Best Case Scenario

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Being a part of the GSA, having three openly gay friends, and kissing her best friend should be enough for Teagan to come out her Senior year. She's sure it's time, but when a boy from her past comes back and they click, Teagan wonders if it's worth it. Her best friend, Kali doesn't need to know her messy feelings or that she's been lying for all these years. Teagan tries to finish school with her head down but the cost of her secrets may be too much for her to handle.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

This is the fourth edit of my Nanowrimo manuscript. Critiques are more than welcome; I'm trying to improve the story and any suggestions or comments you have will help. I'd also love to hear what's
working. Feel free to comment publicly or private message me. Thank you!
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Chapter Two

Chapter Two   The classroom is mostly full when I walk in, and I rush over to the first familiar face I see. After exchangin... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Chapter Three   Thank goodness lunch isn’t until fifth because it takes me the next three classes to gain my composure. I ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Chapter Four   I text Kali before I leave school to check in. I hadn’t seen her for the rest of the day and I watched Carl... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Chapter Five   Kali was back to her normal self this morning with only a quick mention of last night’s phone call. She mos... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Chapter Six “Kali’s here!” I race down the stairs before my parents can begin interrogating her, but it’s too late. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven   I beat Finn to Pete’s and park my bike against the wall. I don’t recognize anyone here. Most of the kids... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight   My lips still feel swollen after last night, but it only helps my mood. A notification pops up on my phone: ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine   I’m sitting at a picnic table in the courtyard running my finger against the wooden grain. In an effort to ... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten “You’re using your Senior project as your greatest accomplishment? Risky,” Kali says. She has her laptop proppe... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven Finn’s kisses trail a path from my shoulder to my ear. “Are you sure you don’t want to come over? I could skip s... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve Leaves of red, yellow, and brown crunch under my shoes as I walk around the soccer field. I see Finn posted near the g... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen “How does it look?” Kali calls. I open the door and come out. No longer Teagan, but Spider-Gwen! If Spider-G... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen Finn and I are horizontal on his bed when his phone goes off. He groans against my mouth and grabs it, one hand wrap... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen Kali is MIA when I head to our lunch table. I look around for her wondering if she was just late this morning and see... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen “We’re going to do a family dinner tonight Teagan.” I look up from my book. My mom is standing in my doorwa... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen   The whole house avoids the topic of college and Finn for the next week. I’m polite with my mom but lea... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen Kali catches up with me in the cafeteria the next morning before I have to see Finn. I quickly explain the dinner an... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen The Thanksgiving holidays go by quick. I manage to make it through the embarrassing extended family dinner at my gra... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty Even with all of the drama of November, December passes by without any hiccups. Kali and I move Tuesday evenings to ou... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One Christmas is quiet, but in the best of ways. I’m greeted by a snapchat of Finn in a Santa hat grinning from ear ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-Two   Sunlight wakes me up and I close my eyes tightly. When I try to open them again, I press my hands over ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter Twenty-Three Walking into school the next day feels like walking in with a solid ball in my stomach. My skin hurts; my brain ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Four

The next day, I feel like I’m moving through fog. My mom gave me a hug when I left this morning and I wanted to cry in her arms. I spen... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Five

Tuesday afternoon, I’m doing some of the admin things for the GSA website in the library. Imari put up a survey about the support for t... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Six

Seth already has a cappuccino in front of him when I get to The Rooster. I order one too at the coffee bar and go to sit across from him.... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Seven

“My dad is ruining my life. Do I sound like an angsty teen?” Kali has her head buried on the cafeteria table in her arms, refusin... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Eight

I don’t hear anything from Kali that night but wake up to a text from her. Want to talk? I slip my phone back under my pillow. Faci... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Future-me is today-me and I cannot deal with it. I’m tempted to skip school that day but can’t because one: if I don’t show up,... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty

When the last bell rings, I grab my things out of my locker as the hallways empty out. The only thing on my mind is to get out as quickly... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-One

What did you say to Kali??? You talked to her? Teagan text me back! When the last text comes in, I put my phone face down on ... Read Chapter


Fairy lights adorn every rafter and wall of the building. Electric tealights flicker on tables with flowers surrounding them. It would se... Read Chapter

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I like the dialogue and the interchange between the characters!

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