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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Introvert Diary

J.K. Arcayna


Why is it that if you are an introvert person you’ll be discriminated by the society?

How does it feel to be discriminated?

How could I prevent those people who are fond of discriminating?

These questions are popping up in my mind. Yes, I admit that I’m an introvert person but it never hinders me to my wants.

My mom doesn’t want me to go outside our house or to go to school without bringing our so-called bodyguard to follow me because of the incident that happened. I was once bullied in school without knowing the reason behind. In fact, the one who bullied me got my immense sophisticated punch on his face and on his eyes that got him black-eyed. He is the first person whom I fought with. Crimson Sebastian - yes, that’s him. He is a bully and my enemy in all things may it be in money, rank, love and etc. Everything that I want, he wants it too. What my assets are, he also has the same. He’s an imitator for short. That’s why every time I went to school; I bring with me our bodyguard. Funny, right? Because at my age, 18 years old, I’m still manipulated by parents.

Summer day came. My mom noticed that I don’t have discipline upon myself and to others.  Thus, she brings me to a personality expert to have a check-up. At that time, I and my mom knew that I have an Anthropophobia- fear of society, people in general. Well, to be honest, socializing is not my type.

In my life, I’ve never practiced socializing with other people even with my cousin, except to my mom and nanny Celine. It resulted that I became a loner and I wanted to live on my own but when the time came, my life changed when I met someone on the road while jogging.

At 05:15 at dawn, I woke up early to do exercises like jogging. I’m fond of jogging especially taking away my T-shirt. It seemed that my 6 pack abs were publicized already as did my Arc angel tattoo on the left corner of my chest. I jog from our home to the plaza. For almost an hour of jogging, I’m already bathed with sweat. My skin is already watered and so are my pants. After 40 minutes, I looked around, and I saw a lad who’s having a jog too. She jogs towards me and I jog otherwise to her. What a coincidence. I also noticed her that she’s sweating. Her T-shirt is also bathed with sweat and her clingy boobs are about to be exposed when she jogged near to me. Yes, she got passed me, and I turned my head to her while jogging. Without knowing, I accidentally bumped on a mango tree.

“Aws, ouch!! I growled.

I touched my forehead and it was bleeding. My fingers were stained with sticky blood. When I bumped on the tree, I then lied down. The girl saw me lying on the ground. She stopped and turned her head unto me. I immediately whipped my head and pretended that I didn’t see her.

Time passed, I’m done jogging. It’s now 7:00 o’clock in the morning when I’m about to reach our home. My mom is busy packing things. Several minutes, I then take bath because I smell ghastly, bad-odor in short. My armpit was witting and the smell was spreading in the room like a mosquito perfume.

By the time I’m done taking a shower, I took the towel and wiped it on my body and covered it around my hips. I then slowly walked going to my room dancing while singing lullaby. I look unto the rectangular shaped mirror, and put such wax unto my hands and rubbed it on my hair. I combed it with my fingers and then put some bench spray on my body from head to foot in order to smell fresh. I looked at my side then I noticed nanny Celine cleaning my cabinet, getting all the waste that I’ve done, shame on me. I then told nanny that I will be the one to clean my room but she insisted and say no because she knows that I don’t know how to clean. She also has this ZEUGMA thing saying, “I will. I’m already used to it. I don’t have any labor but just to clean the mess that you’ve done”, nanny Celine said in a sad tone and laugh like a witch after.

I was stunned because of what nanny Celine said. Am I too bad already? Why did nanny Celine said nothing like that to me? I murmured in between my teeth.

At that time, I don’t have a choice but to say Yes to Nanny Celine.

After having such a conversation with my nanny, I then  went outside without taking a breakfast, and left for my friend’s house who’s also a boy. While I was walking, I saw the girl that I’ve met during the jogging. I then stopped and thought. Is she chasing me? Is this a joke? Like seriously.

It made me more uncomfortable when she was about to walk and ask something. I then turned my body around while whipping my head. At first, I hesitated not to talk to her because socializing is not my type.

“Hi, you’re Justine, right?”she asked in a flirtatious tone, flipping her hair from side to side.

One minute has passed; still I’m not answering her question. I was shocked because she knows my name.

“Hey, are you listening to me?”She asked again but now in a formal way.


“Yes, I’m Justine, 18 years old. I live in Inerlou Street”, I answered her in a cold warm voice with a vibration on it. I can’t even look unto her eyes. I just rolled my eyeballs.

“By the way, I’m Nichole Amalgon”, she introduced herself.

“Hey, talk to me in a formal way; don’t roll your eyeballs when you’re talking to me. Don’t shake your hands; you’re too obvious that you’re afraid of girls. Your size doesn’t fit your characteristics. Don’t be shy.”

“Sorry”, I apologize to her.

“Where are you going?” she asked while we’re walking.

“On my friend’s house”, I responded.

“May I?” she asked again.

That moment made me terrified and at the same time, conscious because she’s going with me to my friend’s house. While walking, we were having a conversation. We exchanged questions and answers to each other.

Hours passed, we are at Harold’s house-a friend of mine. I knocked at the door and when Harold opened it, I immediately went inside and banged the door without knowing that Nichole is outside, waiting. I asked Harold if he ever cleaned his room because I have a visitor with me.

5 minutes after, I opened the door and let Nichole get inside, to have a seat and to have a conversation with Harold while watching a horror movie.

An hour passed, we are done watching the movie and it’s time to go home. We bade thank you and goodbye to Harold for having me and Nichole there.

We now left Harold’s home but sad to say, Nichole wanted to talk to me and walk with me again. I didn’t have a choice but to say “Yes” since she is a girl.

I now know where Nichole resides and so she knows where I live since I brought her to their house passing by our house.

Again and again, I’m very excited to wake up early in the morning because I can see Nichole jogging.

One day, someone chatted me on facebook and I felt delighted and inspired because it was Nichole but I was astounded when she said, “Can I visit you in your house?”

After reading the message, I then asked my mom not to go to such occasion-if there is-because she will be the one to cook food for us.

“Nichole wants to visit me here”.

I laughed lovingly and jumped not knowing that I threw my cellphone up and down like a bird that was shot by unknown hunters.

“Okay, if that’s what makes you happy”, mother replied.

“Mom, aren’t you that happy?”

“I am”, she again replied.

My mom and nanny Celine were teasing me, saying: “Is she your girlfriend?”

I don’t mind their teasing at all. I just immediately took a bath because Nichole wanted to visit me.

Hours passed, Nichole arrived at our house. My mom and nanny Celine got shocked when they saw Nichole wearing a spaghetti dress.

“Is that Nichole?” mom and nanny Celine were having a blabbermouth in the kitchen.

During our talks, it seemed awkward because Nichole started the conversation because I told her that I’m an introvert person.

Then later, our conversation was done. It’s already 11:34 in the morning, so I decided to invite her for lunch. I went to the kitchen and told my mom and nanny Celine to prepare the foods for us.

It sucks because after it I forgot to let my mom and nanny know Nichole.

Submitted: May 02, 2019

© Copyright 2021 J.K. Arcayna. All rights reserved.

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