Quoth the Raven

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"What do you want," Tommy asked, looking at the shadow with his eyes, watching it as it paused to a stop in front of him, its large black beak turning slightly to the side.

Its beak opened only a crack, and human screaming of men and women, children and infants, leaked out. Screaming, and sobbing, and maniacal laughing that all filled Tommy's ears with a rotten, disgusting feeling, and replacing the ticking of Toni's clock- loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood, yet only wrecking havoc upon Tommy.

Then, like a ghost, a whisper right into Tommy's ear, quiet enough to barely be heard, yet strong enough to drown out the horror that leaked out of the Raven's mouth.

"Kind James is a fake," the Raven whispered into his ear, while standing in front of him, drawing out sounds of bloody murder.

James Parker, the only thing that Tommy actually lived to destroy.


Tommy Fish, a guy with a talent for relentless bullying and hatred, gets help from the devil to bully his favorite kid, indefinitely.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Submitted: May 03, 2019

Tommy Fish lay wide awake in bed, staring blankly at his bedroom door with eyes that pleaded for sleep of which they couldn't achieve. Sl... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Submitted: May 13, 2019

Chapter Two   In the morning, Tommy got up at nine for a shower, because he smelled like sex and sweat from last night. He d... Read Chapter