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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


J.K. Arcayna


“Infatuation is blind. It cannot see and does not wish to see.”

 Love is a feeling you feel when you feel that you’re going to get a feeling that you never felt before.

It was summer day when Laurry Dela Cour made herself comfortable by lying herself in a small bench adjoining the seashore to have some kind of sunbathing. She was sexy. She wore bikini and her abs were shown over her cocooned-in-vanilla complexion feminine body. She was recognized as the most beautiful lady in the island called Aramenia, the place where people lived full of love. The island was so much devoted to Cupid, God of Love, who gave them consciousness that life without love was nothing but a pure notion. This chubby, blindfolded boy had white wings, and flew with a bow and a pack of arrows. His victim fell blindly in love with the first person they’ve encountered once his golden tripped arrows were blasted. But could that be a true love?

Laurry always thought of the word LOVE and if she meets someone, she would think that it was her forever. She was surrounded with many people who were extremely in love. She was born because of love. She even believed that love was under the control of principle.

While she was lying, somebody caught her attention. She’s dearly beautiful and who would have thought no one notices her? That man was Jacob. He’s the man to whom every girl admires because of his complexion, maleness and petitions. He went to Laurry’s bench and introduced himself.

“Hi gorgeous, I’m Jacob,” he said in a well-mannered way while making his hair messy and offered his hand for a shake.

“Owh, hi too, I’m Laurry Dela Cour and it’s my pleasure to meet you.” She was shocked and amazed upon looking to Jacob as if he was a drug addict.

“How are you? Are you feeling good? Oh Jesus, what’s that, cockroach?” He pointed his finger to Laurry’s feet that caused her to overreact.

“Oh no!” She jumped very fast. She tried to find the cockroach but she could not.

“Are you making me crazy, dude, I’m about to lose my breath, you sh*t,”  she spitted out.

“It was nothing, I’m just joking,” he countered.

“Why are you laughing? Is there something funny? Do you think that’s a joke ha? I’m about to lose my breath!!!” she retorted.

“Oh sorry my bad, I won’t do it next time,” he entreated.

Laurry was about to go but suddenly she slipped and Jacob got her back. He helped her notwithstanding the situation. Without hesitation, Jacob suddenly winked his eyes upon looking to Laurry. Then Laurry went away hurriedly.

Jacob was pleased. It was his entire plan and it was done successfully. He built it with intention. He tried to seduce many girls to fall in him without their knowing. He alleged that love was a game that should be played. He had never been in a serious relationship.

And now, Laurry was his victim. Jacob wants Laurry to be under his slavery in an infatuated situation because he knew that Laurry was the person who believes in love. He would take the passion of hers being devoted where infatuation reigns. He would use his expertise and give Laurry a puppy love – obsessed with the figure, enslaved to the fashion and intoxicated with sex appeal. Jacob believed that love was ruled by feelings and not by principle.

One night, the wise Jacob hunted Laurry on Facebook. He chatted her and took the chance to get Laurry fall in him. Jacob said that he fall in love to Laurry ever since the day they met. Jacob sent sweet long messages that would assure Laurry to fall. He was flirting continuously offline and online until he contracted the heart of Laurry. Laurry has a soft heart that can easily be broken. Jacob has the eyes, the eyes that seek and examine the strength and weakness of the prospective mate. Unknowingly, Laurry didn’t know anything about it because she was the person who looks mainly on the outward appearance.

They took time spending each other. Laurry felt happy every time Jacob was with her. She valued the time she spent together with Jacob. They even did a variety of dates like attending concerts, watching ball games, movies and having a personal date. Those things made Laurry happy and blessed but Jacob did otherwise. Laurry realized that she was the one who took effort and Jacob never saw and appreciated it. Time passed, every time they went outside for a date there’s boredom already, only Laurry spoke and he never listened. She always texted and chatted Jacob but he just ignored it and never replied. She even invited Jacob to a party but she was just waiting, waiting for nothing.

“Was the feeling that Jacob give to me is true? Or just pure infatuation?” she inquired.

“Oh God, all I thought was true. You know that I wanted to give him the ring and my identification bracelet. I even wanted to buy him a $20 heart-shaped box of chocolates, $10 cute of red candies and $20 scarlet red of roses for Valentine’s Day. I was like crazy. Oh Cupid, why did you do this to me? Every time I look at Jacob, it feels like my whole life will end. My appetite was shot and my Grandma told me that I looked terrible and she called a doctor,” she murmured.

“Well, the feeling you felt now was not true love. It was the flu…” Grandma said.

She realized that it was not love. Many people also thought that it was, but then it flew.

Laurry was broken, blinded in love, and wounded internally. Her heart was damaged figuratively. She perceived that loving Jacob was a hurricane. Once you tasted him, you’ll be deceived. She now changed and thanks to Jacob, the pessimistic, cynical, and hopeless caregiver.

Jacob was now the king of deceiver, he was once the slave of Cupid but now he was casted and turned out to be the angel, the angel who threw bitterness. His name meant “cheat”, “deceiver” and that’s just what he proved to be. And so Laurry, the angel who tries to fix everything that Jacob caused especially in the island of Aramenia who now became lukewarm.

“Aramenia doesn’t deserve bitterness. Broken but that doesn’t mean they need to give up.”

“Bitterness's ally’s continuing disappointment. I now know that disappointments come from improbable expectations. I cannot avoid them all, but I'm so much aware on how to grip them now.” She concluded.

Submitted: May 02, 2019

© Copyright 2021 J.K. Arcayna. All rights reserved.

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