Kaleidoscope Reality

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An upset with reality. A rebellion against the fabric of our reality. Hopefully you find it lucid and insightful.

Submitted: May 03, 2019

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Submitted: May 03, 2019






I see it all.

Brightest light and Darkest night 

sleepers-does nobody see them?

A kaleidoscope around them 

They ache,

they writhe,

they die. 

Paralysis, Blindness, and Lethargy seem

To block my path…

But what is reality except what’s real to me?

Gotta be a reason…

For all that I see- Torment and Extacy 

Nothing in between

It seems silly but… most of our issues 

Come from a broken lense-

Unable to turn inward. 

No surprise.

We shy away from the truth 

The walls of our mind

Formed with pain as the material 

And fear as the architect 

Our history 

Our mistakes 

Our sins 

Written on the walls

Like blueprints…

No one wants to read

Except me.



© Copyright 2019 Calvin Wolfe. All rights reserved.

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