Cold Charisma

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The pair moves on to a new state and set about creating a new life.

Sebastian runs into an old friend from his distant past.

*Two sections here are told in 2 different point of views- that of Gabriel's and also Sebastian's

Chapter 40 (v.1) - Diego Alcara

Submitted: May 15, 2019

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Submitted: May 15, 2019




Gabriel Watson realized that something had happened to Estela Rodriguez de Crow when he went in to the pharmacy on Main Street about a week or so after their last meeting at the town dance.  As soon as he went in and saw the new cashier, he knew that something was wrong.  Estela usually worked the same days and shifts and she was a good worker.  After not seeing her for several weeks, Gabriel finally decided to ask Mr. Weller (the pharmacy's owner) about what had happened to her.  This was sometime in early January 1994.

"Her husband called in in late December.  Said they had some sort of family emergency and that they had to leave town.  She didn't even pick up her last paycheck."

Gabriel was immediately worried.  He knew that she wouldn't just up and leave her job without picking up her paycjeck.  Besides...this story seemed...suspicious.  Estela had expressed to him her fear of Sebastian.  She had said that she'd try to leave him- so why would she suddenly change her mind and leave town with the man who had decapitated another man?  

No....there was more to this story.  He knew that Sebastian Le Croix was to blame for taking Estela away.  Gabriel then decided to try and look into the past of this shady Sebastian character and to see if he indeed had done something in his  past worth running away from.  



[Gateway, Utah]


After we left Sheridan, Wyoming we ended up eventually in a small town in Utah that bordered the Rocky Mountains called Gateway.  This town in itself was tiny and rustic and reminiscent of an old west town.  I think Sebastian chose Gateway for its desolation and not for its beauty.  

The house he found was similar in style to the one we'd had in Wyoming, as it was large and ranch-like and spacious outside as it was inside.  You could stand outside on the yard and have a perfect view of the snow caped mountains, which Id always longed to see...but not in this capacity.

Unlike all of the other homes we'd had (and lives we'd had), in Gateway I was an immediate prisoner to my new home.  Sebastian got down to getting padlocks and to setting down stiff rules that I couldn't break.  He told me that I wouldn't be able to work here and that he'd bring home the money.  I told him that this would strain us and that we'd always needed the double incomes.  He shushed me and kissed my lips as if this would solve our problems.

I immediately knew that he was doing this so that I wouldn't be able to escape from him and maybe tell someone about what he'd done in Sheridan.  I hated this living plan, as I was a virtual prisoner, but I was happy he hadn't made a connection to Gabriel Watson or what we'd discussed at the party.  I was also happy Sebastian had never found out that Gabriel and I had kissed.  

I still had Gabriel's phone number and I was guarding this number with my life.  In my mind, Gabriel was my only lifeline away from this monster that was my husband.  I realized with full on heartache that this was my life now, but that somehow I'd find a way to rebuild my life again.  

Sebastian found work at some stable working with horses [I found this information through the course of time] and it was here that he'd come across an old familiar face from long ago.


[BLACK HOLE SUN by Soundgarden]

Sebastian had seen that familiar face sometime during the third or so week of work down at Shire's Ranch.  He had been on his lunch break and had been sitting by the shade of a dead tree when he saw him walkin past clad all in black, with a maroon-red bandanna tied loosely around his neck.  His hair was dark and rich like the color of dark chocolate, and it was cut short but was long enough to tuck a few strands behind the ears.  He had been clean shaven when he'd last seen him in Texas, and now he wore a slight beard and mustache, yet managed to look distinguished and refined.  

At first Sebastian didn't think he'd see him, as the man in black was busy talking with the ranch hands.  But by some cheer luck, the man's eyes shifted and scanned the land and fell on Sebastian's sitting figure.  Sebastian saw him turn away and walk off with the other men.  It wasn't until later that afternoon as he got ready to clock out that he saw him again.  

Sebastian watched the Hispanic man walk slowly up to him, his boots crunching in the gravel as his brown eyes observed every inch of him.  He gazed at Sebastian's attire of checkered shirt and faded jeans and then looked down at his boots.  His eyes then scanned back upwards and fell on Sebastian's light green apple colored eyes. Very unique colored eyes he'd seen before.

"Are my eyes deceiving me? Is Sebastian Le Croix a cowboy now?"- he asked finally, his lips playing with a playful grin.

Sebastian grinned and put his hands on his hips.  He saw the man get closer until both stood shoulder to shoulder, as both were tall and shared a similar physique.  

"You're eyes see only want I want you to see, Diego Alcara,"- he answered.  

Yes- this refined young cowboy clad all in black was none other than Diego Alcara , Sebastian's old trusted friend from Texas.  They had last seen each other some two years before Estela had met Sebastian in 1991.  The circumstances behind their last meeting were known to only them, and only Diego knew of Sebastian's childhood and his dark past, as he himself had traveled with him for some time.  

"Hmmm...I see you haven't changed a bit....still the same old Sebastian..."- Diego murmured as he observed his friend's face.  Both knew that Diego wasn't referring to clothes or hair, but to what laid inside a person- that part which you typically couldn't see until you talked to a person and they "opened up" to you.  Sebastian smiled and looked around to make sure they were alone.  

"Come on..."- he said.  


It had been in Texas where some of Sebastian's worst murders had taken place.  This had occurred during the time he and Diego lived together as allies and partners.  Diego understood Sebastian without him having to explain himself and he gave him space when he needed it.  

Diego would often watch his friend come home covered in blood and he'd start the bath for him and would sit silently by his side with his guitar and slowly start to strum the chords in that way that Sebastian enjoyed.  Although Sebastian was a lover of hard rock and metal, he loved listening to Diego when he played his acoustic guitar and when he played his Mexican themed songs which he claimed came from the era of the Mexican Revolution.  

The two friends shared a complex relationship that even they failed to understand completely.  Diego cared for Sebastian, just as Sebastian cared for him.  Diego knew what Sebastian did whenever he'd left for long periods of time, telling Diego he "needed to satisfy something inside" yet Diego himself had never participated actively in the act.  

He had even told Sebastian that he disapproved and that he truly wished that Sebastian could find his kicks in less brutal acts.  "You're too good for this, 'Bastian..."- he'd say.  

Sebastian would often caress his friend's dark hair and smile sadly.  " If I could stop...I would.  But I can't...". 

It was after a horrific murder in Rio Sirio, Texas that things between them sort of came unglued when Sebastian came home with blood soaked clothes and blood caked hair and face- and with his machete still in his hand.  Diego had seen the look in his partner's eyes and knew that his friend's wrath had spilled over from what it had been before.

"I...I....did them all..."- Sebastian had muttered.

He had driven down to Rio Sirio with the intention of killing the man inside, a man named Felix Bryan.  Felix had come to Sebastian's attention a week or so earlier due to an incident in a bar.  This was in effect, a revenge killing- and a justifiable one at that.  But when he had arrived at the home, Sebastian found that Felix's family and mother where there at home.  This pissed Sebastian off as he'd heard that the Bryan family would be away visiting relatives in another city, yet here they were....back at home.  

Sebastian had murdered them all- even the family's pet dogs which he'd put away in much the same manner as he did Felix and his whole miserable family.  This had been a bloody and gory scene- and it horrified the whole town when the corpses were recovered in the burning home.  

This admission had horrified Diego too as he realized that Sebastian had no control.  Thus whatever he had felt for him quickly evaporated away when Sebastian told him how he couldn't stop himself from killing them all.  

That night, Diego had packed his things and had told Sebastian of his reasons for leaving him then.  

"I have to do this, you know..."- Diego said as Sebastian gazed at his brown eyes with emotion.  

Sebastian couldn't understand how this was different from what he'd done before.  

"Why are you leaving, Diego?  You know I'd never hurt you- ever!"

Diego gazed down and answered softly that he wasn't leaving just because of what Sebastian had done.

"I'm leaving ....because I'm afraid...that one day...I'll want to join you...."- Diego admitted and sighed.  

Sebastian understood then exactly why Diego had to leave.  Diego Alcara was afraid of losing the last bit of self control he still possessed.

But they were again- in Utah, of all places.  

What would happen now? 

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