The mother song

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This is where it all begins. Most of us don't remembre our own so let's relive one

The mother Song

Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub.

“Where am I? Who am I? What am I?”

With the sound of the heartbeat, his question fades into nothing. Leaving only the melody of this song. With the warmth caressing his being, comfort surrounds him, letting him rest and wait. Weeks pass by. However, in this place in space, there is no time. The only thing to be found is he and his never-ending song.

“I’m not sure where I put it.”

This cacophony gladdens my spirit. I couldn’t help myself from dancing with delight. Hitting the walls of my space.

“He kicked!” said the gentle voice.

“Really!?” said by a strange lower voice.

On my walls, I witness a very large silhouette that looks like my own hands. Sitting, waiting, wondering.

“Who are these strangers? This feeling is odd. Nothing in this space can help me find the answer I wish to seek. I must remain. Until the day when finally comes where I’m prepared to discover who I am, who they are, Including the knowledge of this sensibility.”



Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months.

“At last I’m ready to see what more lays outside my space. Also to finally meet the creator of my song.” Hours pass by as I’m drawn closer to the entrance of the new world. Horrible sounds fill my delicate ears.

“Push! You can do it!”

“It’s alright hun, take your time and breath” the lower voice says.

“These sounds, they're not the ones I’ve been with all this time. Where are they? If this new place doesn’t have what I’m seeking, I won’t live in it. Staying here, where I began would be better than whatever the outside has to offer.” The noises continue. Little by little the song starts to drown in the noise making my journey unbearable. Then a strange object grabs hold of me. It isn’t human nor was it a living being. Red, is all that I see.

“This pressure on my head it hurts. Why won’t it stop? It’s the worst thing imaginable. Scared sails away, sacrificing safety okay. I’ll accept this riot if it will come to a halt soon.” Not long after that, I’m born into this new and odd world.

“It’s a boy.” the noise shouts. Without my song by my side, I cry.

“Where’s my song?!” My loud pitched cries echo on the walls.

“Can... I hold... him?” The weak gentle voice says. She holds me tight to her chest.

“I found my song again. But fear and pain still haunt me.” My cries continued, as does the noise, only to be stopped by her voice.

“Hushabye, don’t you cry. Go to sleep, my little baby. When you’ll wake, you will have all the pretty little ponies. Black and white, bai and gray. All the pretty little ponies.” As the gentle voice sings it she wipes away my tears. But her song starts to slow down, her skin begins to grow with the cold. Her touch loosens on my back. Then the silence  shatters by the noise, and my song disappears.



“Hun?! Diana open your EYES!?” The lower voice shouts.

“She’s lost too much blood!!”

“Start CPR. Call for an AED stat, stop the bleeding!” The noise is louder this time. As the stranger pulls me away I fight for my life to reach my song, crying out for her.

“I need her!!” They place me in a glass box and wrapping me in something warm and soft, but yet it can’t replace the warmth and feeling that she can offer.

“Why is it so bright? It hurts this pressure won’t stop. Where is she?! My song I need her!! I can’t oversee this pain alone!! Please save me!” Crying echoes through the walls for a while. Now it echos along with the sound of a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. The strange man with the lower voice approaches me with despair.

“Hi, Cameron please don’t cry. I’ll miss her too.” He kneels next to me and weeps.

“Your the other strange voice from before. I know you. Where’s my song?! Is she coming back?”



He grabs me and bring me back to this odd place, and it felt right to be here.

“This is home for us now.”says the voice. Still, I can’t stop crying. The pressure grows with every minutes of every hour. “I wish for mercy, It hurts! It Hurts!! IT Hurts!!!” But threw all that time of pain he was there with me. Feeding me, swaddling me, shushing me , swinging to me. I didn’t understand why he looks so lifeless. He looks like how I feel when I lost my song. Later on the man lays me down in this odd box, I cry still. I know he’s not like my song but he’s still similar. He stays by my side comforting me.

“My head I can’t take it anymore! Make it stop!!! This can’t be what living is.”

The silence shattered the cries. Death takes Cameron’s as his own.

“Where am I? Whom am I? What am I?” I asks himself. All I know is that the pain vanished along with him.

“This is our second lives. Who do you believe you are?” I turns around to see my mother overjoyed I hugged her tight and listens to his song once more for eternity.

“My name is Cameron, and I’m your son. I love you, mom.”

The next morning the husband brings Cameron to the hospital. There they confirmed that the cause of death was birth trauma. The widow husband lost his son and wife in a day. So he returns home only too brings himself to death's door, to be with his family once more.

Submitted: April 26, 2019

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The descriptions were spot on in this piece. I think you could drop the quotation marks around the thoughts of the baby though. They were distracting and without them, I could still tell from what point of view I was reading from.

The voice was also well done as well as the pace of the story.

Sun, April 28th, 2019 5:16pm


Thank you so much

Mon, April 29th, 2019 12:54pm

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