Behind her eyes

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Very simple short story made for a small competition irl

Submitted: May 01, 2019

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Submitted: May 01, 2019



Behind Her Eyes


“I’ll always be here for you, you know that right?”
Her dull eyes staring blankly into mine didn’t move.
Her shoulders lowered, the weight of everything that was pulling her down visible, skin that had healed too many times to count, and wounds that were still open, pouring her soul out, draining her into a completely different person as each day passed.
As time slowed, the only thought in his head, was of wonder, wonder of what was behind her eyes.

The slam of the drawer echoed through the room, a reminder of the emptiness, followed by the satisfying sound of a lid bouncing off the cold tiles under thin, pale feet.
Nails tapping against the icy counter, rhythmically matching a heart too long ago broken.
Somewhere in the distance, a soothing voice was speaking words of hope, recognizable, yet, too distant to mean anything.
But it’s okay, the bottle will drown the voice out, there won’t be a need to listen. There won’t be a need to figure out who the voice belongs to. Ignorance is ultimately more comfortable than curiosity.

Gloomy light glinted from the sharp smooth steel, a distorted light that seemed almost pretty, but tainted in a way. Looking into its reflection, a woeful creature void of emotion stared right back. A sense of, regret? Or maybe anticipation, perhaps even relief, was rapidly growing. But it didn’t matter, it’ll be gone soon enough…




A vertigo like silence buzzed everything out, like this, everything was okay, and there was nothing that could possibly be better.
There were no thoughts rushing in after the words stopped, there were no pulses of pain, after the feelings disappeared.



Sound rushed back in as reality hit her in the chest, rapid enough to almost wind her.
And there it was, the voice, or rather, the owner of the voice, an anchor that kept her in this world.
His eyes almost glowing, darting up and down, as if he was waiting for a response.
In light of the awkward silence, something about his eyes changed, a blanket of sadness shadowing over the now faint glow.

“It was another one of those things, wasn’t it?” he said, his voice lowering with something, worry.

“Yes, sorry, can you repeat what you said?”

 “I can, its fine, don’t apologise” he insisted

“I said, I’ll always be here for you, and you know that right?”

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