Une Avocate Radicale

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Bérénice: passionately left-wing, determined to set me free. (630 words).

This is not personal. Well, I once knew a girl called Bérénice. And I was arrested at a demonstration. And I was acquitted.

Let's just say semi-autobiographical at best. Image sourced from prettysleepy1 at Pixabay.

So this was acte XIX. The gilets jaunes had finished up at Sacré-Cœur. It was far more orderly than acte XVIII, the previous Saturday. Then the casseurs, the black-clad anarchists had been smashing up the shops on the Trocadero, throwing petrol bombs, hurling back gas grenades on the Champs. The riot police responded with baton-charges using their shields as weapons, launching their skull-busting flash-balls.

The hospitals were kept busy.

In the eerie calm of the nineteenth demonstration on those famous steps, I was just taking photographs, doing my job for the Party. Easy meat, it turned out, for the snatch squads at Montmartre.

I was genuinely surprised to be charged with violent assault. Les flics would swear I had punched and kicked them .. and worse.

The charges were standardised, it turned out: the same for everyone.

I was never so happy to meet Bérénice: une avocate radicale, passionately left-wing, pro bono publico.

She was determined to set me free.


So here’s Bérénice in the ascenseur with her new client. We clicked from the start. Sometimes that’s all it takes, a look and a smile.

She’s wearing a short black skirt with black summer tights. I think the combination is a little extreme for real lawyer credibility. With her jet-black hair draping a sleeveless white blouse Bérénice certainly gets your attention.

The lift is crowded. I stand with my back to the steel wall facing the doors. She presses her back against me. The lift has many floors to climb and stops at every one of them. I take hold of her hips and snuggle her closer. Time's short, we’re crushed tight and no-one's clocking a thing.

A bell rings, the doors open, she pats her clothes down. Walks out with the crowd towards her office. Doesn’t look back.

I go in search of a coffee. My appointment’s in half an hour.


The juge d’instruction dismisses my case. The CRS had gotten their narratives confused once again. I have my pictures to prove it. Bérénice helps make this clear.

I take her home to thank her properly, and to straighten her out.

Bérénice thinks Marxism is about systems. Structures of state power and property, mediated by the bourgeois law she’s paid to reproduce. She's a born-again Althusserian.

She’s a fan of revolution, which she believes will replace one set of structures with another. Sometimes she is even prepared to speculate about post-capitalist law. How can one set of structures be replaced by another? One constructed on entirely different principles?

That’s a mystery for Bérénice – she’s fixated on systems.

I try to explain to her that her beloved systems are purely mental constructs – a convenient, but misleading way of conceptualising what are really regularities in social behaviour.

“A revolution,” I say, “is when the masses decide that economic and political affairs will be run on completely different lines in future. If they defeat vested interests, that’s a revolution.

I emphasise the point, hands lightly touching her bare arms.

“The revolution is only different patterns of behaviour.”

Her glistening eyes gaze down at me in fascination.

“Of course, establishing a stable and superior praxis can’t be a matter of mere élan or a momentary whim of the masses. It needs a strong, disciplined and knowledgeable Party to lead the way.”

Her beautiful hair sways in the shadows, hiding and revealing her breasts.

“So that’s dialectical thinking,” I say.

Bérénice leans forward, hot skin slick in the moonlight, pressing me into the tangled sheets:

I love it when you talk dialectic.”

Submitted: May 03, 2019

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Pillow-talk of the political kind, Adam! A bit of 'Animal Farm' influence? Political parties are all one and the same really, no matter what intentions they start off with.

Sat, May 4th, 2019 6:49pm


Satire and humour. What more could you really want!

Sat, May 4th, 2019 12:01pm

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