Kicked Out of Boogies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem about the time I was kicked out of my favorite bar. The time where I hit rock bottom. (Explanation at the end of poem)

Submitted: May 02, 2019

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Submitted: May 02, 2019



I had screamed,

I had cried,


just let me inside!"

I crouched,

to the floor.

My eyes,

so sore.

This wasn't supposed to happen!

Not at the bar,


My escape;

where the rushes of dopamine

lay awake.


Boogies was a pretty purple rug,

under my feet,

that was ripped from me.

All of a sudden,

and without any warning,

I was falling.

Flying through the trees.


Became a foreign thing to me.


My friends stayed inside.

I was left outside,

to cry.

"I have no credit card!"

I plead.

"Where am I suppose to go?"

Khris, the bodyguard, 

Who was once a buddy,

said to me,

he didn't care.

Just leave the premises, please.


"But my ride is still inside."

I say,

"I have no money,

to even buy fries!

Did I mention how bad this week,

has been to me?

And now my favorite bar,

was kicking me onto the street!"

They just watched me,




and weep.

Till I slid,

to the floor.

And lost my roar.


When I was inside,

I was talking to this guy.

His eyes were the color,

of the sky.

Dreamy as can be.

Handsome and glittery,

with ADHD like me.

His focus tonight.

was all over me.

He held the mic for me.

And for once,

I had the spotlight

aimed at me.


We talked deeply about,


Of all things. 

My favorite subject that I rarely,

get to speak.

The attraction I felt,

is what I've been needing,

in my life.

I swear,

this spark of romance.

Was the most enchanting thing,

in the world.


It's rare to find that sort of click.

The most alluring prize,

smiled and mirrored off my eyes.


How beautiful life had seemed,

till I was escorted out.

Taken away from Prince Charmings hands.

I still remember our last glance.

I didn't even get his number,

no time for that kiss.

There went my chance.


The night I've been waiting for,

to finally be with friends,

and dance till the world,

danced back with me and again.

To feel free,

To be with the company.


The night I've been waiting for,

instead, ended up with me,

on the floor.

Laying on a wooden fence,

didn't even get a single dance.


I was once again.



was the only one,

there for me,

that night and every other.

"The cops are coming,"

Khris warns me.

Streetlights just glittered,


my tears,


 my soul.

Hurt and pain

felt like,

a firework show.


Why did this happen to me?

I cried, oh so much that night,


I realized,

I'm not where I want to be,

in life.




Authors Note: So if your wondering, I was kicked out because a month ago, I lost my ID. Last night, someone tried to get in with my old ID but the bodyguard knew me. Khris saw the ID and recognized me. He thought I gave it to someone, so he kicked me out also and banned me for a few weeks. This bar is where my friends and I go every Wednesday night because ladies get free drinks btw so that's why I had no money.

 I've had a bad few weeks but this was definitely rock bottom. I'm seeing friends and life a whole new way and changes will be coming soon.

And more poems. I feel like I need to take my poems to Booksie and find the support I need.

Thank you.

© Copyright 2020 Cathy98. All rights reserved.

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