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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic


J.K. Arcayna


Summer season came, and the hotness was unusual that the leaves that fell from the trees of Gladstone were now parched up. However, there were six friends who seemed to ignore the glare of the sun, enjoying their time seeking for a place to stay, but that enjoyment didn’t last long for there were no vacant rooms in every hotel they stopped. A security personnel suggested that they should try to go and stay at the old inn located somewhere near the Caria woods. They didn’t have a choice but to go on to what the security suggested.

After several minutes of travel, they finally reached the inn’s gate. Amanda said that the inn was like a haunted house but her friends ignored her. They even said that it was part of her crazy imaginations since she’s fond of reading horror stories. The group rushed in, unnoticing the old hanging sign board that tells “FIND YOUR WAY OUT OF THE INN”. The board was thickened with dust and spider webs.

When they were all in, the gates banged shut, which caused Amanda to overreact in a terrified manner.

“It’s just a wind,” Elizabeth noted, rolling her eyes.

“Wind? Do you call that a wind? How come it shut that way?” Amanda retorted, clenching his fingers into fist, ready to dig her nails on Elizabeth’s pearly skin.

“Can you both stop for Christ’s sake?! We’re not here to watch your cat fights!” Caleb exclaimed, not looking at them. His eyes were focused on the inn as if he was on for investigation.

Amanda was not convinced and went back to the gate to examine the cause. She saw a boot prints along the mud.

It could be a man. Amanda thought basing her observation on the size of the boots. There’s no way a woman would wear such an overly sized boots.

When Amanda was back with her, they all frowned when they saw a big box glued with a note in the front door saying: LEAVE YOUR GADGETS HERE. The group hesitated for a moment and decided to settle with the inn’s rule.

The group settled on the sofa while Amanda went towards the counter for booking. After several minutes of transaction, they went in their respective quarters with the owner guiding them. The girl’s room was located at the 1st floor while the boys’ was in the 2nd floor.

Nighttime came. Amanda decided to go out the room towards the sofa to give herself a little privacy. She wanted to be alone for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, she was not familiar with the direction. It was like the inn was intentionally built into a labyrinth. She yelled the owner’s name but there was no response.

 The lights were turned off after 10 minutes of finding, which Amanda suspected that it was only caused by blackout since it always happened in summer days. She continued her walk even though it was dark until she bumped a man wearing a black shirt and white pants.

The man introduced himself as one of the boarders. Amanda asked which direction she should go to reach the main room. The man answered her to take the right and she followed until finally she reached the main room where the sofa was laid.

Loraine was shouting “HELP” for almost five times. Amanda was alarmed of what caused Loraine to shout for help, so she decided to go back to the girl’s room, trying to memorize the way. Alas! When she was about to reach the room, her barefoot felt something sticky, clumsy and wet. She immediately snatched her flashlight from the table beside the doorway to see what was it, and there she saw red crimson blood. She saw drops of blood from above, so she raised her head only to find Loraine’s body hanging with the chandelier. Amanda screamed while crying with her both hands shaking until Elizabeth came in and spotted the incident and was shocked of what she witnessed. Both of them ran faster reaching their room, crying over and over until they encountered the owner. Amanda got goose bumps and suddenly ran towards the owner and asked for his assistance towards the boys’ room.

Amanda and Elizabeth saw the boys relaxing, taking their sleep at night and not knowing of what had happened to Loraine.

 They woke the boys up and told them of what happened to Loraine until they heard a crackling sound. The sound came from the kitchen. Two boys went there to see what’s happening, and there they saw the janitor, cleaning. The janitor explained that he accidentally broke a glass. The janitor cleaned the shards of the broken glass with a dustpan and a broom, and he threw the fragments away in the bin.

After the incident, Diego went back in the boys’ room but Sebastian was not with him because he went to the powder room. Several minutes passed, they doubted why Sebastian was still not around. Amanda was now suspecting that Sebastian was killed. Diego decided to go to the powder room, but he saw Sebastian was not in there. He looked for Sebastian in the other room, and there, Sebastian was lying on the ground stabbed with a knife. The blood was oozing from the wounded part, crawling on the carpeted floor until the blood grew more and more. Diego screamed and the girls heard him and tried to follow the direction of his scream and there, all of them got stunned with their eyes widened in horror.  Amanda was now suspicious about the man she bumped earlier, so she decided that the four of them should get separated on finding the way out of the Inn. Amanda and Caleb partnered, and so did Elizabeth and Diego.

Elizabeth and Diego found their way out. But unfortunately, they were caught by a man with an axe, trying to stop them from escaping. They fought back but the man was strong enough to be defeated.  Their neck was cut and the blood was splashing all around the corner and their body was chopped into pieces like a meat that is ready to be cooked.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Caleb were still trying to escape but they still found no way out. They had passed through many doors but they still didn’t find the way out of the inn.

Unluckily, without knowing, they entered a sacred room (a closed room) that had only one window. The room was filled with darkness and there were no lights to dominate the black sheet that cloaked the room.

Amanda noticed that someone was coming near; they immediately hid behind the old plank propped against the old piano. The man turned on the light and closed the door. Amanda and Caleb saw the man who seemed to be the killer with an axe over his muscular shoulder. A chill crawled over Amanda’s flesh, giving her the motive to scream, but before she could squeal, Caleb’ covered Amanda’s mouth for them not to be caught. The man is now taking away his clothes and opened the cabinet and there, both of them saw the Janitor’s clothes, boarders’ clothes, and the owners’ clothes with all the respective masks. Now they knew that the owner was the killer, who’s trying to kill anybody who wants to enter into the Inn.

The owner went outside and banged the door really loud and the two was too petrified already, they were now freezing. When the man gets his way out, they look unto the little hole in the middle of door made of acacia and see if the owner was not around.

Yes, they opened the door in a sluggish mode but unfortunately, the owner was standing beside the entrance, blocking their way out. They try to flee but they were not. The owner brought an immense chainsaw and used to both that led to death. Their downy body was cut into halves and the blood was spattering everywhere.

Still, no one complained and went into the police station to talk about the old Inn. People always went there but sad to say, they were not again found their way out.

Submitted: May 02, 2019

© Copyright 2021 J.K. Arcayna. All rights reserved.

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