Needle and Red Thread

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Not exactly a life time of hatred and grief can be kept inside while the world if falling into chaos. So the Red Raven must cleans the world for a better tomorrow but can she with love by her side or not?

Needle and thread


Fire, that’s the first thing that the world is seeing now at its rebirth. Everything and everyone burning to ash. To those who will survive, they will have to learn to evolve into the new world or die trying to escape it all. The day the world ended was the 24th of July 2019, which is actually today. I destroyed the world myself, I’ll explain to you how I did it all and you tell me if I made the right choice. I was sick of being left behind, sick of being hurt, sick of being used to it. So I decided to start living off of what I can find in the streets, ever since I was a little girl. I’ve been everywhere in the whole world except for this little village that’s not on any map. I admit I have done things that I’m not proud of to get here, but I had to do it. It was necessary. I’m turned 17 today, that’s a big deal for me. That’s my tenth anniversary of my survival and my mission that is finally complete. For the last few years, I’ve had a hefty bounty over my head. Apparently, I’m worth a hundred thousand dollars. Well, in my mind I think I’m worth that times a hundred million now. Yes I know, no one’s worth that much. But let me put it this way. What is the only reason our souls go to heaven or hell? It’s our actions. Example you do something that’s against God, you go to hell. Now I myself sin but I’m no devil. I do good but I’m no angel. You see, what I did is far beyond any human being. They call me the red Raven, I saved the world, and this is how it all began. It all started in a very small village just off of Texas called Budrey. I knew that this was the perfect place to put my plan into motion. Nevertheless, little did I know that military forces were planning to strike me down. A team called the S.A.L division, it stands for Save American Lives. The team was discussing the final details of the plan for my capture. Among them is a young man, to who I would never suspect to play a big role in the next upcoming event of my life. The 19th of July 2019, this is the day I start the second part of my brilliant plan that will save the world.

I was walking down an old road with a very old dirty black backpack that held an empty banged up tin water bottle, a few matches, a knife, a nine millimeter handgun, a small box of bullets, rope, four smoke bombs, a small bag of half-eaten skittles, a needle and red thread. All I wore was old ripped up black T-shirt, dirty red covers, stained camouflage sweat pants, and a black cap. I hate all the colors except for red and camouflage colors. Mostly because their natural, green, brown, black those are all found in nature. You’re probably thinking how’s red a natural color, this girl is probably color blind! It’s the truth, ask yourself what color is your blood? That’s the reason I love those colors, also their not man-made. Mankind is unbearably revolting to me. They’re selfish, greedy, stupid and all in all worthless. They don’t think about what their action may cost to others, all they care about is money, sex, and death. They don’t respect anyone but themselves. That’s why I must exterminate the human race, to purify and cleanse the world from the evil that they unleashed upon the world. I know I am human myself, but I have a pure soul of light that wants to give the world a fresh start. To help those in need as I ones were long ago. That’s why I dedicated my life to be the savior of everything that can be and shall be. Along the road, all you can see for miles is sand, rocks and the remains of once we called the living. Bones and rotting fresh melting into the ground becoming one, as it once was long ago. My feet aching in agony, praying for mercy, wishing for my legs to stand still or to even lift the weight off of them. But the time comes with a large pace, so losing time would be the worst punishment of all. I keep marching on for hours feeling like theirs no end. Later that same night around 11 pm the moon higher and brighter. In all my life I’ve never seen a night like this one, with a beautiful sound of silence. Not too far from me, I see a gas station. I approach it carefully trying to avoid cameras. Inside there were 4 people in total. The cashier, the janitor, a 13-year-old boy and myself. I got myself 5 water bottles, 6 apples and one big bag of skittles. Walking to the cashier I notice both him and the janitor staring at me, right then and there I knew something was wrong. Standing by the cash register I place the food and water on the counter. After a few minutes of waiting for the janitor and the cashier went missing from my sites. I slid everything on the counter in my bag then grab my gun and hold it close to my side. Seconds later everything went black.

Getting up my eyes are filled with the site of destruction, flames feasting a pong everything around it. A few feet away the boy kneels and screams in pain. His tears falling just as fast as his blood with a missing arm on his left. I hear the boy mumbling but by reading his lips, I understood what he was saying. Grabbing my gun I face it to his head and pull the trigger. His body collapses and by the raging flames, his body turns into ash, flying away with the wind. With a whisper, I say “May your soul join us in the new world.” I grab my bag and make a run for it. Then in front of me emerging from smoke was a military soldier with a rifle pointing straight at me. One by one more come to appear, surrounding me. One of then yells too me “Surrender peacefully or we shall use brutal force.” I smile and say “Go ahead, I dare you.” I grab one of my smoke bombs and throw it at my feet, disappearing into the shadows. All the soldiers were looking around for me but one by one I attacked them. Jumping on their backs putting my hand on their mouth I slit their throats with my knife. Looking at my sixth victim and soon to be dead I feel something hit my right arm. It was a dart with red feathers. Quickly my body starts to feel numb and I collapse falling asleep. When I woke up I was in a hospital rob in a big white room with one hanging light bulb and a big glass mirror on the wall in front of me. As I was strapped, down to a table with restraining straps and a head cage on my head. All could think about was how I am going to get out of here. Being stuck like this was the worst. Not too long after that, some geezer in a fancy blue navy seal uniform with a bunch of medals on his left side of his chest and with a clipboard in his right hand comes in. “Now my lovely what is your name?” I don’t say anything and I plan not to at all. “Well I’m general smith, and I’ve heard much about you, my dear.” Lifting his clipboard he reads the papers. “Apparently all we know about you is your murder name the Red Raven and you’ve killed over hundreds of people in the last 10 years. Your bag also doesn’t help us identify who you are. So we need you to answer some questions.” He approaches me closely then I spit in his face. “Urk, you’ll pay for that! And trust me you will tell us what we want to know. If you don’t then you will wish you were never born.” He storms out the room leaving me alone. I whisper with tears “Please bring me my needle and red thread… Before I forget them.”

After two days of torture with no sleep or food. Behind tortured by means that no human should ever have to endure. The first day they used a lead sprinkler to burn me by sprinkling me with molten lead on my back. Next was the rack, they tied my hands and feet to the rack and start turning the wheel to stretch my body dislocating half of my joints. With the thumbscrew they but my toes in the clamps and crushed my toes. Electrocuting me in the groin and breasts. Drowning me. During these past two days all they played was noise, the only time it would stop is when they would ask a question and but I never answer them. On the third day, the torturing continued, then everything goes quiet.General Smith comes into the room with someone following behind him. “Well, how is our demon today?” I don’t answer. “This is Captain McAllister, he will be interrogating you for as long as he sees fit. Good luck” The general leave the room and the captain sits down on a chair next to my table that I’m strapped to. “So can u tell me where you came from?” I don’t answer. “Well, I strongly believe that The Red Raven isn’t your real name. Can you tell me what it is?” “Still no answer. “Can you at least tell me why you’ve done all these horrible things?” With the look of frustration, he lets his head drop which becomes a disappointment. “They’re ugly,” I answer. He looks back at me. “Everything they do is ugly. Humans are an unforgivable creature. We don’t have the right to live. All they do is take, take and take even more. It doesn’t matter what it is. But one way or another they hurt others, make them feel pain for their own benefits. It’s wrong! I want to stop it all. Save the world from mankind. To bring peace, love, and kindness. The only way to do that is to bring the rebirth of this world. Only those who will choose to evolve, to be better will survive.” The captain looks at me with a straight face. “You really believe you can do that? But it seems impossible. It would take decades to accomplish this.” I laugh. “I did it in one decade. It might even be complete in 2 days if you help me.” He leans in closer to my face. “Why would I ever help you, after what you’ve done? After all the people who’ve killed. Especially that young boy at the gas station who had nothing to do with any of this.” Whispering I answer. “Because you know, theirs more to me then just killing mindlessly.” He storms out the room and slams the door shut. Leaving me with the horrible noise and my thoughts. Rushing through my mind. “I need my needle and thread to remember.”  A few hours later the captain returns to my cell with a pair of handcuffs. “You will listen to everything I say. Don’t look at anyone and don’t speak to anyone. I nod my head. He releases me from the table scraps and places my wrists and ankles in shackles. He puts a transparent bag over my head and we walk out the room into a hallway filled with soldiers. They all stared at us. Only minutes into the walk soldiers started to follow us. One of them walks up to us and put his hand on the Captain shoulder. “Captain McAllister, what are you doing with this creature?” He answered. “She being moved to somewhere else. Now if you’ll excuse us we’ve got places to be.” The soldier grabs my arm and pulls me to him. “Well captain, if you're busy we can take care of her for you.” I break my shackles and break the soldier arm. I take his knife and cut both of his thighs. He falls to the ground screaming. I do the same thing to the rest of the soldier in the hallway. “What did you do that for!? They're gonna kill us now!” The captain screams. “They were going to kill us anyway. The alarms go off in the building. I make a run to the computer lab. Kick the door down take the knife and cut open one of my stitches and pull out a memory key, put it in the computer and download everything. Two minutes later I got what I need to shove the memory key back in my arm and met up with the captain outside the build. I grab his arms and run to the main city to an old abandoned building. We walk to the back and get inside. After a few flights of stairs, we arrived too my room and I lay in bed with relief. Knowing that I have what I need it’s only a matter of time till everything will come true. It’s the night of the 22 of July, only 2 days left till the big day that heaven shall be brought to this world.

The night is still young. The captain looks at me. “What is this place?” I reply. “Home. Well, one of many. I have one home in each state.” “Oh,” he answered. I take the hospital gown off and put on black shorts with a green T-shirt. “Why do you have all those red stitches on yourself? You don’t have any cuts.” I grab my needle and red thread from my top drawer, I sit on my bed and start stitching a small part of my neck using the window as a mirror. “Because I need to remember each life I take. This is just a reminder, it’s also a good way to show that their lives were not taken for no reason. But that they will help me turn the world into a better place.” The captain sits next to me. “Well, that’s interesting. What do you do when you run out of the room?” I cut the thread and put the rest away. “That’s easy, I get a new skin. You know how I told you that I have a home everywhere. Here’s the deal in every one of those buildings in the basement is a mini-hospital and computer lab complete with staff in each. After I take the information I need I give it to them and move on to the next state. When I believe I need a new skin they put me under anesthesia cut my current skin off in one piece and put on the new one that looks close as the real me for when I was seven. I keep them all.”  The captain gets up and looks out the window. “So explain me this. Why did you kill the young boy?” walking up next to him I answer. “Didn’t you see the scares on his neck his wrists? After the explosion, he said, “Please God take my soul now, I beg of you!” So I granted his wish. "Captai…” I was stopped. “The name is Luke. No need for formality.” Looking into his eyes I knew he understood me. He pulled me in close and hugged me. “I wish I had someone like you when I was younger. Someone to change the people.” I wrap my arms around him and close my eyes. “I wish I had someone like you when I was younger to save me.” He looks down at me pulls my chin up, our eyes meet and soon after our lips meet as well. The warmth of his touch was nothing that I ever felt. Not even my parents gave me any affection or love as a child. We slowly walk to the bed with only the moonlight to see in the dark. He underdressed me as he kisses my body from head to toe. I undressed him and the rest of the night was nothing but pure love shown by beautiful action which I never experienced before. Soon without warning the sun broke the night with its light, today is the 23 of July. I wake up to Luke’s sleeping face. Never have I felt this way before and I loved it and I didn’t want it to end. But I knew I had to make a decision. Between my future and the world's future. When Luke woke up we just talked all day just before nightfall. We told each other what happened in our life. How we both got to this point and why. Luke’s childhood wasn’t as bad as mine but still, it wasn’t any good. My story is simple my parents wished I was never born. They beat me and take their anger out on me. My dad was a drug addict and my mom was an alcoholic. They kick me out when I was seven. One of the men who helped me with my mission took me in. Trained me to be an assassin, infiltrate high government facilities and major in computer technology. Luke’s back story was a bit different. He lived on the streets for as long as he can remember one day a nice lady took him in. He lived there with her and the husband who was a police officer. When he was 14 his father was at work and he was killed by an assassin by the name of the Grim Reaper. The one person killed around a hundred people. After that, he devoted his life to saving the world from evil like him. I guess that’s why he decides to help me. I leave the room to go down to the computer lab, cut the memory key out of my arm and put it in the computer and upload the information. I then give myself access to all space satellites position them and put them all on a timer for midnight tonight. They will send a destructive laser that will hit a nuclear bomb in each state thus destroying the world as we know it.

Walking back to the room where Luke is I carry a rope, knife and a baseball bat at hand. I creep up slowly behind him and hit him as hard as I can with the bat at the back of his head. He falls to the ground and loses consciousness. When he wakes up tied up to a chair still in my room he’s facing the window, its 8:43 pm of the 23 of July. “You finally woke up, I was a bit worried that I killed already.” He struggles as he tries to escape. “Raven, what is this? Is this payback from what happened to you in the last three days?” I shack my head. “No, no we don’t have time for that. Plus in three hours and fifteen minutes give or take, the world will be a new one. Don’t worry where we are is safe. The blast of the explosions won't reach where we are made sure of it.” I take my knife and point it to Luke’s throat. “But that doesn’t mean your safe. We will watch the rebirth of the world together Luke, just like I promised.” His face full of anger doesn’t remove his gaze from me. “Then, what was last night?! I bet you’ve done it with other guys just to get what you want.” I drop my head in disappointment. “Of course not,” I whisper. “I’m not that careless. You were my first and last love. Oh, and before I kill you I need to tell you something…” He looks up at me with disgusts. “What?” I hesitate to speak the words. “I… I’m pregnant. I when for my check up this morning and my doctor told me I’m pregnant.” In shock, he can’t speak either. I sit next to him watching the window waiting for midnight. We both stay silent until the last ten minutes. “Are you going to kill it? Our baby?” I look up at him “No I love it just as much as I love you.” The store of midnight hits, then the room starts to shake I hold Luke’s hand as I see the bright orange and yellow lights in the sky. Every building falls apart, fire spreads its pure joy and beauty to my eyes. I stand up still holding his hand. “It’s time.” I grab my gun and point it to his head. “I love you Luke” I cry a bit as I say it. “I love you to raven. Take care of our baby. Keep her or him safe.” He closes his eye and I pull the trigger. “My name is Christine Sky.” I take my knife and cut out his eye and put it in a jar, I do the same with his heart. Once done I go to the lab and tell the doctor to take out my right eye and heart and replace it with his. They do so I wished of them. When I wake up its morning. I look in the mirror now with one blue eye Luke’s eye and his heart beating. I walk up the stairs to the roof and see the world at a new. Which brings us to the present moment. The 24th of July 2019. So now it’s up to man to evolve to become better or to be extinct. Either way, it’s a win, win for the world. So that I and my child can grow. Our next mission is still yet to be decided.

Submitted: April 28, 2019

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