Drew, the Heart against Ryan, the Mind

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Submitted: May 02, 2019

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Submitted: May 02, 2019



 “And to think, I once listened to you.”

 “You still do.” The wires spoke as they circled the frames of a pair of glasses about to speak.

 “Do not mock me, Drew, we must acknowledge that all comes to an end. Even if they are things we desire.”

 “When I sink, Dear Ryan-“

 “Raven, Drew.”

 “My Dear Ryan, you feel the worst of it because you assume such things.”

 “What I assume has happened, or holds evidence as a possibility.”

 “But don’t you see?” The wires softly spoke before turning into an angel with wings of white. “You are the reason we are cannot act accordingly.”

 “No.” The pair of glasses spoke before turning into a skeleton hidden behind a hood with wings of black. “Accept what we’ve seen in this world. The filth that plagues it, the sins we’ve made to keep us from happiness, the feelings made to pain for we do not deserve.”

 “Only you believe we are not deserving. We’ve held it once, such a love that still brings a tear to your socket, a feeling revived in us not too long ago.”

 “Only for pain!” The skeleton exclaimed putting a hand to the angel’s throat. “Drew, The Heart, listen to your Mind.”

 “But you, The Mind, are the only reason I feel pain.”

 “I’m trying to protect you!”

 “And I’m trying to help you! This world is not all filth, we’ve paid our dues for the sins we’ve forged those years ago, we are deserving of happiness as much as another.”

 “Stop, you’ve no intelligence, but feelings! I’m the brains, remember? You obey me!”

 “It is you that obey. I am the reason you bend the knee, I am the one who reminds you to ready the lips to touch the back of hand! We suffer only because of you. Let go, my equal opposite.”

 “We both know I can’t.”

 “Then I, Drew The Heart, declare us at war.”

 “You’re joking.”

 “No. This war will not end until we find peace. Until you find peace, only then will we be ARL again…”

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