Pink is Youthful

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Submitted: May 01, 2019

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Submitted: May 01, 2019



Pink is Youthful

J.K. Arcayna


Colors, colors, colors. Where do colors come from? What colors do you like? Is it red, blue, white, pink or anything else? Colors make the Earth colorful. Without it, the universe is not colorful and not wonderful. We are facing many different colors all around and it seems that we have different views and opinions about these. We say that some colors are signs of good luck and/or bad luck, but not at all times. There are some colors that may be brighter, lighter, and darker than the others. It seems that most of us choose those light colors because they are attractive colors. Right?

Other people say that some colors show, reveal, and reflect your personality. I don’t know if it is true or not but for me, it seems to be. For me, I choose a color that is light which makes me feel comfortable and attractive. A color that is so elegant, magnificent, and vibrant. That is the color “Pink”.

Guess what I am? A boy, a girl or do I belong to the LGBT? Then if you know me, don’t judge me. Well actually, Pink is frequently used to represent gays, lesbians, and bisexuals too. It also refers to feminine sweetness. Pink is said to be a combination of color white and red. It is the color of love. It also signifies good health and mental and physical fitness. It is also similar to the skin color for others to look younger. Brighter pink is youthful as they say. Some people say that pink colors represent compassion, romance, and unconditional love. 

In psychological research, pink is said to be a sign of hope, inspiration, warmth, and comfort. It inspires everyone. It is caring, romantic, and affectionate. We cannot prevent that when there is positive there is also negative oppositions which state that pink is said to be an immature, lack of will power and lack of self-worth.

It depends on you if you believe it or not. At least you know about pink. Not all colors are gifted. Some are not gifted. We had already chosen what colors we like most in spite of definite meanings. Right? How blessed we are that God gave us colors as our light. Without colors, we see nothing but profound darkness.

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