Missouri Tale Pre-Ststehood ll

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Chapter 2 (v.2) - Stranger

Submitted: April 30, 2019

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Submitted: April 30, 2019



  "We have what we need and a little more," said John.  "Good to see you working, I'll go on ahead and you fallow," said Daniel.  The two of them were ready to leave the trading Post at New Madrid and head out for a day of surveying.

  They worked for Colonel George Morgan and knew the importance of their assignment.  Morgan founded a land agency in 1789 to set  all the boundaries for the cities and counties of the South East Missouri Territory.  Many of the county farms had been purchased from Spain before 1800.  Those boundaries needed to be reestablished for current records.  This was what Daniel Morgan Boone and John Day were to do; establish new boundaries.

  The morning was still dark and the air brisk . "A warm cup of coffee would be comfortable," said John. "Rough night?" Asked Daniel.  John did not answer, he just grunted and pulled on his buck skin coat.  "Move out," said Daniel.

  They set out on a narrow path that led south of town towards  the Mississippi River.  Daniel led and John fallowef with two pack mules. Soon, rain began to fall as they made their way south.  The plan was to start near the river and work their way back to the office before they lost day light.

  John thaught about the warm meal back at the hotel. There had been plenty if times they camped while working and did not get the comfort of a bed and good meal.  Daniel rode to the top of a knole above the river and paused.  Daylight had broken by now, but the grey sky hovered above and fog had drifted in from the river. 


  As he looked about, he could make out a few deer and water fowl between himself and the water.  Slowly, Daniel found himself focused on a little farm; a cabin, small barn, and a corral.  He sat and stared for a moment.


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