. Before she could speak more, the imperial guards who heard the thundering sound rushed in. "Protect the Princess Yin! " The captain shouted nervously without any further steps. All the guards stopped and gaped at the big black dragon. "Maybe I should leave..." Loy moved slowly as if he had did something wrong, then he flapped the wings awkwardly to the air, with a pretty and innocent face in his brain. Just as he was flying into the sky, an archer among the guards took aim at him quietly. " Nooo——!" Before the princess could shout, the arrow went out. Loy just saw a flash of light and had no time to avoid it. "Ah——!" Loy fell down, with an arrow in his right eye. But he noticed that it was the princess was directly below him before he landed. He made his last move in spite of pain——holding the ground with one wing. As the guards anxiously looked ahead, they saw under a blood broken wing, lay the princess unharmed. Chapter Three Loy woke up. He felt his vision was not very clear, and the pain was coming from the left wing and right eye, but the wound were bound up already. "That's my following medical official's work, he was nervous when he did the treatment. Sorry for the hurting from my guard, and thank you for saving me." The princess said gently, "And, can you fly?" Loy didn't answer and lay quietly. He just felt tired, not only because they can't understand each other still, but also something he never thought about. She pushed at his left wing and he growled painfully. "Sure, you can't." She bowed her head in disappointment, "And nobody promised me to help me get you out of here." Loy didn't see she bit her trembling lip. The princess stroked his head tenderly, and said:" The news you were caught here is spreading all around the kingdom, and my father——the king had sent the torturers and the butchers to here. Once they arrived, you will be killed as an evil monster and be exhibit around the kingdom. Nobody was dare to attack you when you were strong while everyone wants to kill you as soon as you fell down. I got no ability to change the ridiculous fact. However, in return for your kindness, I'll free you from torture." "Goodbye, my hero." She kissed him, and Loy closed his eye comfortably. Suddenly, she took out a dagger and thrust it down his throat. His eye flew open unbelievably and didn't struggled too hard, just turned his head with difficulty to a direction——the west. His hot blood mingled with her tears, which burned her right arm, but she didn't care. "Tell my father, the dragon was dead and there's nothing valuable left. If his torturers arrived, please just dispose the soldier who damaged the dragon eyes which the king loved greatly. I'm going to take this body on a parade of the kingdom to show the king's power and prestige. Prepare me several guards, carriages and the resources for a long trip." The princess commanded her people expressionless. Then the carriages set out. The guards led the way, behind them on the carriage pulled by eight strong horses, the princess sat beside the dragon whose eyeballs were gone. They marched all the way west. People along the way stopped to watch and cheer for the king. The parade came to the border of the kingdom. They had a rest there in the night. "The principal here prepared a big meal for us ,just leave for a moment, nobody can steal this huge body." The princess told the guards. The guards accepted the command and left, they were afraid of the princess, who had become strange after the death of the dragon. When all the guards were eating and drinking relaxedly, the carriages roared out of the border heading westbound. The guards were shocked and forgot to chase her at once, it was not until she was far away that they mounted their horses and ran after her. Chapter Four Five days later, a carriage pulled by four thin and weak horses trudged along the road. In front of them, a girl with a gaunt face stopped her limping steps. After four horses died, they arrived the Black Valley finally. Seven dragons were hovering in the sky and roaring bitterly as they saw the body of Loy. The horses were frightened and tried to run away, but they had no strength yet. The dragons landed and caught Loy’s body up together, heading to the inner valley. The princess followed them lamely, then a female dragon carried her by its mouth and went on. They arrived at a volcanic vent which had no lava gush. The dragons put Loy down and started to growl which were full of sorrow and anger. They sounded like thunders from the ancient times. After the elegy, the dragons threw Loy into the volcano then they left rapidly. The princess suddenly took out something like a yellow jewel and threw it into the volcanic vent. A split second, the volcano erupted with lava all over the sky, the sulfur mine revived. All the dragons stalled in the air and looked back at the volcano: they saw a pretty girl smiled happily in the fire and then swallowed by the lava.

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