Empire of Whispers

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

When wars, betrayal and prophecies rule the realms,no one notices the dark.
Alyra a young women lost her family in one war, then her home in a second one. Seeking revenage agaisnt a Godking, she blames him for letting the guilty of both wars go free. In her quest for justice she uncovers a plot spanning nations, empires and worlds, one that can shatter them all.
Old grudges flair up and new ones are born as kings fight for power and champions fights for gods. In a place where no one knows the truth, its the lie that becomes real.
Who will be deceived and who will survive in the empire of whispers.

Table of Contents

chapter 1

  Chapter 1   A dazzling punch of white light filled the room followed by the violent blast of breaking windows and... Read Chapter

chapter 2

  Chapter 2   Thick and cold, the snow pelted his skin like icy stones. It would have stung more had... Read Chapter

chapter 3

        Chapter 3   Black iron, the surface of the gigantic structures, sleek and shiny,... Read Chapter

chapter 4

Chapter 4   Darkness, near infinite, perfect darkness. The night sky greased with cloud cover.... Read Chapter

chapter 5

Chapter 5   Eternal, if the word held meaning, how eternal the ancient archway of black stone. Smooth, frictionles... Read Chapter

chapter 6

Chapter 6   “Shut your mouth.” Alyra cried to Illiana. Her sister laid upon a cot, bare for only a t... Read Chapter

chapter 7

    Chapter 7   How long she leaned over the railing wanting to relieve the contents of her stomach, she c... Read Chapter

chapter 8

  Chapter 8   The distant flames of Arthanis, its thousands of lanterns and fire basins filled the horizons. Ni... Read Chapter

chapter 9

    Chapter 9   His hands, nothing remained of his once powerful hands, not feeling nor pain only a n... Read Chapter

chapter 10

Chapter 10   Along the crest of snow capped hills, Grazzrek heard the familiar sound of ram horns. Their... Read Chapter

chapter 11

Chapter 11   The galleon’s black sails blew with such ferocity, Richard thought they would t... Read Chapter

chapter 12

Chapter 12   Irverta’s ass ached. Planted upon the hard rock of a cliff, its edge thick with pines and... Read Chapter

chapter 13

5th and final Pov. The last characters to be introduced before I start killing them off. I hope to make most of my characters memorable enough to keep things from being confusing.I know a bloated
cast can be hard to follow, so Thank you in advance for anyone taking on the task.This is something I always wanted to do.
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chapter 14

sorry for the delays. Work has been busy as of late. Story continues with chris, and ladola(last one for awhile). I really enjoyed writing this chapter,so I really hope you like reading it(fingers
crossed). I should have the "said" tags better written this time(thank you Spence)and as usual I am sure this is a bunch of silly mistakes(sorry Smith).
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chapter 15

The way too long wait is over. We return to find Alyra waking up from her cult beatdown and wondering what happened to her face. Gabby is creepy and knows nothing useful.
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chapter 16

Things go wrong, more problem occur, and nobody is happy, but that is just in refrence to my writing mistakes. Alyra continues her quest to meet the godking and finds out a truth she would rather
not know.
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chapter 17

Back to the orcs. Did you forget, I didn't. This time we look through Gliveri's eyes as she struggles with being chief and loosing the sword of storms.
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