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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A dangerous foe

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



A cat-like-body was flying in high air wearing a jetpack with an evil grin. It had red and orange colored fur with green eyes and fangs pointing out from its mouth. Its fury fur was gleaming with evilness as the sun rose and a pale white light made my eyes hurt.

Ooh! The evil cat smirked. The look at my body makes you close your eyes, is it? No, I shouted. And what have you done to my friends? Release them. And, what if I don’t? The cat told as it purred a soft voice. A violet colored light splashed at my face as a vulture-looking-bird appeared next to the cat.

You called me, you highness, the vulture told. It was gliding in the air as its sharp eyes stared at me. Yes, the cat laughed. This puny human is the little disturbance in our path. The cat’s eye turned red. Finish him! A roar of evil laughter filled the air of the woods.

The vulture stopped flying and flapped his wings hard at me. A gust of wind blew me up. Who are you? I questioned him. Why are you doing this to me? So you don’t know me? The cat asked surprisingly. You’re the friend of that stupid headless man, right? Yeah, I replied. Then, of course you knew that where the great book of magic’s key is hidden, the cat boasted. The great book of what, I shrieked. I don’t know anything about. Now, can you please, leave me and my friends alone so we can go home and rest a bit, I asked kindly. So you want rest, is it? The cat told. Sure you can get it. But before that, you’ll have to give me the great book of magic’s key. Deal?

Can’t you understand? I shouted. I told you already that I don’t know anything about great….key…what’s that thing? You’re the friend of the headless man and you don’t know about the secrets of the key, the cat grumbled. I don’t think so.

My mind began to race. Is the man called me to tell me about those secrets? Or did he call me to trap me? But I can’t ask them as they are fast asleep, each in their own vines hung up high. But I’ll have to do something to get out of this peril. Something. Something that’ll make me to escape. Then, an awesome idea came in my mind. First, I was overjoyed by the idea. But…... Little did I know I have to face the consequences soon.



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