REAGANADRIAN(light in dark celestial mystery)-saga I

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Will Adrian leave Neveda to die in the wild forest?How the Arctic expedition team reaches Pacific Ocean Island? The King ReaganAdrian searches the culprit who helped the Arctic team. The king
narrates his thoughts after he leaves Neveda to die. Whose voices the king will hear in wind? Will ReaganAdrian reveal the secret of his heart or will he conquer the power of Volcano?

Chapter 26 (v.7) - Silent Voices in Air (Narrated By ReaganAdrian)

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019




Silent Voice in Air

(Narrated By ReaganAdrian)


Leaving Neveda to die I returned to my palace. I lost my letter and sketch about Evilion. I had to get back the crystals. If the blue crystal comes in contact with my blood then that will be a peril for my planet.

 Another big riddle was to find out how those humans reached Pacific Ocean from Arctic. Who is the culprit behind this plot? I decided to meet Bless.

I called Karian and said, “Karian go to Arctic and find out who helped those people and sent them to Pacific”. He went to search.

I went inside my room where I kept Pamela’s ashes. I looked at the painting of Valeska. After many years I saw her painting. Her face was little similar to Neveda. 

I don’t like Neveda but still her face comes to my memory. I hate humans. First I saw her on the road near forest in Switzerland. That day she escaped. I thought she is pretending to love me as a conspiracy. Even if she truly loves me what’s the use? I can never love her or any other girl. The one girl whom I liked immensely my life is Bless.  Humans do create havoc wherever they go. In some days Neveda will be dead and this story will be over forever. Neveda is nowhere related to me. I am so much powerful, majestic and King of The Pole Star but she is just a human.

Thinking all this I tried to sleep. When I close my eyes I could see Neveda’s fearful face in front me. She was pleading me not to leave her in that haunted place as she was scared of darkness and animals.

I got up. I was getting disturbed as why I am worrying for her. Her pitiful face was coming in front of me. Is it right to kill her so cruelly? She has to die but that need not be so cruel.

I decided to go back inside the forest to see her. I got out from my palace and speedily moved to the forest. I reached the isolated forest and searched her but she was not visible. I thought animals must have eaten her; I started shouting on me saying I should have been early here. That is ok now I cannot bring her back to life so let me search the crystal. I heard the growling sounds of animals and I knew they were eating Neveda so the crystal must be there.

 I ran towards the desert area and saw some leopards were in the attacking position and Neveda was lying unconscious. She was alive. I had to be quick. The leopards were growling and were ready to attack Neveda. Before I could act all the leopards jumped. I flew between Neveda and the wild animals and kicked each of the animals. I took a ferocious position and seeing me all leopards ran away. These wild animals were bought by Karian and Cobra from earth.


I saw Neveda. Poor girl lying fainted. I was looking at her and questioned myself as what to do with her. Finally I took her and flew to another place. New place was beautiful and safe. The new place was surrounded by green hills with different kinds of flower garden.

I thought let Neveda stay here for some time. I will resolve the Evilion issue, get the blue crystal, kill her other friends then will ask Karian or Rohini to kill Neveda.


I placed her on soft grass. She will never knew who bought her here. Main reason I did not allow her to die there as she resembled Valeska. At least for that one reason she can get a peaceful death.

 I saw her and thought to sprinkle some water on her face. But I restrained as she will be scared or start her love feelings again. I left her like that and returned to my palace.

 Inside my room I was walking to and fro. I lost the sketches that had information of Evilion. Who stole the sketch and letter? I felt the sketches are with Neveda. But that is not possible as there is no reason for her to take that and she won’t even understand that. So I had to make the sketch again.


Evilion is lethal but if he attacks me I will kill him. Cobra and Karian were keeping vigil as possible attacks from Evilion.

Days passed and I never thought about Neveda, Hope or Aslee. I was trying hard to make light from Pamela’s ashes. I will visit to earth and search Satan but never found him. After Hope’s sentence, Valeska never came to meet me on the cold land of earth. She was angry on me and started perceiving me as a devil.

Devain and Rayen were searching for the two men who had the blue crystal. As days started melting like ice once I went to meet Bless but she was not at her place. I returned to my palace.

Many days passed and I thought Neveda must be dead. I decided to go and get the orange crystal.

I flew towards the hills. I searched for Neveda and to my gloom, she was alive. She was sitting near a water spring looking down. She looked healthy. I decided to kill her and get the crystal as I cannot wait further.  But someone else appeared there. The arrival of this person was not expected. I hid myself behind a tree.


“So Neveda, how are you?”

Neveda looked up with no interest.

“I am asking you how are you”

“I need not answer as you know the answer already” Neveda replied.

“Still I want to hear from your lips”

Neveda: “In a sad condition. How will a person would be when her friends are killed and she is dumped in a lone planet”

Rohini smiled and said, “Neveda, I feel pity on your condition”

“Thanks, now you can leave me alone”

Rohini: “Give me some time Neveda, I need to talk to you”

Neveda: “What?  If you have come here to kill me then do it quickly. I guess your heartless ruler has sent you”

Rohini: “Still that day has not come. Only if you had kept your mouth quiet I would have killed you in the palace itself”

Neveda: “Really! Rohini, all say that when Adrian hides someone, no one can find him or her then how come you found me”

Rohini: “I was searching for ReaganAdrian. He at times visits this place and apart from him I alone know this place as long back I came here with Reagan. So I came here. Ironically I did not find him but got you”

Neveda: “Tell me what you have to say”

Rohini: “Now that’s the point. Neveda I am sure you will not be happy to hear from me”

Neveda: “Rohini anyways I am not happy here”

Rohini: “Neveda, you know, you are a fool as you love ReaganAdrian”

Neveda: “Ok let I be fool. How that matters to you?”

Till now Rohini was talking in a sarcastic and soft tone but now it is changed into a harsh, violent and threatening tone.

Rohini: “Neveda forget Reagan. He is mine. Don’t even dare to think of him”

One of my planet girl has fallen in love with me but it is not odd for me as she is strong like me.

Neveda looked at Rohini and stood up.

Neveda: “What you hold monopoly on Adrian? I love him”

Rohini: “Neveda, don’t make me mad in anger. I am very possessive and never allow any one to take away from me anything I love”

Neveda: Is it? Then go to Adrian and tell him about your love. He will dump you also somewhere”

Rohini: “Neveda, look Reagan may accept me but he will never spare you alive. I  wanted to challenge you that one day Reagan and Rohini will be together” saying Rohini started laughing loudly, “if you are alive then surely you will see that day’

Neveda: “Your heartless King will never value any love”

Rohini:  I am malicious than Ara. How dare you to love Reagan?”

Neveda: “Oh you are daring me. Let me put in other words as “Adrian dared to get the love of Neveda”. Go and tell your ruler this statement and ask him to send a military to kill me. What he or you will kill me? I will jump inside the water and die by myself, destroying the crystal and everything. You foolish lady your King hates me”

Rohini: “O you got that much courage. Surely Reagan will ask me to kill you one day and at that time I will show you what I am” saying Rohini left the place in wrath.


Neveda looked blank; she sat on the grass and was speaking to herself as, “I had  fallen in love with Adrian. He killed all my friends. Why my heart went on a cruel ruler? At least I would have died with my friends, Adrian is so selfish, Amanda was right but still my heart yearns for him”


I saw her. Little tears flowed from her eyes. She is not that much weak as I thought. It was a wrong time to be in front of her so I returned to my palace. I felt silly for two women fighting. Rohini will take her revenge from Neveda if I give her chance to kill Neveda. Regarding Neveda she has lots of will power.

Rohini returned to the palace but did not say a word regarding her meeting with Neveda. Though I never developed any emotions towards anyone yet Neveda’s tears did have some impact on me. I decided to kill her very soon.

I called Rayen and Devain in my room and asked them to search Evilion and get details of him so that I can prepare another sketch. I had to be quick so that Cobra can go and meet Justine.

 I was not happy with the slow pace of work; two men who have the blue crystal are still missing. If by chance Evilion gets the crystal then that would be risky for everyone of us.

I had to meet Bless but she disappeared. Has Evilion injured her?” I asked the question to myself but that is not possible as Evilion wants my blood. I was evaluating the situation of my planet that abruptly my eyes fell on Valeska’s painting.

 I saw her painting and felt she is telling me, “Reagan why are you so cruel, please leave Hope”

I ignored the painting. I had to find out the culprits who transferred Vladimir, Nicholas and others from Arctic Ocean to Pacific Ocean Island. If only Bless was there with me my job would have been easier.

  I decided to roam on my planet and try to find any clue about these culprits. I started my journey and met my people. I shared the current happenings and requested all to help me and keep a watch on any unwanted elements.

I searched the caves, deserts, forests, rivers, oceans but nothing was leading me to those culprits. Rayen once questioned me that why I was so madly searching for those culprits. I told him that inside enemies are more dangerous than outside enemies. I searched for them but in vain. Tired I returned to my palace and searched in the palace but no one I found.

 One place I did not search in my planet. That place was full of rock hills. The temperature there dips below zero degree and hardly anyone goes there. I decided to go there and search. I reached the rocky mountainous terrain.


I reached the summit of one of the peaks. The peaks were engulfed in mist. Far away I could see snow covered peaks. I flew from one peak to another in search of the culprits. But I found no one.

At the centre of these peaks there is a small circular shape natural water spring.  The water in this spring has energizing power. Anyone stays inside this water spring for some days can get blazing energy. But the challenge here is the water currents drags us down with extreme force and if we get defeated with the currents then we will reach the core of my star and from there no return possible.

 Few people tried that and they got perished. After that, no one comes to this place. Some even reported that they heard haunted voices in these hills.

I walked near the water spring and started recalling old memories and havocs associated with this spring. I sat near the spring. Only once I entered this spring and defeated those currents. My men say that as I am the King so I can do anything. In reality tremendous will power, efforts, smartness and concentration makes deadly tasks possible. It is neither magic nor miracle.

 I waited near the spring for time to unfold any clue about the culprits. It was dusk and sun rays were falling on snow clapped mountains. Wind was blowing at a tremendous speed.

 I did not find any suspicious activity. I felt irritated as I wasted my time here. I stood up to get out of the place quickly that I heard whispers in the air.  I felt a message in the whispers. I focused on those whispers and walked in its direction.

The voice murmured,

Reagan, don’t leave the place else you are dead. History repeats keeping its vengeance. Search inside me and you will find the answer”

The voice ended near a hill. I got some hints so started digging the hill. I had to break huge rocks to dig the hill. After hours of breaking, I made a tunnel inside the hill and walked inside.

 The voice was right as history has repeated itself. Inside this hill something I found unbelievable.

I saw mine, Hope’s, Valeska’s and Rayen’s photo and in front of our photos a lamp was burning. I searched for any clues as it was unique to see our pictures inside this hill. I removed the pieces of rocks and dug further. At last I found a written statement on the rock wall of the hill. My suspicion was right and the voice’s warning was absolutely true, history is repeating itself to take revenge from us.

The rock wall had the warning written:

“Kill Reagan, Hope, Valeska, Rayen and fulfill the grudge of Sage I murder” – signed by Sage II, Victor, Evangelica.










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