Freedom Is Essential When The Risk Is So High

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A speech from April 2019 given in front of the Florida State Capitol buildings regarding the danger of vaccination without the freedom to choose. Vaccination is a medical procedure with known and expected severe adverse events. Where there is risk, there must be a choice. Floridians deserve freedom to have bodily integrity, privacy, and natural health. Vaccine "court" is no panacea.


My name is Liz Parker, I’m a Florida mother by choice, and a freedom advocate by necessity.

In 2000 vaccination with the DTaP, Hep B, IPV, & HIB permanently disabled my daughter, K, at 14 weeks of age. Her decline was sudden, severe, and undeniable; it began before she left the pediatrician’s office.

She’s a beautiful girl whose smile lights up the world, and her will to overcome, is incredible; it’s a good thing, because severe vaccine injury creates an ever-present barrier to her forward progress.

We didn’t know.

There is no education for doctors about the expected severe adverse events of poly-vaccine administration

There is no diagnostic rubric for Severe Adverse Events of Vaccination that could help doctors identify one.

In the rare event a doctor manages to identify a Severe Adverse Event of Vaccination,

There is no established treatment protocol to help the vaccine-victim recover.

Our ER doctor was not trained to identify and treat K’s vaccine injury; it went unremarked and untreated.

K lost her typical infancy and childhood to pain and therapies, she has lost her independent future.

It’s strange how fear and uncertainty resulted, from the belief that we were “protecting” our baby.

We were powerless from the day of vaccination. The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act assures patients are denied fully informed consent. The Government, manufacturers, and doctors know vaccines can, and do, cause death, brain injury, and more.

To add insult to injury, vaccine victims are not entitled to face the manufacturer who peddled unsafe vaccines that stole the health or life of their loved-one, in a courtroom.

You have just 3 years from the date of injury, to recognize and file a case in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (Vaccine “court”) - if not, you don’t get to file a case anywhere. Vaccine "court" disenfranchises the vaccine-injured; ultimately, paying the vast majority of vaccine injured babies nothing; vaccine-injured adults get the majority of awards.

In Vaccine “court,” there is no judge, jury, discovery, subpoena, deposition or interrogatory – there’s no Rule of Law. It is the Petitioner against the US Federal Government.

We spent FIFTEEN YEARS waiting for a hearing with this “court.” We moved into and departed from the Autism Omnibus, in this time, our baby girl has gone from toddlerhood to legal adult.

For most families, there is and will be no justice; not because their child did not suffer vaccine injury, but because their child was their main concern. Parents don’t demand to see what the doctors write into the medical record; rather, they plead for help for their vaccine injured child. They don’t know the only rule of Vaccine “court“ is , “If it’s not in the medical record, it never happened.”

Beyond the day-to-day struggle with disability and all the additional tasks, responsibilities, and worries attendant to having a child with a severe disability, the human cost mounts. The toll of waiting and hoping, the idea that, in the end, maybe, your child will at least be safe and provided for when you are no longer physically able to provide care, the day-after-day-after-week-after-week-after-month-after-month-after-year-after-year stress is nearly unbearable (especially realizing that with each passing day more families are joining your painful struggle).

Our child lost her health, her childhood, her ability to think properly, and her independent future to her vaccines; no amount of money can fix the harm done, nor compensate her for these insults and injuries.

The world has lost the opportunity to know the person K was meant to be.

The entire family has paid the price for Pharma’s freedom from liability for the harm their products are known to inflict; every day, for the last 19 years, our family suffered while Pharma has made ever more profit from their unsafe ineffective vaccines, free from even having to consider the harm they cause or contemplate making their vaccines safer for their guaranteed market of infants and children.

We unexpectedly had our final day in vaccine “court” last spring. There was no courtroom, there was no opportunity to state our case. There was only a Special Master who dominated a phone call and unceremoniously dismissed our case with extreme prejudice, declaring she found her own expert’s (inaccurate, misleading, and blatantly erroneous) report eminently credible and persuasive. So, she was dismissing our expert’s report in its entirety because, in another case, another Special Master found his testimony inadequate.

This would be like your malpractice case against a surgeon who removed the wrong foot being dismissed because your neighbor lost her case for a burn she got from radiation treatment.

Apparently, the child who was injured, her family, treating experts, and those who witnessed the child’s abrupt and shocking decline first-hand, when she was 14 weeks old, are superfluous – the “court” has already made its decision. In this case, like in the other 4,800+ dismissed cases, the Special Master believes these babies magically just “turned autistic”.

She said we should understand, the Vaccine “court” has “adjudicated” many, many, many Autism claims (as in, DISMISSED~4,800 others),

She said, wasting resources to take this case to a hearing would be an unreasonable waste of the “court’s” time and money.

She said, “you have failed to establish a basis for entitlement – to pursue this any further lacks a reasonable basis…

She said, “Using resources to take this case to hearing would not be reasonable…”

She said, we should understand – the attorneys will not be paid in the event they are willing to proceed.

She hung the weight of her authority on the poor quality report provided to her by her own expert, and declared she would be issuing an Order to dismiss the case.

That day, I thought, “we waited 15 years, and NOW she wants to “save time and resources?!”

The Vaccine “court’s” insistence on leaving vaccine-injured families with no compensation is going to drive those families into the Public domain with their stories.

Here I stand…

Although some might still run to their next vaccine appointment, I pray many will choose the welfare of their children over a false “community immunity” or “welfare of the herd;” narrative, especially in a climate where there is known risk, and no meaningful mitigation of that risk being offered.

Submitted: April 29, 2019

© Copyright 2022 LizP. All rights reserved.

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