Memoirs of Normal Life, versus Screen Addiction

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Quick thoughts, as a new member, about the timing, just when mobile devices and social media are being widely recognized as negative.

Submitted: May 01, 2019

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Submitted: May 01, 2019



I just joined Booksie today, and in my profile I mentioned my lifelong yearning to connect as one who likes to tell and hear personal stories.

Isn't it odd that Facebook and ubiquitous phones, which might have seemed likely before they proliferated to become autobiographical tools, are now being recognized as bad for healthy development, and have made us less connected by our stories rather than more.

Selfies and Facebook timelines are used almost always in the most disjointed, non-autobiographical way. For example, last year when I announced on Facebook why I hated it and would stay away, I pointed out how frequent it is to see vacation photos uploaded, with no time taken before hand to write on the timeline that they were on vacation, and where.

And these people have hundreds of so-called Facebook friends? Well, I'm sure maybe the direct relatives and maybe the boss and close coworkers knew about the vacation. But who wants to be part of a platform where it is normal to dump context-less photos on the other hundreds?

I want to connect with others in the pre-social media pre-smart phone way... where if you talk about yourself or show yourself, you do it with flow and context and continuity, as in old-fashioned hand written letters, and memoirs and autobiographical stories.

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