Barking Dog Never Bites

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This is my promise and I will examine this note always in my life ahead. :)

Submitted: April 28, 2019

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Submitted: April 28, 2019



When you go ahead with the feeling that way will be never wading only on hope,

When the belief from a heart need to know the completion is an uphill climb,

When you wanted the most different from the external beauty,

Where you can win is a sacred space which belongs for the true you only,

Where you rejoice in the affirmation that an angel’s message can override all things,

Where your own Karma gives the colour of your lives wisely away from all the dharma,

I feel the drama surrounding me is only the external appearance,

I allow the actor to choose to live a life worry free and move on with love carry with the work that never kills anyone’s true dreams,

I see the world with unwounded eyes away from the prisons of the past with loving eyes of God and a renewed spirit,

Like a lifetime without hiding or denying myself from the path I learned this heart to head on with this affirmation,

Like a belief I may bring you many goodness and this trust may open this heart and receive you respectfully,

Like a character I may help a biggest soul lessons to accept all abundance, joy and love that the universe brings,

A reverence hidden in this my teacher’s faith on us,

A revelation transcending never in the anxiety of the future,

A reference this answer will reach into the hero who looks into my heart,

I like to speak to God not when I am hopeless,

I love to lead with God all the way the long road entrusts it all to an honest conversation,

I listen to call upon God now to give me wisdom and clarity in knowing and remembering all that is requisite in this journey,

One day the whole creation will feel the mercy and compassion of God that is draining in a time I receive Christ as my saviour,

One way the day may shine and start my day with this kindness that gave me life and held me close to the love that showed me what was right from the start,

One love I am lovable till the end and nothing that will take this love away will remain for the chance to help me win,

Before as time went on within so strong enough to let me go,

Before as prayer in my life held me close going to shine through everything,

Before as message within the loving efforts steer time and time again in true faith however hard the dreams be served,

Even in this baby steps Gods love will pull my wings high into the sky,

Even in this path dreams try to pay attention against any mood swings or indecisiveness and exercise the power of ‘no’ with loving assertiveness,

Even in this procrastination I call upon all such interactions to pledge I will not loose ends in this life without a hundred percent commitment and honesty,

One day Christ in these beginnings of learning wanted this handbook of teachings as my ultimate guide,

And asked me,

Do you know the barking dogs never bites?

I responded,

"A dog will always be committed and loyal to his master. I have only one real master and that is you. What I will do with this life is the only real sport and all others are just games? I do understand, what for the complete collection is written? May you never underestimate my passion I have envisioned in your mission. Let me fulfil my responsibility. Lastly this is my defence against the truthful life I will always remember in my duty. And I will never ask you anything as my rights here.” Amen.

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