Mary Sue

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The title says it all

Submitted: May 01, 2019

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Submitted: May 01, 2019



Mary Sue,
Her hair so soft it glistens in the night,
Mary Sue,
In this darkness she's the shining light,
Mary Sue,
Smart yet innocent shocked by poverty,
Mary Sue,
She'll save the world then give us liberty,

Mary Sue she's clueless,
Perfect in every way,
She's been scared shitless,
But stands here tall and brave,

Not quite too tall but not too short,
She's pretty average yet,
She's really clumsy, great at sports,
The perfect woman you bet,

Mary Sue,
An eternal victim, bullied through the years,
Mary Sue,
Epitome of strength, conquering her fears,
Mary Sue,
A natural at everything she does,
Mary Sue,
It's unnatural how much she is a klutz,

Mary Sue is much too great,
Irredeemably bland,
Simply complex nothing here to hate,
Except her mildly scarred hand,

Eyes the perfect color,
Every shade of nice,
Critics 'round the world will call her,
"Barely salted rice",

I'd mention the plot,
If I could find it,
Put the characters on the spot,
But Mary Sue is more important and I hope the pace doesn't suffer from her presence.

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